BioWare Announces Restructuring, Lays Off 50 Employees

Prominent game developer BioWare has recently revealed plans for a significant restructuring aimed at ensuring its continued success in the evolving gaming industry. The studio, known for its immersive story-driven games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, is implementing strategic changes to uphold its quality standards and encourage creativity.

The restructuring also involves a challenging decision to reduce approximately 50 positions within the company. The BioWare team recognizes the seriousness of this step, acknowledging the difficulty of parting ways with valued colleagues.

Gary McKay, the General Manager of BioWare, emphasized the necessity of these changes in a straightforward statement. 

Adjusting our development approach means reorganizing our team to better align with the studio’s evolving requirements.” 

He further clarified that this step is crucial to streamline the development process, enabling faster iterations and clearer project visions.

These Changes Will Not Affect Ongoing Projects

The immediate impact of this restructuring on BioWare’s ongoing projects, particularly Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, has raised questions among players. However, McKay assures that these changes will not have any mass effect (pun intended) on the games that are currently under development. He confirmed that the dedicated team is focused on ensuring the game’s success despite the ongoing changes.

One positive outcome of this transition is that BioWare is working to provide internal opportunities for affected employees. The company is actively collaborating with other studios under EA to identify suitable roles for these employees.

Looking ahead, BioWare’s restructured approach aims to uphold the studio’s legacy while preparing for future projects, such as the next Mass Effect installment. A core team, led by veteran Mike Gamble, is working on pre-production for the next Mass Effect game.

Mass Effect Illustration | BioWare

McKay conveyed his appreciation to both current and past BioWare members for their contributions, as well as the supportive community. While acknowledging the upcoming challenges, the General Manager expressed optimism about the future. 

Timing for changes like these is never ideal, but we have confidence in our capable leaders and team with their vision, passion, and proven track records.”

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