SOLVED: Brother Control Center is Very Slow To Respond

Brother Control Center is a software that comes with Brother printers. It gives quick and easy access to machine’s functions like copy, print, and PC-FAX directly from your computer. It also lets you configure machine’s settings from your PC. Although not all Brother printers support these functions, most modern Brother printers support these functions through Control Center.

Control Center is supplied on a CD with every machine, and you can also download it from the download section of Brother’s website.

Brother Control Center is Slow to Respond

Many users reported that Brother Control Center suddenly became very slow. A user reported that it took four minutes on average just to scan a page. There are many possible causes for such issues.

Here are some common solutions to this problem.

Solution 1: Detach and Reattach USB Cable

If you are using USB cable, just detach the cable and then reattach it. Some users reported that this simple solution worked for them and their Brother Control Center is now responding normally. If this does not solve your problem, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Check the Network

If your Brother machine is connected to a network, reconnect it to the network. If it is wired via Ethernet, then unplug the Ethernet and put it back in, followed by a router reboot. If it is connected via WiFi, then from your Printer’s Control Panel re-do the wireless setup. (instructions can be found in the manual).

Solution 3: Check if a Newer Version of Control Center is Available for Your Machine

Visit the Brother website, navigate to the downloads section and check if a newer version for your machine model is available. If a newer version is available, uninstall your current version, and download and install the latest version.

Solution 4: Update Firmware

Brother strongly recommends that you update your machines firmware. Visit the Brother website and check if a newer firmware for your machine is available. If you decide to upgrade your machine’s firmware, make sure to read all the guidelines before you attempt to update. (instructions can be found in the manual)

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SOLVED: Brother Control Center is Very Slow To Respond

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