Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Coming Soon!

The wait is over. The official announcement for the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Version is here! Full details of the game will be revealed at a formal event on September 15th.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is Coming Soon to Mobile Platforms

On 8th September 2022, Activision finally announced Call of Duty Warzone Mobile with a teaser video. In a message attached to the video, the publisher of the game is quoted as saying that it plans to unveil the whole thing at a Call of Duty event next week. This event is named ‘Call of Duty Next’. It will also include juicy new details on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is now the official name of the game which was previously codenamed as Project Aurora. It’s an entirely new game with four Activision Studios all working together on the collab project. The studios consist of Solid State Studios, Beenox, Activision Shanghai, and Digital Legends. And it was today that Activision announced the official title with the first brief teaser for the mobile video game.

Call of Duty Mobile will be a portable mobile iteration of the hit Call of Duty Warzone as the name suggests. The existing Call of Duty does indeed feature its very own Battle Royale mode in addition to the standard multiplayer, but Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will be exclusively battle royale focused for that matter.

As for the key details. It’s apparent that a mobile iteration of Warzone will indeed feature reduced fidelity. Expect the game with less content across the border, with the already decreased number of game modes. Consider it a demake of Warzone.

Players will get to experience rougher polygons, lower resolution textures, reduced draw distance, and a lesser number of players and objects on the screen. But that’s all understandable, considering the game will be optimized to be playable on a wide variety of mobile phones on the market, whether it be iOS or Android.

call of duty warzone mobile
Cover Art for Call of Duty’s upcoming Warzone Mobile | Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Although the console and PC version of Warzone already consists of microtransactions allowing players to buy skins, cosmetics, weapons, and characters, we might see even more of that being implemented in the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile version. So, if you’re serious about it, make sure to have some extra cash in the bank.

But what’s the benefit of all of this? Players will get to enjoy Call of Duty Warzone on the go. The mobile gaming community enjoys Battle Royale games and has turned the mobile gaming industry has, in turn, hosted a plethora of Esports competitions over the years. Mobile gaming is getting pretty serious and a Mobile version of the hit title is bound to generate lots of revenue across the border.

It was back in March that Activision announced that a mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone was in the works. This free-to-play game attracted 100 million players in just 13 months when it was released back in 2020. Around March 10, Call of Duty released a blog post to fill out new job positions for the development of the upcoming tile.

We are creating an all-new, AAA mobile experience that will bring the thrilling, fluid and large-scale action of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ to players on the go.

Join our growing, award-winning team of mobile veterans and emerging talent on this ambitious mission. We are seeking skilled operators in all aspects of game development. This large-scale, battle royale experience is being built natively for mobile with cutting-edge technology designed to entertain gamers around the world for many years to come.

From production roles to engineering, design, art, marketing, and more, we’re looking for game-makers, passionate fans, and genuinely awesome people to join our diverse team, inspired to deliver the next world-class mobile gaming experience to fans.

We have several incredible opportunities across multiple internal studios including Solid State Studios, Beenox, Digital Legends and Demonware.

Activision has the following words to say about its new mobile title:

“Our mission with Project Aurora, the codename for our new mobile title, is to bring friends, families, and people around the world together in a global community of diverse players with a fast-paced, precise, and high-quality battle royale action experience that delivers a fresh new way to play,”

In May, the game entered invite-only closed alpha testing. Soon enough, some gameplay videos of Warzone Mobile began leaking. These videos showed that the Verdansk map originally featured in the console and PC version of Warzone was used in the battle royale mobile title.

As for Call of Duty Mobile, the game’s eighth season: Train to Nowhere came out on September 7 with an all-new map by the name of Express. The new season also featured another battle pass, loads of in-game items, content, and a whole lot more.

But that’s not all. In addition to the upcoming Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, Activision is currently working on a Warzone 2.0 for consoles. Will it be a huge overhaul update to the current Warzone or a standalone title that’s either free to play or paid? The event might feature the upcoming teased Verdansk map for Call of Duty Mobile but it’s still unclear what more we’ll get to see for Warzone 2.0.

The details are pretty vague this time around and we’ll share more as Activision is set to drop the curtains on this title in the upcoming Call of Duty event scheduled for September 15. The September 15 Event will feature titles the likes of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, Call of Duty Warzone 2, and the new upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Remake

Activision’s mobile game development studios Solid State, Beenox, Activision Shanghai, and Digital Legends are where Warzone Mobile is currently in development.

Although the launch of the actual game is still under wraps, it’s been claimed that Call of Duty Warzone mobile will be released sometime in late 2022. So, are you excited about the upcoming Call of Duty Warzone Mobile edition? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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