Call of Duty: Warzone Companion App Under Fire For Helping Players Find Low-Skilled Opponents

A stat tracking tool for Call of Duty: Warzone on PC has entered the spotlight as users exploit it to get easy games. As you may know, Activision’s hit battle royale title makes use of skill-based matchmaking to create a fair and balanced experience for all players involved. However, by using Overwolf’s Warzone Companion app, some players are abusing the system to get into matches against opponents of a lower skill level.

Warzone Companion’s primary uses include tracking player statistics and identifying cheaters that may be present in your lobby. In addition, the app also allows users to view stats such as K/D and win rate for everyone in the lobby. These statistics are visible to anyone using the app during the warmup period before each game. As explained by Warzone streamer JaredFPS, competitive players are exploiting this app to search for games until they can get as many opponents with low K/D ratios.

“What is a bit sad is most of the discussion is focused on finding ways to abuse but not about the advantages and positive sides of the app,” app developer Dmitry Shymko tells Eurogamer. “Cheaters are one of the worst problems of Warzone and online gaming overall. We wanted to help the community and highlight those players that are having extremely high metrics in their previous matches and at the same time give an instrument for players to see that they just might die to the lucky shot.”

“Also, such players can be spectated during the match more precisely so users can report them if they will detect real cheaters. The app also has a lot of features that will track player dynamics, every skill and will help him to get better.”

Shymko notes that Warzone Companion has since been updated to hide information about lobby players until after the match has ended. Unfortunately, this means that the app’s cheater detector will not function during the warmup phase.


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