Black Desert: Remastered Updates Visuals and Audio, Releases August 23rd

Black Desert Online is a sandbox style massive multiplayer online role playing game by Korean developer Pearl Abyss. The game is considered as one of the most detailed RPGs thanks to its extremely high quality graphics and highly detailed world generation. On August 11th at the Black Desert: Remastered Live Showcase in Seoul, developer Pearl Abyss showcased what’s coming on August 23rd.

Black Desert: Remastered

Black Desert: Remastered brings many improvements and additions to the popular MMORPG. The most eye-catching change is that the game now has improved graphics and audio. Pearl Abyss Audio Director Hwiman Ryu states in his keynote speech that a large scale orchestra was organized to record over 100 songs. The remaster will feature over 300 minutes worth of new songs as well as new voice lines for over 130 new NPCs. The Black Desert world will now look even better due to the enhanced light processing and updated graphics. Graphic updates of such large scales had fans concerned about system requirements. Developers kept resource requirement to a minimum by optimizing the game throughout the development of the game.

Regarding future updates of Black Desert Online, executive producer Jae-Hee Kim announced the upcoming planned content. The new region of Ordilita will be available, more Black Spirit skills will be added, and a “militarized subjugation system” is also in development.

When it comes to rewards, loyal Adventures have a bunch of items coming for them. Players who participate in the upcoming Black Desert: Remastered celebration event will receive a Blessing of Kamasylve alongside other rewards. Moreover, players can nab themselves a Tier 7 Horse Emblem and Golden Horse Gear Set by logging in before August 30th. Rewards will be added to player accounts automatically once Black Desert: Remastered launches later this month on August 23rd. For more information regarding Black Desert, check out their official website.


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Black Desert: Remastered Updates Visuals and Audio, Releases August 23rd

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