Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Adding a 200-Player Battle Royale Mode, Dataminer Discovers

Unlike last year’s Black Ops 4, this year’s Call of Duty game didn’t launch with a battle royale mode. That doesn’t mean that Modern Warfare won’t add one, in fact, recent leaks suggest that a battle royale mode is already in development. Reputable dataminer Senescallo shared their findings on the Modern Warfare subreddit, revealing a significant amount of information about the alleged battle royale mode.

Battle Royale

According to the datamine, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s new mode will bring your usual battle royale elements. You’ll be able to loot weapons of different rarities, equipped helmets and ballistic vests reduce incoming damage, and just like Blackout, there are dozens of perks to be found.

Unlike Blackout, however, Modern Warfare’s battle royale will feature large-scale 200-player matches. Set inside what seems to be a humongous map, the new game mode will see players fighting within several Ground War and Spec Ops maps.



As you may have noticed above, there’s also the new Gulag Shower location. According to the dataminer, this location functions as a respawn point for fallen teammates. First, a teammate must recover their friend’s Respawn Token. Next, the surviving friend must “drop” their teammate’s body near an Ambulance, at which point they will be put into a Gulag queue. Here, the player has a chance of revival if they win a 1v1 against another player in the queue. Once successfully respawned, the player can retrieve their loadout from a Mobile Armory.

Matches in the Gulag are open to spectators, who have the ability to place bets using Plunder, which is collected from dead enemies. Additionally, there’s a chance for a Jail Break to occur, which respawns all players currently stuck in the Gulag.


The upcoming battle royale will also feature missions that can be completed for Plunder. A handful of mission types such as Domination, Scavenger Hunt, and Assassination can be accessed by finding tablets.

The new battle royale mode sounds very exciting. However, since this was all sourced via datamines, everything listed above is subject to change. Check out the full Reddit thread to see everything uncovered in the datamine.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Adding a 200-Player Battle Royale Mode, Dataminer Discovers

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