More Information Has Surfaced Regarding Blizzard’s New AAA Fantasy Survival Game Dubbed Odyssey

Back in Jaunary, Blizzard announced that a brand new game with never before seen mechanics set in a fantasy world was in production. The game was reportedly being tested showing that development had been underway for a while. You can read more about this here.

Blizzard has not developed any major title since Overwatch which released back in 2016. Only remasters have been seen since then. This makes Odyssey the first major IP after Overwatch. Initial leaks pointed towards a survival theme featuring world building similar to Horizon : Zero Dawn.

Leaked Information

Over at Reddit, u/maybe_dead shared some ‘leaked’ information regarding Odyssey from Blizzard. The game reportedly has ‘amazing graphics’ akin to Everwild. The art style may differ, however, this may be a reference to the scenery we will witness.

A picture showcasing Everwild | Xbox

A fairy tale survival mechanism shall be implemented with reports of a possible inclusion of building mechanics. Similarly, you can buy and sell what you craft such as potions just like in Fallout 76.

Those interested in potion brewing will be glad to know that Alchemy is a major part of this game.

The genre will be ‘traditional survival’. You can think of it as ARK: Survival Evolved. The combat system includes the traditonal bow and arrow gameplay with a pinch of magic.

Release Date

The game is currently in production so we do not have a confirmed release date. However, as per above leaks, the game was ‘playable’ even back in January. Support for cross-platform is present and the game will launch on both PC and consoles (No information regarding specific consoles). Are you excited for this new AAA title by Blizzard?


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