BT Plans to Upgrade 13 Million Homes to Ultrafast Broadband Using G. Fast by 2033

According to the National Infrastructure Assessment Report 2018, the UK government revealed plans for making full fibre connections available to all in UK by 2033. The move came after the country slipped four positions down from its previous spot in the worldwide broadband speeds list. This report mentions government’s initiatives for formulation of a ‘national broadband plan’ by next year which involves the delivery of full fibre connections to the whole country, particularly to its rural areas. It wants to ensure that no citizen is left behind in gaining access to an ultrafast broadband connection in years to come. This first-ever national plan makes the necessary recommendations for identifying the country’s infrastructure requirements and priorities of UK.

The specific clause of digital technology in the report reads, “that the Government devise a National Broadband Plan by Spring 2019, to deliver full fibre connections across the whole of the country, including those in rural areas – this should ensure that the technology is available to 15 million homes and businesses by 2025, 25 million by 2030, and all homes and businesses by 2033.”

It may seem like quite an ambitious target for now, with the goal to reach the entire country in the mentioned time frame. In simpler words, it could very well be the part of a political noise, as it was mentioned by Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer previously as well. In spite of this, UK citizens can still stay hopeful regarding the proposition that some form of fibre development in their country would continue to receive a strong push.

Presently, full fibre connections remain thin on the ground with British Telecom (BT) putting more focus on G. fast, an essentially super-charged fibre. However, in the later years BT will continue to work as per the government’s plan on delivering the ‘ultrafast’ broadband to 13 million homes and businesses by the decade’s end. For now, 3 million houses and businesses are expected to benefit from full fibre and the rest will acquire access to G. fast path.

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BT Plans to Upgrade 13 Million Homes to Ultrafast Broadband Using G. Fast by 2033

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