Bethesda Adds Repair Kits to Fallout 76 Despite Community Backlash

A new Fallout 76 update adds the game’s first possible “pay-to-win” item. The highly controversial utility item has caused quite a stir in the community, but developer Bethesda is going through with their decision to add it to the game. Patch 8.5 also introduces the ProSnap deluxe camera, allowing players to snap photos and complete camera-related challenges.

Repair Kits

When Bethesda first announced the item earlier this month, Fallout 76 players were concerned about the game becoming pay-to-win. Available in two forms, repair kits allow players to instantly increase an item’s condition to 100% or 150%. The repair kits can be earned by completing various challenges, but the basic variants may be purchased from the Atomic Shop. Bethesda previously stated that the Atomic Shop was reserved for cosmetic items, so you can see why the introduction of repair kits alarmed players.

“Over the past couple weeks, we’ve examined all the feedback and today we want to share our thinking when it comes to these types of items and how they relate to the Atomic Shop,” says Bethesda. “When we originally announced the Atomic Shop last year, we said that it will not provide anything that offers a competitive advantage. We remain committed to that statement and take it into account when we evaluate every new item that we bring to the Shop, both now and in the future.”

“While Repair Kits do offer a way to fix an item in the field, we feel you will find that they are a convenient option you can utilize during your adventures. If we find that Repair Kits do offer any sort of competitive advantage once they are available, we will make any changes necessary to ensure that advantage is removed.”

Pay-to-win functionalities can heavily impact a multiplayer game’s player base. With repair kits, Bethesda’s aim is to provide players with a convenient option, not a competitive edge over others. However, if repair kits are deemed unfair by the community, Bethesda says it will tweak the item. From the looks of things, it looks like the new utility items are here to stay.

Patch 8.5 for Fallout 76 is live now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The download size is approximately 2 GB for consoles and 1 GB for PC.

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