The Callisto Protocol Will be Released as Scheduled With a 60 FPS Performance Mode

The rumors about the delay of The Callisto Protocol were roaming around the internet yesterday, which upset the fans as the game was teased for years before its official announcement. The word on the street was that the game would be delayed till February 2023. 

However, Striking Dance Studios cleared the confusion shortly through a tweet that The Callisto Protocol will be released at its intended time; 2nd December, without delay. The tweet further emphasized that the game will feature a 60 FPS Performance Mode.

Set in 2030 on the dead moon of Jupiter, Callisto; The Callisto Protocol is an upcoming single-player horror survival game by Striking Dance Studios. The Callisto Protocol is one of this year’s most anticipated horror games, along with other famous titles like Dead Space Remake, Resident Evil 4 Remake and Silent Hill: The Short Message. 

The Callisto Protocol was first announced with a trailer at the Sony State of Play in June. However, it was teased on many occasions by Glen Schofield, the game’s creative director. Fans were excited after seeing the first glimpses of the game, and its gory and claustrophobic nature were the main highlights, similar to the original Dead Space. 

And it’s not something that Striking Dance Studios are hiding; they are really open about it being similar to the Dead Space games, and according to the developers, The Callisto Protocol is a tribute to the original Dead Space. 

Glen Schofield, while acknowledging the similarities between the Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol, highlighted the game’s elements that make it unique; it features a skill tree mechanism with melee and stealth combat styles. 

Glen Schofield also revealed that it would take around 12 to 14 hours to complete the main story of The Callisto Protocol. However, special ‘Beta Paths’ are designed for players interested in further exploring the Black Iron Prison. 

According to the Studio, The Callisto Protocol will fully utilize the current-gen technology to offer an immersive experience for the fans. And it will not compromise on the goriness and survival elements of the game. 

The game’s current-gen oriented approach could be the reason the developers emphasized a 60 FPS performance mode, or the recent trend of lack of performance mode in AAA games like Gotham Knights and A Plague: Tale Requiem that got negative attention could be the reason the Striking Dance Studios clarified regarding the presence of a performance mode. 

The game will probably try to build a sense of tension and urgency at all times to deliver a unique experience. The Callisto Protocol will be released on 2nd December 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Are you ready to slaughter some half-dead creatures lurking on a dead moon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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