Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Showcases New Game Mechanics

Gearbox Software live streamed the Borderlands 3 gameplay event and revealed a lot of information about the co-op looter shooter. The reveal panel hosted by Randy Pitchford gave us a preview of what the game has to offer.

Loot Instancing

This is a new optional feature in Borderlands 3 which allows each player in a co-op game to have their own instance of loot. Basically, this means that a higher level player won’t see the same low-tier loot as their lower level co-op partner. Loot instancing is intended for players who can’t always play together, but don’t want to feel out of sync when joining the same lobby. Loot instancing works alongside level balancing to provide players of varying levels with appropriate loot.

This new balancing feature isn’t limited to loot. Everything in Borderlands 3 ranging from loot drops to enemies encountered match the level of the player. For each player, the enemy’s level will match the player’s level, meaning lower level players won’t have a tough time when playing with higher level friends.


Apart from the hordes of new content, Borderlands 3 spices up the experience by adding new game mechanics. Unlike the previous games, players will now be able to slide under obstacles and mantle ledges.

Alternate Firing Modes

Guns are and always have been a major part of Borderlands. Adding onto that, Borderlands 3 introduces alternate firing modes for weapons. At the press of a button, players will be able to switch their weapon’s firing mode. For example, Vladof pistols have the ability to fire micro-missiles instead of bullets. Other guns in the game feature a variety of firing modes such as ice bullets, fire bullets, and more.

Degrading Cover

Structures in Borderlands 3 can be damaged, and that includes cover. If an enemy is hiding in a tough to reach spot, simply shooting at them will gradually destroy their cover.

Alternatively, players can now manipulate explosive and elemental barrels. In Borderlands 3, punching barrels causes them to go flying, preferably towards an enemy

In terms of content, Borderlands 3 is filled to the brim. Check out Gearbox’s official reveal panel for an overview.

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