Brazil Halts Sales of iPhones Which Don’t Include A Power Brick

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has temporarily halted the sale of iPhones without accompanying charging cables in advance of Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event when the iPhone 14 series will be formally unveiled. Furthermore, the government has penalized Apple a respectable amount, and it is unknown if the ministry’s ruling would stand for future models.

The following information was included in the government’s decision, published on g1, and noticed by 9to5Mac. A $2.3 million sentence was imposed on Apple.

Application of a fine in the amount of BRL 12,274,500, cancellation of registration of iPhone brand smartphones introduced on the market from the iPhone 12 model, and immediate suspension of supply of all iPhone-branded smartphones, regardless of model or generation unaccompanied by the power brick.”

In 2020, when Apple formally revealed the iPhone 12 series, the idea to eliminate chargers began to take shape. The business states that it wants to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and that this will be better for the environment. The Brazilian government has a different perspective on the situation. It has been concluded that Apple wants to charge its customers more money for that charger to increase its profits.

With the most recent decision, regional sales of the iPhone 14 may also be halted until Apple begins including a power brick with every handset. Given how costly it is to buy an Apple device in Brazil, it’s possible that the market’s sales aren’t large enough for the tech giant to consider or attempt to include an extra service in the box.

However, Samsung began including chargers with its Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 per the regulations set out by the Brazilian government. It is uncertain if Apple will take a similar stance or halt iPhone 14 sales nationwide.


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