Call of Duty Developer Infinity Ward Establishes New Studio in Spain

Infinity Ward, the game developer behind the popular Call of Duty franchise, has announced its plans to expand its presence in Europe. The company will be joining forces with Digital Legends (the development team working on Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile), a leading mobile game developer based in Barcelona, Spain. This collaboration will see both teams working closely together on their respective Call of Duty projects.

The aim of the newly built studio is to establish a new creative group that will focus solely on creating cutting-edge, next-generation quality art for the Call of Duty series. Leading this initiative is Riccard Linde, a veteran from Infinity Ward and the Director of Art and Technology. Linde expressed his enthusiasm about the new team, stating, 

We’re building this new team, which will tap into the incredible talent here in Spain, to focus exclusively on creating industry-leading, next-gen quality art for the franchise.” 

Peter McCabe, also from Infinity Ward, will be joining the leadership role with the Spanish team. This expansion into Spain is part of Call of Duty’s broader strategy to establish a dedicated AAA console/PC creative team in the country while continuing to expand across Europe. 

Warzone 2.0
Warzone 2.0 | Activision

Digital Legends, having recently joined Activision, brings its own impressive track record of mobile gaming excellence to the table. With their team doubling in size since the acquisition, Digital Legends is poised to contribute significantly to the Call of Duty franchise.

Xavier Carrillo-Costa, Studio Head at Digital Legends, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, 

We couldn’t be more excited to work alongside this new team, but also look forward to the cross-pollination of creative ideas and leading-edge asset creation with our friends at Infinity Ward.”

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