Blizzcon Attendee Asks Blizzard if Diablo Immortals is an ‘April Fool’s Joke’ During Q&A

At Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard announced ‘Diablo Immortals’, an action RPG experience for mobile. Needless to say, fans were unhappy, but one Blizzcon attendee conferred with 4Chan before lining up at the Q&A panel to ask a very odd question.


Once he was presented with the opportunity, an individual simply known as “red shirt guy” asked the presenter on stage if Diablo Immortals is an “out of season April Fool’s joke”. Following an awkward chuckle from the presenter, he responded: “No, it’s a fully fledged Diablo experience on mobile, which everybody will get to play, and hopefully, which will bring new heroes to Sanctuary as well as welcoming our community back into it and something we’re very excited about.”

As many Blizzard fans were expecting a full fledged Diablo sequel instead of a mobile game, the rough response from the fans is not unwarranted. Diablo Immortals is a mobile game with the story set between the events of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 3, and markets to all audiences.

To address the less than ideal reception of the game, Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng spoke with IGN at Blizzcon:

“I don’t think mobile should be a dirty word,” he says.

Cheng also responded to accusations which claimed that Diablo Immortals might be a reskin by saying, “We’ve been working with NetEase Games from the beginning as a partnership to create everything in Diablo: Immortal. We have artists on our side, they have artists on their side, and we work together as a team, as a partnership to create everything about Diablo: Immortal. The environments, the characters, the skills, the story.”

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Blizzcon Attendee Asks Blizzard if Diablo Immortals is an ‘April Fool’s Joke’ During Q&A

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