Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will have two separate beta tests in August and September

The fourth Black Ops game in the Call of Duty series by Activison and Treyarch is slowly approaching its release. As we already know, Black Ops 4 will be quite different from the previous instalments in many aspects. For one, the game will be focusing on multiplayer as it does not contain a single player campaign. With that said, the multiplayer aspect of the game will be kicked off with, not one, but two separate beta tests. Additionally, the infamous ‘Blackout’ battle royale mode will be available in the second test.

Multiplayer Beta – August

The first beta test will be held in August, followed by the second one containing Blackout in September. Today, Treyarch revealed the details about the first upcoming beta that will be available starting August. The multiplayer beta will run from August 3rd till August 6th, but will only be available on the PlayStation 4. Starting August 10th, PC players who have pre-ordered the game will gain access to the early access beta via For those who do not own the game, there will also be an open beta on PC that will run from August 11th to August 13th.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us at Treyarch because – not only are we putting more content into players’ hands earlier than ever before – we get to break new ground by hosting two separate Beta experiences. Games are better when they’re a result of a dialogue with our community. Not only does it improve the game’s quality, but it allows us to respond to player feedback and custom-craft the experience to how players engage most with the game. We want launch day to be a celebration that players around the world can enjoy together, and we know it won’t stop there – we will always work tirelessly to improve, grow, and evolve the game beyond launch,” said Co-Studio Head Dan Bunting.

Beta Participation Rewards

To attract players to the beta, Activision will reward participants with a unique calling card. Additionally, those who achieve max rank during the beta will receive a Permanent Unlock Token that can be used in the Create-a-Class menu in the final game.

If you would like to know more, Treyarch has shared the full details of the beta via a post on their website. Currently, we do not have more information on the Blackout beta, but details are expected to be released as we approach September.

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