BOSG Finally Gets an Acog as Rainbow Six Siege Developers Cave in to Fan Pressure

In what seems to be a humorous gag, Ubisoft has finally given the BOSG shotgun an ACOG on the Rainbow Six Siege test servers. The double-barrel slug shotgun was first added to the game in Operation White Noise and swiftly garnered a comical reputation among fans. After a community-wide movement pressuring Ubisoft to add an ACOG to the weapon, the developer has begun “testing” the new sight on the test servers.


In a recent update to the Rainbow Six Siege test servers, Ubisoft added an ACOG to the BOSG, a slug shotgun available to Dokkaebi and Vigil. The developer doesn’t explicitly state the reasoning behind the “balancing” change, but a “#BOSGACOGNATION” comment makes their humorous intentions fairly obvious.

Alongside a new gunsight, today’s test server update tweaked several operators including Ela, Caveira, Kaid, Glaz, and Warden.

Caveira’s M12 SMG is currently one of the weakest guns on defense, so a damage increase to 40 per bullet should make it more viable.

Ela’s FO-12 and the SASG-12 shotguns both suffered a recoil nerf. Currently, both weapons are extremely powerful on console, resulting in “excessively high ban rates”. The minor tweaks to recoil spread and damage falloff should make them less frustrating to play against.

In order to give him “more flexibility and creativity”, Kaid’s Electroclaw radius has been increased to 1.3 meters. In addition, the Moroccan operator’s impact grenades were replaced with barbed wire.

Similarly, another Warden buff replaces his barbed wire with a nitro cell.

“We want to increase his potential as a denial Defender for defuser plays, and the C4 should give him more agency to make plays without exposing himself too much when an attacker is defusing.”

Take note that all changes and additions listed above were only deployed on the test servers. Until Ubisoft shares the official patch notes for Operation Shifting Tides, don’t get too attached to the BOSG ACOG.


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