Bungie Currently Offers the Highest Compensation Rates for Playtesting

Tom Henderson, an insider, claims that Bungie playtesting appears to be among the finest even though playtest compensation is infamously low in the game business. The majority of game publishers and developers provide playtesters gift cards, cash, coupons, free visits to the police, and free games. In contrast, others don’t offer anything in the way of remuneration at all. Against companies like EA, Bungie is at the top of the pack.

Here is a summary of playtesting compensation for different publishers:

  • Activision: $40 per hour in AMAX gift cards for a 5-hour session
  • Bethesda: Just a swag bag of Bethesda goodies
  • Bungie: $50 per hour in gift cards, also a compensation fee for travel to its Bellevue offices
  • EA: Anywhere from 1 to 4 free EA games from their library
  • Embark Studios: No compensation at all
  • Konami: No compensation, but they’ll pay for your travel expenses
  • Square Enix: $100 for 4-hour session in office, or $50 for 1-hour session remotely
  • Ubisoft: Free games to 20 Euros an hour
  • Volition: $15-20 per hour in Visa gift cards, or around $50 for 3-hour session
  • WB Games: $100 for a 5-6 hour session

As can be seen from that list, the playtest compensation offered by the majority of companies is relatively low. On the other hand, they are frequently helpful as second employment and a stepping stone into the field of quality control. However, because of the lower pay rates, playtesting is not something many players would want to undertake. However, it has become a customary act for gamers to show their love for their franchise.

Bungie has acknowledged that they are working on a totally new game that is unconnected to either Halo or Destiny and speculations of a mobile version of Destiny have also been flying about. Bungie is known for their work on the Halo and Destiny franchises. Regardless of this fact, the firm is thriving under Sony, and the fact that they are accommodating their employees further improves the workflow. 

Muhammad Zuhair
Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analysing information and then presenting it to the audience.
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