Biostar’s iMiner A578XD Packs 8 RX570s And 7 120mm Fans Outputting Around 220MH/s Ethereum

The days where everybody was getting into the mining craze are long past gone. But that doesn’t mean everyone left. There’s still money to be made from the mining business and companies like Biostar are capitalizing on the fact that GPU prices are coming back down and trying to earn some more money off of the virtual currency mining business by still manufacturing their own mining machines.

Specifications Screenshot – Biostar’s Website

Biostar have been working on a new mining machine which they have finally put out in the market. They are calling it the iMiner A578X8D. They have truly created competent hardware here, when it comes to mining off of a single machine by equipping it with eight AMD RX 570s having 4 Gbs of GDDR5 memory each. The power at which this machine can mine Ethereum is stated to be 220MH/s.

For cooling the machine is going to have seven 120mm fans, three of them being at the front of the case and 4 at the back which are going to make sure that the air flow is sufficient to cool the eight cards.

iMiner A578X8D Rear Fans Source – Ithome

The miner will come equipped with a 1600W power supply to support the crossfire configuration, the machine will come with a Celeron G3930 processor, 4GBs of DDR4 ram clocked at 2400MHz and a 120GB SSD. For I/O it will have 4 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port for display and an RJ-45 connector for Internet.
The iMiner A578X8D is reported to be priced at $3,499 US, which should quite a reasonable amount for the hardware it is packing.

iMiner A578X8D I/O Ports Source – IThome
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Biostar’s iMiner A578XD Packs 8 RX570s And 7 120mm Fans Outputting Around 220MH/s Ethereum

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