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1964 was the birth year of Bose and ever since then, they’ve continued to grow. As of 2019, Bose has established a very strong and integral foundation in the auditory hardware line of products. Bose has put out a number of widely appreciated speakers and headphones, and continue to do so. For the past decade or so, they’ve been putting their innovatory minds to work in developing portable PA speakers. In addition to having simply fantastic sound quality, these portable speakers are compact and generally very well built. This ingenuity has produced Bose‘s new S1 Pro speakers.

Bose S1 Pro

The Best Wireless Speaker System


  • Two S1 Pro's can be daisy-chained together with Bluetooth
  • Tone Match feature allows maximum optimization for all purposes
  • Minimum hotspots as sound is dispersed from the sides as well
  • Three channels for input help accommodate for vocals and guitars


  • No direct indicator for how long a battery charge will last

Frequency Response: 62 Hz - 17 kHz | Sensitivity: 98 dB | Horn Type: Klipsch Tractrix | Bluetooth: Yes | Crossover Frequency: 600 Hz | Speaker Drivers: 3 speaker and 1 woofer

VERDICT: A compact, well designed enclosure with powerful sound. The Bose S1 Pro speakers are the perfect partner for almost all intents and purposes- be it a presentation, a performance on the road. The sound quality is phenomenal and the battery timing is great. The S1 Pro is a near perfect solution for your PA needs.

The Bose S1 Pro speakers are this company’s new addition in their portable PA line of speakers. This one is a very compact device with incredible power packed in it. This small package packs quite a punch with not just its amazing power efficiency but volume levels as well. We really liked the design and build quality of the S1 Pro as well. Bose sound reinforcement are well known for their wide sound coverage however, with the S1 Pro it takes a few notches up. The sides have gratings as well, meaning that sound is dispersed not just from the front but from both ends too. Moreover, with some few EQ adjustments, the sound remains consistent and dominating throughout the room. And the best part is that it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker as well with its self-powered batteries.

Rock with the Bose S1 Pro Anywhere, Anytime!

The Bose S1 Pro speakers are near perfect. They offer a wide range of performance perks and incredible sound quality for a portable set of speakers. Not everything is Wonderland with this though. Something that bothered us about the S1 Pro was the battery level indicator. The battery needs to be awakened before it can be powered on. Unfortunately, there is no clear indication of how long the speakers will last. There are battery level light indicators but there is no proper literature on how many hours will a charge last.

With all of that being said, there is still so much further we need to dig in. So, keep on reading down and find out our thoughts in detail, about the Bose S1 Pro.


Bose S1 Pro At First Glance

The S1 Pro speakers is a compact and lightweight- just 15 lbs- that has plenty of power for different situations. Right out the bat, you’ll notice that the drivers are not just focused on outputting sound at the front. Instead, the grates are slightly angled at the sides, which allow for a wider coverage around the room for a much more efficient sound dispersion. These speakers are comprised of three 2.25 inch drivers along with one 6 inch subwoofer. This subwoofer is a high-excursion one driven by an in-built power amp. The enclosure for the S1 Pro is designed for various mounting options including laying flat on the floor, tilted backward, speaker stand or even for an elevated surface.

The S1 Pro is a multi-purpose and multi-positional speaker system with 2 XLR stroke jack input channels with Tone Match EQ. Not just that, both of these input channels have treble, bass and reverb controls as well. All of the ports are located at the rear with very convenient placings of each port to maximize cable management efficiency. Along with the XLR stroke jack input channels, there are also AUX and line out ports. Right beside the AUX channel is the button for Bluetooth connectivity. For volume controls, the knobs are placed on the sides which are very easy to control and just feel great. At the back, there’s the main power port with 100 – 240 V -50/60 Hz 150 W ratings. Charging the Lithium battery is done via the main power port.

Box Content

Flip over the S1 Pro and you’ll notice the blue light indicators for battery levels at the bottom. For wireless use, these indicators work to show the remaining charge left in the Lithium batteries. Inside this bad boy, the crossover has been very conveniently placed so that maximum articulation and vocal projection is obtained. As stated earlier, the S1 Pro works with just about any orientation. And to complement that, there are internal positional sensors that work no matter how you position the S1 Pro. In fact, it also has an auto EQ feature that adjusts the equalization automatically, depending on how the speakers are placed. If you flip it over, there is a metallic plate held in place with 2 screws. Undo these two screws and that’s where the add on battery is supposed to go. The compartment for that is at the bottom.


The Bose S1 Pro has 3 channels for input. The first one is the two XLR stroke jack inputs for acoustic guitar or hooking up instruments. The second one is the universal auxiliary port and the third is the Bluetooth connection for wireless use. The XLR stroke jack inputs each have the Bose Tone Match technology hooked up with them. It is a three position switch with OFF, a guitar and a microphone symbols on the slider. The OFF simply sends out a straight signal through the speaker. The guitar and microphone optimize the Tone Match to an acoustic guitar or vocals respectively. Additionally, it can also be used as a keyboard amplifier with the Tone Match switch being put to OFF position.

Controls and Functions

All of these are simply great and incredibly user friendly. The setup is not just simple and quick but the sound is crisp and perfect for almost any type of environment. Perhaps the best feature of the S1 Pro is the Bluetooth connectivity. We tested it out and paired it up with a phone to try out some of our playlists and see how it goes. Needless to say, we were really happy with the battery timings. The Lithium add on batteries are capable of powering the S1 Pro speakers for 11 hours, as Bose claims go. This battery is shipped out in sleep mode so the voltage is conserved. In order to get it up and running, slide it in the bottom compartment and connect the power cable to the S1 Pro. After being supplied the initial power, the battery will start to work like a charm.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the S1 Pro is the third source of input. Pairing up with devices is fast, hassle free and without lags. It’s very easy to pair up phones or other devices and use the S1 Pro to stream the music directly through it. This is a quick, on the fly solution for presentations, performances and more. This wireless connectivity along with the battery powered working capabilities make the S1 Pro an incredibly flexible and portable PA solution. One feature that we absolutely loved was the S1 Pro’s ability to be hooked up with another speaker of the same sort. Using Bluetooth, you can connect two S1 Pro PA speakers at the same time and use them to get a much more immersive and, at some times, loud experience.


The S1 Pro is a very classy and elegant looking piece of hardware and looks very professional in any given scenario. It’s not just the exterior that’s so well designed but the interior and performance blew us away as well. First off, setting up the S1 Pro was a cinch. In all honesty, the trickiest part is setting the S1 Pro down at the right spot, and that’s saying something. This set of speakers delivers audible, loud and crisp audio with really vivid and detailed sounds. We tested out the sound quality by playing various genre music. The audio was good, clear and surprisingly loud given the S1 Pro’s size.


The thing about S1 Pro’s audio is that it does not really offer a singular sweet spot. Instead, it offers a wide range over which it fully disperses the sound with an impressively balanced tone.

The S1 Pro also has, what Bose likes to call, Tone Match feature. With the three sliders, the Tone Match allows instant sound optimization of vocals or guitars to deliver a very contempt and rich audio. The sounds were distortion free, incredibly clear and very well optimized too. If we’re being honest, there’s almost nothing wrong with the sound quality of the S1 Pro speakers. And, with this phenomenal auditory experience with the many handy features, it’s almost Bose spared no expense in making this a lovable product. The EQ controls, bass, treble and reverb controls help even further enhance all of these experiences. All of these, paired with the internal positional sensors help fill up the entire room with even coverages as they minimize hotspots.



Side-Firing Air Port

The Bose S1 Pro PA speakers are, without a doubt, one of the best affordable solutions out there. They’re not only useful for being used as speakers but can be hooked up to work as amplifiers as well. They are compact, lightweight and pack an incredibly loud and crisp punch. And, the internal position sensors automatically optimize the EQ levels depending on how the speakers are placed. To sum it all up, we are very pleasantly relieved with how well the S1 Pro PA work. They’re one of the most affordable PA solutions put out by Bose and they do not compromise on sound quality at all.

Whether you’re a guitarist, a vocalist or a solo performer, you’ll find that the S1 Pro will just about work for any given situation. As if that wasn’t enough, the Tone Match feature helps optimize sound for whatever purpose you’re using the speakers for. The battery will last you about 11 hours so it’s the perfect companion for your tours on the road. Check out the link for the S1 Pro speakers and, trust us, you will not regret your purchase.

Price at the time of review: $600


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