Black Desert Online Adds 50 Player Battle Royale Mode, New Class, and more

During the Festa community event that took place in Seoul last Saturday, Pearl Abyss unveiled their future plans for Black Desert Online. Jae-Hee Kim, the executive producer of the popular MMORPG, announced heaps of new content, including a battle royale mode, that will be added in an upcoming update.

Possibly the most interesting addition, the Shadow Arena is Black Desert Online’s new 50 player battle royale mode. At the start of the match, players must arm themselves by looting items from the ground, or from the bodies of dead enemies. Like nearly every other battle royale, Shadow Arena players have to acquire equipment and skills while smashing crates and killing monsters. The last player standing is declared the winner of the match. Shadow Arena will be added to South Korean servers this winter, with the Western release being slightly delayed to polish and localize the game mode.

During the keynote presentation, Pearl Abyss gave us a peak at the upcoming O’dyliita region. Aiming to launch in the first half of 2019, the new region brings new locations and new types of monsters. A new ‘Territory War’ conflict between Calpheon and Valencia arises, pitting all guilds that occupy level 3 and 4 nodes in Calpheon against similarly skilled guilds in Valencia.

Black Desert Odyllita

On December 12th, the long-awaited Archer class will be added to Black Desert Online. Unlike other classes, the Archer comes equipped with two weapons: the Crossbow and the Great Bow. Read up on the abilities and background of the sentinel of the sacred tree Kamasylve here. Players will be able to use the character creator to pre-create their Archer class starting December 5th.

In celebration of Archer’s release, Pearl Abyss has announced a handful of bonus events. Starting December 12th, a 100% experience boost will be activated alongside a special experience sharing event specifically for the Archer class. Additionally, the “Transaction Butler” costume will be rewarded to all current players of Black Desert Online.

Pearl Abyss has also shifted focus back onto the story element of Black Desert Online. Together with a new opening cutscene, a whole new quest-line will be added to the game. Apart from numerous balancing changes, renown score has been removed and the marketplace has been adjusted. The developers aim to make life skills more “accessible and rewarding” for players. Watch the Festa keynote presentation for more details regarding the future of Black Desert Online.

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Black Desert Online Adds 50 Player Battle Royale Mode, New Class, and more

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