Call of Duty Warzone Cheating and Hacking Issues Continue, Subreddit Moderators Silencing Anti-Hacking Posts

Call of Duty Warzone continues to cement itself as one of the most popular battle royale games ever since it became available to fans. Despite fans running into constant run-ins with players cheating and hacking, it still was an enjoyable experience around the launch date.

Cheating and  Hacking Scene in Call of Duty Warzone

Cheating and hacking were rampant in the old Call of Duty Warzone days but it was still bearable. In the first year, the game was overrun with cheaters and hackers that used custom-made cheating software for aimbotting, wall hacking, and many more disruptive hacks that ruined the whole experience for players that wanted to just sit down, and relax and chill with the boys to win games legitimately.

Some even went as far as to figure out a way to unlock unreleased skins as well as using custom-designed ones, which is an acceptable and less harmful way of hacking if you ask us.

Hackers had to take the fun of the game away from us, but the run-ins were not that frequent, to be honest. The developer continued to weed out hackers as they popped up more and more frequently but considering the game is free to play, hackers would dump their old accounts and make a new one, just to start all over again.

The bans kept coming in but the problem never really died down. There was no stopping the onslaught of hackers coming in waves to Call of Duty Warzone. But it was up until last year that the hacking problem went full force. Activision went ahead and launched its very own implementation of anti-cheat software for Call of Duty Warzone by the name of Ricochet.

Call of Duty Warzone Cheating Hacking
Ricochet is the anti-cheat tool that works sometimes. | Call of Duty

With the launch of Ricochet, the hacking problem seemed to die out like an infection of cockroaches after pest control steps in. The anti-hacker software was doing a pretty good job, to say the least, as it managed to scan for over 30 thousand players giving them bans.

The hacking and cheating scene for call of Duty Warzone was slowly dying out. But considering hackers can literally make a new account and hop right back in, it doesn’t do all that much in terms of getting rid of the actual hackers, but it did stop them from participating in hacking and cheating, which was the focus of Richochet. 

Could this have been the end for Call of Duty Warzone’s ridiculous cheating and hacking scene that made us break apart our controllers, scream into our headsets, and smash our keyboards?

Sadly, it wasn’t. The hacking and cheating scene quickly re-emerged as the surge of new cheating tools bypassed Richocet’s detection of third-party software and interference with Call of Duty Warzone, allowing players to cheat, hack, troll, and innocent torture players that just wanted to have a good time.

Call of Duty Warzone Cheating Hacking
Call of Duty Warzone: Mercenaries of Fortune Season 4 | Call of Duty

But Activision wasn’t ready to back down just yet as they updated the anti-cheat software tool to boost its offenses against any cheaters messing with the game and the players, and it worked, but for a while, for that matter, which isn’t good in Activision’s book.

Activision and the Call of Duty Warzone hackers and cheaters are facing off in an all-out battle, battle royale? (Horrible Pun) against each other, and the saga continues. With Season 5 approaching steadily, cheating and hacking are on the rise, too, once again. 

Fans Being Silenced For Discussing the Hacking and Cheating Problem in Call of Duty Warzone

Over at the game’s Subreddit, users started going back and forth between themselves, wondering if they were experiencing matches with hackers and cheaters in the game despite Richochet being implemented.

One Reddit user by the name aBipolarTree asked the community if they seemed to notice any hackers in the last two days, seemingly using aimbot. The user stated that he’d encountered at least one player with aimbot in every match he’s been in, which means that Richochet is not working as it was intended to. Activision seriously needs to step up their game, but how far? 

Sudden uptick in cheating? from CODWarzone

It appears that either aBipolarTree got ratioed, or he got tons of support from the community. Many users went on to state that the game was unbearable tonight and was wondering if anyone else noticed it too. Others were shocked that nobody spoke out about this rampant problem in the community, and it appeared that Activision is far from discussing the matter for now.

It appears that one player speculates that the moderators of the Subreddit do their best to hide any posts that come about to discuss the ongoing hacker and cheater problem from causing an uproar in the gaming community.

But it was about time that everyone heard about this. The modders don’t want players to discuss the hacking and cheating problems and also share or talk about any active sites that offer free or premium cheats.

While we agree with the latter, the former does not sit well with us. Imagine going so far as to silence your own Call of Duty Warzone Community members that are trying to highlight an ongoing problem that Activision can’t solve, and for that matter, neither can the modders.

One user, by the name of TrendKiller333, had a few words to share in the comment section of the thread.

Because the mods remove the posts. They dont want us talking about it or showing active sites with free and premium cheats because they cannot do anything about it. Remember when they put on a show and filed a suit against Engine Owning? Well it did nothing and engine owning is still an open site with their servers listed and if a cheat is “undetected” which just a couple days ago the premium went back online. The spoofer is “detected” but that doesnt stop current cheaters, just those who have been hwid banned.

A moderator of the Subreddit was quick to respond to the statement to cover up or clear up the allegations, but he just dug his own grave as he was ratioed by fans frequenting the thread.

We don’t normally make comments on this stuff. But, I’m going to. We don’t allow stuff like this because we don’t want our subs used to give free publicity to the cheat providers. If we allowed post like this It will not help the situation and would encourage more people to sign up and use cheats. our subs isn’t for that.

If people from a gaming subreddit downvote a moderator 31 times, something definitely is wrong. The moderator by the name of Nathanw425 revealed the moderators don’t want users to openly discuss the cheating scene to discourage the promotion of cheats, but it discourages the victims in the matter instead.

Hiding the existence of cheating results in more people becoming discouraged to play when they encounter them.

It’s essentially the same as “we’re gonna pretend racism doesn’t exist, because we don’t want to point out racist behavior. Oh, and we’re gonna make it a rule of the place to not talk about racism.”

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense, does it? 🙄

This mod rule is entirely self serving. It exists solely to hide how rampant cheating is from the greater community, ie how unfair Warzone is. Because if everyone knew, it would result in a loss of players and big exodus. – Slide-Fantastic-1402

Slide-Fantastic-1402 made an excellent point about the whole matter to which Nathanw425 acted childishly and insulted his take blatantly, to which he got ratioed again for the second time.

It’s apparent that users want to try their best to highlight the rampant cheater and hacking problem in Call of Duty Warzone, but then they also have to deal with moderators deleting their posts by using the scapegoat of cheat tools and software promotion. What a way to dodge reality.

Activision was trying its very best to handle the hacking and cheating issue in Call of Duty Warzone with Ricochet, but it appears that Activision and the Call of Duty Subreddit are trying to silence players that discuss the rampant cheating scene in the game, which has now been exposed for what it is.

It appears that Activision needs to either own up to their problems and tell them they can’t do anything about it or just keep saving face till Call of Duty Warzone dies out and move on to the next game.

In addition, wallhacking had been a constant issue among some users, being picked as soon as they were in front of the player. Others went so far as to post visual evidence of hacking, but the posts are slowly being cleaned up by the moderators of the Subreddit.

Although the apparent hacking scene with the forced silence from the Subreddit and from Activison hampers the experience for all players of the game, the final season of Call of Duty: Warzone is supposed to be in full throttle.

Call of Duty Warzone Cheating Hacking
Call of Duty Warzone: Season 5 Last Stand | Call of Duty

Activision revealed details regarding Season 5, which will be called Last Stand. The update intends to bring a plethora of weapons and content. We’ll get to enjoy the  EX1 energy rifle as well as the RA 225 SMG. As for the ongoing narrative, the Caldera map is expected to experience some active volcanic activity featuring molten rocks and lava with new points of interest to explore.

Call of Duty Warzone is available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.


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