How to Block Ads on Android

Ads help the free internet to stay running, but if you’re fed up with unnecessary ads or want to get away from the inconvenience that ads can cause then feel free to read our guide on how to block ads on Android below.

Before we begin, please remember that most content websites rely on advertising for their website upkeep – it’s always considered courteous to make exceptions for your favorite websites so that they can continue to make revenue.

Now onto the fun stuff. We’ll be talking about how to block ads in your browser by using an app that can be found on the Google Play Store. This app doesn’t require root or any special permissions – all of the work is done within the application itself.

To begin with you’ll first need to visit the Google Play Store and download Adblock Browser for Android. This first application will be used to block ads during standard web browsing.

Once you have first opened Adblock Browser, it’ll let you know that by default non-intrusive ads will still be turned on whilst web browsing. You can, however, turn them off within the settings menu.


If you’d like to change the ad block settings, tap the three vertical dots in the top right of the app and then tap settings, then tap Ad blocking.

Once in the Ad blocking menu, tap the ‘Acceptable Ads’ button and untick the option to allow some non-intrusive advertising.


You’ll now have an ad-free browsing experience so long as you always use the Adblock browser.

If you’d like to change your adblock settings or make other adjustments you can do so by accessing the same menu button in the top right corner of the app.

For example, if you tap the Ad blocking option then tap the More block options button, you’ll be able to block other inconvenient content you may have noticed around the web. If you’re not a fan of social media buttons, for example, you can tick the box on the block options page to disable them.

You can also disable tracking so that targeted Google search or other targeted content won’t be affected by your browsing. You can even use the tools on this page to block the types of messages that appear when you’re using an ad blocker and the website is encouraging you to switch it off.


If you’d like to block ads outside of a web browser, you’ll need to download the adblock Plus app from a third party source. It’s not available inside the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to download it here for example.

Once you have downloaded it, you’ll need to switch the Filtering button to on, then make sure the filter subscription is set to EasyList, then if you’d like to block every ad, uncheck the box alongside the acceptable ads option.


Next you’ll need to configure a few settings for ads to be blocked properly.

  1. Tap the configure button at the top of the app
  2. Tap open Wireless settings
  3. Hold your finger down on your currently connected WiFi network
  4. Tap Modify network
  5. Tap Show Advanced Options
  6. Scroll to Proxy settings and select Manual
  7. Change the Proxy port to 2020


Your ad block app should successfully block incoming ads from other applications.

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