Bose Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 Review

Great earphones accomplish more than they used to. Several years back people expected good quality sound headphones but now, with time when technology is getting more advanced day by day, they want something more to it. They are searching for headphones that not only have good quality sound but other features too like noise reduction, wireless connectivity, voice assistant support and many more. This has truly made difficult in picking up the right headphones than it was used to be.

Bose Noise-Cancellation 700

The Alpha ANC Headphone


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • 20hr battery life


  • No aptX

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Connector type: USB-C connection | Bluetooth range: Up to 10ft | Weight: 0.56 pounds | Noise Cancellation: ANC

The Bose Noise Cancelling 700 is definitely eye-catchy, especially in the silver color.

You could possibly know about it, however, Bose is really the brand that brought active noise cancellation technology to the market for the very first time. Many other brands started releasing their version of active noise cancellation(ANC) in the last 2 years but no one can beat what bose is providing to us. This will be the only brand you will consider in terms of noise reduction features.

Bose noise canceling headphones are built with world-class innovation so nothing divides you and your music. They have announced their new technology which is Noise Cancelling headphones 700, the successor to its popular Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise-canceling headphones. You will be getting excellent sound quality without any noise, operated by a touch system and so comforting to wear. The only drawback is that it has no aptX.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details of this exciting gadget.


It is designed as a stainless steel headband that gives a more stylish and thinner look than other quite comfort handphones. Headband bisects the middle of plastic ear cups. The headband is intended to equally distribute weight, which makes for an increasingly agreeable fit and so light-weight. It weighs around 245g. If you have to alter the cans, you basically slide the ear cups up or down instead of controlling the band.

The minimalistic design makes it unique in its own way.

It comes up with two attractive colors; black or silver. They have new drivers and USB C support. The padding on ear cups and headband is so soft that it has a cushioning effect. There are eight microphones total on the 700s, four on each earcup, and they cooperate to dismiss encompassing clamor around you as you move. The objective is to make your voice sound splendidly clear, particularly when you’re in a spot with a ton of noise. 6 of those are utilized to block incoming noise. Two of those mics force twofold duty and work another two to intensify your voice when you’re on a call.

The most interesting feature is the AR support. Bose states that it’s the first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality stage that utilizes wearable sound items, cell phones, and applications, to convey better approaches to travel, work out, learn and play.

Button Control

Now you must be wondering how will you control it? So its simply easy. There are 3 buttons in total. One is for controlling Bluetooth and enables you to interface the Bose 700 to up to two gadgets simultaneously. The Bluetooth range is up to 33 ft. (10m) It is also a power button. The second button on the right ear cup is for talking to voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa. The third button is on the left ear cups. It is used for controlling noise canceling level. Giving huge amounts of control, you can now customize your environment. Bose gives 11 levels to browse by means of bose apps. It incorporates High, Medium and Full Transparency. Bose’s ANC will in general sound colder than competing headphones because of that amazing noise control feature. One component that draws is Full transparency. This is perfect for those individuals who like to keep earphones on during work. By this, you will clearly hear anybody without the need of removing the ear cups. It won’t feel as if your voice is muffled. You will hear exactly the same way as it will be without headphones, As you increase the noise cancellation, you are automatically minimizing the distraction you get in your surroundings.

What’s in the box?

So now how can you control your music player? Bose has incorporated a capacitive touch board on the right earcup. Music is just controlled by swiping and taping. Wow isn’t this really exciting to use? A double tap will play or answer calls while a swipe up or down will Raise or lower the volume. A swipe forward or back will avoid forward or in reverse on a track. This sounds great! Never seen before in any other headphone. You can likewise double tap the voice assistant button in a call to quiet your mic, which is perfect in case you’re in a conference call. Headphones can turn it off automatically when you are not using it for a specific measure of time thus saving battery quality.

Sound quality

Bose has worked superbly of bringing out profound and smooth bass-lines. Despite the fact that earphones are now entirely great at reproducing bass, Bose truly takes earphone bass somewhat more distant than different brands. Obviously, these earphones don’t attempt to bring out extraordinary lucidity in each tone. Rather, everything sounds a little sanded down and smoothed out. This sound mark is typical of Bose. These Bluetooth headphones convey a vivid listening knowledge at any volume with mark active EQ and noteworthy bass reaction. Regardless of whether you’re tuning in at low volumes or truly need to turn it up, your music sounds exactly as it should be. Indeed a great improvement by BOSE, I must say.

Astounding sound quality

The ANC is more than half of what makes these headphones special. Without ANC, headphones have ordinary sound. Nothing attracts customers towards itself. It appears the new Bose 700s speak to the greatest improvement they’ve made to their headphones in quite a while. Indeed, your music will be beautiful as ever with Bose 700!

It connects with the Bose Music app. A different feature we are getting. This app gives you more control in the cancellation of noise, giving you the best listening experience without any distortion.


The 700s dumped the micro USB port for a progressively present USB Type-C. The new port bears the headphones an amount of fast charging, conveying an expected 3.5 hours of charge in 15 minutes. That is entirely great since the organization estimates you’ll have the option to crush 20 hours out of the 700’s even when it is On. You can tap and hold the touch surface to know an estimate on battery life that either it is low or high.

To what extent does the battery last? All things considered, that truly relies upon various elements. Obviously, if you intensify your volume to the maximum, you’ll end up with a shorter battery life expectancy. The same is valid for the ANC. In the event that you choose you’re continually going to utilize the ANC, you’ll see a shorter battery life expectancy approximately 15 hours.

What is in the box? So what we are getting apart from this beauty of Bose, we get Audio cable, USB charging cable, Carrying case and Quick start guide. Carrying case is water resistant that is definitely a plus point.


Contrasting it with Bose QuietComfort 35 II, this earphone has 11 levels of noise-cancellation while QC 35 II has 3 levels. Touch control makes life excessively simple in 700 while QC 35 doesn’t have this element.

Noise Cancelling 700 vs QC 35 II

Another distinction is that 700 can interface with Bose music application while QC 35 II associates with Bose control App. Bose headphones are a next and better version of QC 35 II.


Hear and be heard like never before! The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 have increased present expectations for active noise canceling headphones. The 700s offer excellent sound involvement with some amazing natural tech thrives.

The 8 mics are viable silencers while at the same time enabling you to be clearly heard, regardless of whether you’re conversing with somebody on the telephone or queuing up a digital assistant the customizable noise cancellation keeps things calm without adding distortion to your music and the Full Transparency mode is likewise noteworthy. What’s more, with its smooth new design which is quite impressive. Indeed, it is expensive, costing you around $400. If you take calls in loud spaces, there’s a decent possibility not just you will love the 700 but also the individual on the opposite end of the line. This product is highly recommendable if you want the best sound quality. 9/10.

Price at the time of review: $400

Bose Smart Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Design - 8
Features - 7.5
Quality - 7
Performance - 7
Value - 6.5


User Rating: 2.95 ( 37 votes)
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