Bethesda Shares Screenshots of Fallout 76’s Upcoming Watoga Underground, Double XP Weekend Incoming

Fallout 76, Bethesda’s latest installment in the post-apocalyptic role-playing game series, will soon receive a hefty update. Initially scheduled for launch in Fall 2019, the Wastelanders update was pushed back to early 2020. The massive update will add new content in the form of human NPCs, more items, activities, and locations. One of the locations part of the update is the Watoga Underground. Check out some screenshots of the dilapidated parking garage here:

Watoga Underground
Watoga Underground
Watoga Underground
Watoga Underground


Fallout 76’s Wastelanders is a free content update coming to the game later this year. Alongside new quests and activities, the update adds brand-new locations to the game. As evident from the screenshots above, it seems that the parking garage’s occupants aren’t as welcoming as the city once was.

Bethesda describes Watoga as a “bustling, walkable metropolis where the streets are clear of illegally parked automobiles, traffic and hit-and-run accidents. The city is built on top of a massive series of automated parking garage systems which allow citizens to drop off their cars and store them until they’re needed again.”

As for its release, Fallout 76’s Wastelanders update currently doesn’t have an exact launch date. Last year, Bethesda delayed the launch to Q1 of 2019 so that it could hit the “quality bar”. The developer apologized for the delay but states that it “will be worth the extra time.”

In their most recent update post, Bethesda didn’t share any more information about Wastelanders, only that it is “coming soon”. Wastelanders is set to be one of Fallout 76’s largest expansions ever, so it’s good that Bethesda is taking time to polish it as best it can.

While you wait for the hearty expansion, Bethesda will be running a double XP weekend next week. From January 9th 12pm ET to January 13th 12pm ET, Fallout 76 players will receive double experience in-game.

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