Bethesda Confirms Upcoming Indiana Jones Game as Xbox and PC Exclusive, Day One on Xbox Game Pass

Bethesda‘s upcoming Indiana Jones game has officially been confirmed as an exclusive title for Xbox consoles. This was revealed in a rather peculiar way by Pete Hines, the global publishing head of Bethesda, during the Microsoft vs. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) trial, where he appeared as a witness.

During the court proceedings, Hines was asked to confirm if Disney had a signed agreement with Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax, to develop an Indiana Jones game for multiple consoles. Hines responded affirmatively, stating that such an agreement did exist before Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

Furthermore, Hines confirmed that after Bethesda got acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billion, Disney raised the issue of which consoles the Indiana Jones game would be released on. Bethesda subsequently amended their agreement with Disney, resulting in the game becoming an exclusive title for Xbox consoles and PC. Additionally, it was revealed that the game would be available on Xbox Game Pass from its day of release.

The Indiana Jones game, which was announced in January 2021, is being developed by MachineGames, the Swedish studio known for their work on the modern Wolfenstein games.Other than a teaser, there is no substantial information revealed about the game, nor was the release date and platforms confirmed until today.

During the court hearing, Hines explained that Bethesda now decides exclusivity on a case-by-case basis, and the decision to make certain titles exclusive to Xbox is based on the benefits of a streamlined development process. By focusing on fewer platforms, Bethesda can streamline their development efforts and ensure that the game runs smoothly on Xbox consoles and PC.

Hines emphasized that reducing risk and achieving a degree of certainty were the primary reasons for making Indiana Jones an Xbox console exclusive. He cited the involvement of a licensor, which adds time to the development schedule and requires the provision of a release window, as a significant factor. Hines also expressed enthusiasm for bringing the game to Xbox Game Pass, as it provides an opportunity to reach a larger player base.

The publishing head further argued that if Starfield were to release on multiple consoles, it would not be able to meet its planned release date later this year. He stated that supporting an entirely different platform would significantly impact the game’s development timeline.

With Indiana Jones now being an Xbox exclusive, it becomes the third Bethesda title, after Redfall and Starfield, to join the list of Xbox exclusive games developed by Bethesda following its acquisition by Microsoft in 2021. What are your thoughts about this? Let’s discuss it in the comments section below.


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