Blob Emoji Makes A Comeback In GBoard And Android Messages Keyboard Packs

World Emoji has just passed by on the 17th of July, 2018, and Google has come out with a welcome surprise for us. Android and Google platform users must be able to avidly (or indifferently) recall the “blob” emojis that graced the keyboards on their devices and online in web-based chatting clients such as Google Hangouts. Fan favorites for many throughout preceding Android versions such as KitKat and Nougat, these blob emojis have been Android’s sole palette of emoticons just as Apple has always maintained its iconic round and flat iOS emojis. With the release of Android Oreo Version 8.0 on the 21st of August, 2017 (a more stable version was released on the 5th of December that year, dubbed version 8.1), although the software update brought many features to the application programming interfaces as well as security updates and upgrades in display configurations, the most devastating news emerging from the update was its replacement of the long standing blob emojis entirely with generic circle-faced emoticons resembling those on most other platforms including the iOS.

Despite this, however, the blob emojis managed to continue living on in Google’s chatting client, Google Hangouts, and in its emailing service, Gmail, both as accessed through a laptop web browser. With Google’s latest revamping of its Gmail website, though, fans of the blobs (or opposers) were surely left devastated (or relieved) as the emoji had been wiped entirely from existence, or so it seemed. Whether you’re for or against the blob pack, it is back in a “The Blob Lives On” pack available for the GBoard and Android Messages.

When Android sustained the blob emojis built into its standard input keyboard as well as its user interface, you could use your blob emojis anywhere on your phone, but with this returned sticker pack, the emojis are limited to applications that will support them. Often times stickers get translated over into their counterpart emojis in the circle face shape, their symbol codes, or text if there is no corresponding emoji on the server available. Facebook, for example, does not subject itself to keyboard emojis and instead translates input emojis into its standard frame of emoticons. A previous version of the blob emoji pack existed under the name “Long Live The Blob.” Combining the stickers of both packs, users now have 48 different blob emojis to choose from.

GBoard on Android Devices. Engadget
Aaron Michael
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