Blizzard and NetEase Have Apparently Cancelled “World of Warcraft” For Mobile

A financial disagreement between Blizzard and the well-known Chinese gaming company NetEase led to the cancellation of an unannounced World of Warcraft mobile game.

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the same setting as World of Warcraft was planned, according to Bloomberg. It was purportedly intended as a spin-off of Blizzard’s long-running PC game set in a different period and was given the codename Neptune.

The cancellation occurs at an intriguing moment as Blizzard makes a strong effort to enter the mobile market and creates exclusive titles for the system. A “mobile action strategy game” called Warcraft Arclight Rumble was first mentioned by the developer back in May. In June, Diablo Immortal was published, despite having a doubtful monetization approach.

According to reports, the game was three years in the making and had a staff of more than 100 NetEase employees working on it before it was shelved. Following a disagreement over the game’s licensing terms, both companies have stopped working on the project, and by the looks of it the game is probably not releasing soon.




Muhammad Zuhair

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