Biggest Xbox Sale Of The Year Starts June 7th, Discounts On Xbox One X, Games, Game Pass Etc

In Anticipation Of E3 2018

E3 is coming closer with each passing day and Microsoft has some serious making up to do keeping in mind the lack of Xbox One exclusives that have come out. The biggest Xbox sale of the year is starting from June 7th and will last until June 17th. There will be discounts on consoles, bundles, games, accessories, Game Pass, Gold Membership etc.

Xbox Sale Of The Year

While the sale will begin a few days from now you can check out the promotions that you will be able to take advantage of below.

It is worth noting that this is the first time that the Xbox One X has been discounted. If you were looking forward to getting the new console then you might want to hold off a few more days and take advantage of the promotion.

If you were going to buy a new game then you might want to hold off on that as well as it is likely that the game you are looking for is going to be discounted in the upcoming biggest Xbox sale of the year. Pricing can vary depending on where you are in the world but to give you an idea, more than 300 games will be discounted, with full games starting as low as $19.99. DLC and expansions will also be on sale for over 50% off for any games you already own or play through Xbox Game Pass.

For the people that are buying Gold subscriptions through retailers, if you buy for 3 months you will get 3 months free which means that you are getting 50% off. That sounds like a good deal to me. You can expect other sales and deals as well in the upcoming days in light of E3 being around the corner.

Let us know what you think about this Xbox sale and what you are going to be getting for yourself.

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Biggest Xbox Sale Of The Year Starts June 7th, Discounts On Xbox One X, Games, Game Pass Etc

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