Bose Home Speaker 500 Review

Bose 500 Home Speaker

Best Home Speaker under $400

  • Top-tier sound quality
  • Sturdy design
  • frequency
  • Bose app is neat
  • Limited mini screen
  • Heavy on the pocket

Connection type: Bluetooth/wireless | Power source: 2-prong AC cable | Software: Bose Connect App and Amazon Alexa | Additional Features: 8 x Mic Array for 360° voice pickup

You don’t really require tremendous speakers or a full blown 7.1 system to get incredible sound. Pause for a minute to consider what your listening priorities are. On the off chance that you fundamentally tune in to music, one set of speakers might be actually what you have to make the most of your music with TV and films also.

In the event that you are an inactive music audience and don’t see yourself plunking down to welcome the sound for expanded timeframes, at that point a couple of value bookshelf speakers or in-wall speakers might be the ticket. Need progressively bass? A little subwoofer can convey the additional low end you are searching for.

At first glance!

The way to sonic bliss is to engage yourself with learning, do a little research, and invest some time to test drive before pulling the trigger. Bose realizes what they get into. The organization has everything in its arrangement of sound items, going from a little Bluetooth speaker to a home film speaker framework. In any case, one thing that had been missing so far was a savvy speaker, until the organization propelled the Bose Home Speaker 500. Bose is marvelous at structuring compact speakers that convey performance out of extent to their size, however, it’s been seen as having been outflanked by contenders, for example, Sonos with regards to building smart speakers that react to voice directions. Although the fresh out of the box new Bose Home Speaker 500 should change that discernment. But this being said it is heavy on the pocket.

In this competitive market of speakers, Bose 500 has a lot of queries to answer. To find out if the speaker justifies the wallet-melting price tag, keep on reading!


39 grand for a smart speaker sounds like a great deal of cash, particularly, when the second-age Amazon Echo Show, which is the priciest smart speaker in Amazon’s portfolio costs just Rs 22,999, and beyond any doubt it is. In any case, there is a worth that you get for such cash. Something that other savvy speakers in the market right currently don’t offer. At any rate not in the manner that the Bose Home Speaker 500 does offer

The facts demonstrate that everything comes at a cost. The Bose Home Speaker 500 is a rich bit of device that mixes in its surroundings easily and adds on a specific class that radiates love for better things throughout everyday life. It is made of the anodized aluminum case and it includes a curved elliptical design and anodized aluminum packaging that is both, refreshingly new and difficult to miss that, on the off chance that you choose the silver model, it mirrors the light in your room wonderfully.

The close-up of the LCD screen

The polished dark design isn’t deserted, which looks similarly as rich, and might be a superior choice for the individuals who need an increasingly inconspicuous structure. By its vibe, we definitely realize how chic it will look sitting on the table. The 2.3-inch x 1.3-inch LCD screen sitting amidst the shell is the principal thing you see about the speaker, which itself estimates 8 x 6.7 x 4.3 inches, yet this additional tech likewise implies the Bose isn’t light; moving this 4.75lb speaker on your rack or kitchen worktop will require more exertion than your standard Echo. Sound is controlled through the touch board that covers the highest point of the speaker. As should be obvious in the image, this highlights the standard suspects: volume up/down, delay/play, Alexa brief/Alexa quiet.

There’s additionally a helpful method to switch between an associated Bluetooth device, the gadget connected into the assistant jack in the back and six pre-set channels. These channels can, for instance, play a most loved Spotify playlist, and can be set through the devoted Bose Music application.

Shouldn’t something be said about that screen – what’s it truly utilized for? Disappointingly, it stays a greater amount of a stylish and aesthetic bend on the smart speaker’s structure than a more practical one. It is anything but a touchscreen, which means its key oddity is demonstrating the music album and a ticker of the artist, album cover and tune title beneath The screen can likewise show the time, which is a decent element, anyway savvy showcases like the Google Home Hub and the Amazon Echo Show, show the time as well as work of art, news thus much else. That makes Bose’s more straightforward presentation feel marginally out of date.

One can contend that the Amazon Echo Spot, the little smart speaker with a presentation offers greater usefulness as far as the showcase contrasted and Home Speaker 500 yet we are yet to discuss the sound nature of the gadget, after which the decision may wind up clear.

All things considered, however, there’s no way to avoid the reality this is a delightfully made, solid looking speaker –

Returning to the design the lower half of the Bose Home Speaker 500 is secured with perforations. One may expect that these apertures make the Bose Home Speaker 500 an omnidirectional gadget. In any case, that isn’t the situation as the Bose smart speaker produces sound from the left and right boundaries only. At the back there is a port to associate your cell phone, or perhaps your iPod, utilizing an AUX link. There is additionally a port that interfaces the power connector with the smart speaker

Features and Performance

Bose controls are tactile.

One of the primary selling purposes of the Home Speaker 500 is its usage of the organization’s proprietary mic innovation, which enables the speaker to get directions even if when music is playing boisterously –  it contains an eight microphone array that is designed for near and far field tuning in. We found the microphones were really adept at picking up our voices from quite far away, so you can comfortably interact with the speaker from the other side of the room.

The receivers were extremely adroit at grabbing our voices from very far away, so you can easily communicate with the speaker from the opposite side of the room. Bose has a long history of creating speakers with a discernable sound quality that is difficult to miss. The soundstage still feels surprisingly wide, which makes for a really room-filling sound – amazing, especially when you think about its modest size… what’s more, the bass is thumpy and amazing. With regards to music playback, you have a couple of various choices; you can associate your gadget to the speaker by means of an AUX link, remotely interface by means of Bluetooth, or set the speaker up on your home’s WiFi network. The application does inconveniences in availability it was hard to interface to a less established form of mobile phones however worked immensely fine with more up to date forms.

Alexa- the smart assistant

As we’ve insinuated above, what isolates this Bose speaker from its kin is the worked in Alexa incorporation. Furthermore, as a result of it, the Home Speaker 500 can deal with everything your standard Echo or Alexa-good speaker can.

Because of the eight-exhibit microphones arranged on the gadget’s top, voice pickup is additionally amazingly solid. A light will show up over the smaller screen when Alexa is tuning in, and we’ve discovered that the speaker can reliably log our prompts notwithstanding when sound is impacting in the room. However, all the typical extravagant accessories are here, and on the off chance that you’ve utilized Alexa before you’ll know the drill: meteorological forecasts, everyday briefs, mid-level reactions to questions and low-level craic. A little disappointingly, Alexa does lag in its reactions through the Bose when contrasted with any semblance of the Amazon Echo Plus, Lenovo Smart Display, and LG ThinQ WK7. Music can likewise take 1-2 seconds to channel to the set volume, which is odd. None of this is major, clearly, however, you do have a lot of occasions when you’re pondering whether your solicitation is being prepared – or whether the smart assistant missed it out and out.

Back View of the 500


Should you buy these compact sleek speakers? Well, it depends if you don’t mind paying for it, then surely give these speakers a try because the sound quality is top-tier. It is incredibly boisterous but then it manages out how to deliver a decent stable yield – with clear vocals, a resounding bass impact, and a lucidity – even at amazingly high volume levels. Furthermore, obviously, it has Alexa.

Beyond any doubt, it has a display that has constrained utility and it accompanies a robust sticker price. However, on the off chance that you can look past that, the Bose Home Speaker 500 is a speaker – smart or something else – that you will need.

Bose Home Speaker 500


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