The Best Wide Format Printers To Buy In 2021

We can all look back on the old days where the selection of a printer was as easy as it comes. All that was needed to make the decision was cost; since almost all of them had the same printing quality. However, those times have come to an end. The speed of the prints, power consumption, net savings, quality of prints, and the list goes on. All of these factors come into play and these too, are not overshadowed by the type of consumer. And, with the saturation in digital marketing and designing increasing more and more, the need for better and top-notch printers is rising increasingly. An architect could need for printing out drawings or a designer would need banners.

Wide-format printers are becoming an essential part of not only the office, but home uses too where the work at the home trend is spreading rapidly. They can be used to print on special materials and bases, a feature the conventional printers do not possess. In this list, we’ll be discussing the best wide format printers that you need to consider when making your choice. There are so many names with so many features so without any further delay, let’s get right in.

1. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Best Value Printer


  • Double-sided prints
  • Long running cartridges
  • Compact size


  • Expensive cartridges
  • High power consumption

1,080 Reviews

Wireless Compatibility: Yes | Cartridge type: 312 and 314XL | Duplex Printing: Yes | Paper Quantity: 200

The name Epson will be a pleasant surprise for the avid designers who are heavily reliant on the quality of the picture. It shouldn’t be a surprise either since Epson has a reputation for designing printers capable of near realistic prints. This one in their line of printers adds to that as well, capable of printing out the most vibrant colors and prints on the block.

The Epson XP-15000, originally intended to be a replacement model for the discontinued Artisan model, offers significant features right off the bat. Succeeding its predecessor, it has a total of 180 nozzles which produces incredible photo-realistic prints. There is a duplexer on the back which means that the option double-sided prints are available. Upon opening the panel, it can be seen that it has 6 ink reservoirs which are of Claria Photo HD dye type. The cassette for inserting papers is not too sturdy in terms of construction, however, it gets the job done. It has adjustable sliders for paper sizes and can house up to 200 pages at a time. It can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi and you can get your prints out via desktops, cloud storage as well as mobile phones and tablets.

The cartridges used are the best of the best and with the 180 nozzles, are capable of printing out vivid pictures. The printing speed is relatively slower than its competitors however the output is still excellent enough to make up for it. Luckily, noise is also not an issue as different paper sizes were tested and all of them had detailed and highlighted results with minimal noise in their makings. There is an LCD screen with buttons on the side for adjusting the settings as needed.

The maximum resolution supported is 5760 x 1440 dpi and that too, at an optimum and expected speed. The max printable area allowed with this is 13 x 44” which is pretty generous. It will be of great users for printing superior quality banners or posters. Along with this, you can get borderless prints of up to 13 x 19” dimensions.

Epson’s XP-15000 is no doubt, sitting at the very top when it comes to the quality and richness of the output. However, the cartridges only consist of 8 grams worth of ink in them which is questionable in terms of feasibility. This product might not be for the folks who are looking to have a surreal printout often a day. But it makes no sacrifices in terms of quality and is at the top of our list.

2. HP OfficeJet Pro 7740

High-End Features


  • Quick fax transmission
  • Directly converts scans to PDF
  • Cheap cartridges
  • Panels to quickly clear paper jams


  • Heavyweight

2,520 Reviews

Wireless Compatibility: Yes | Cartridge type: 952 and 952XL| Duplex Printing: Yes | Paper Quantity: 250 + 250

With the increase in prices of prints, people are looking for cost-efficient solutions that do not compromise on performance either. This is where HP’s OfficeJet Pro 7740 comes in to save the day. It is all-in-one meaning it can print, make copies, scan and send out faxes. It is next to the perfect choice for office use and people looking to make copies or prints in a high quantity at a time.

Like its OfficeJet cousins, the 7740 has large dimensions and is quite bulky, weighing in at about 43 pounds (approximately 20 kg). Consequently, a sturdy and strong stand would be needed for housing this cinderblock. It follows the standard black and white color scheme just like the other OfficeJet printers. It has a paper capacity of 500 pages and the tray is split into two, each being able to house 250 pages. You can print, scan and copy sizes up to the standard 11×7” (A3). This product, being ideal for office uses, is capable of printing the same bolded text documents as its competitors for almost 50% less ink cost.

On the panel, there is USB, Ethernet, FAX, and phone extension line ports. There is also built-in WiFi in it for wireless connectivity and it is supported by HP’s proprietary HP wireless direct. The wireless connectivity is efficient enough to catch signals and commands from quite a distance away. It is also worth noting that connectivity with phones and tablets is supported as well as printing via the cloud. On the top panel is a 35-page capacity document feeder with duplex support. Copies can be made using that or by manually putting pages in the large flatbed which can scan pages of up to 11×17”. This is extremely useful for office uses where multiple copies of varying sizes need to be made. Using the USB port at the front, copies to and from can be directly made which is quite a handy feature.

The 7740 uses 952 series cartridges which are easily affordable and come in varying sizes, depending upon the usage. Despite the targeted use for this product being text document-oriented, the 7740 performs surprisingly well when needed to print large-scale photos. It does support borderless printing so that can sometimes come in handy. However, probably the feature that stands out the most is its remarkable speed. The 7740 is capable of printing at a phenomenal rate of about 30 pages per minute. This is almost double the speed of its competitors in this line.

HP’s 7740 is an amazing all-around general-purpose printer. It does its job well in all departments- be it fax, scan, or print. It is easily installable and can be up and running in only a matter of minutes. If your usage is comprised in a small to a medium office where a fair amount of documents or pictures need to be copied/printed. Not only this, its rapid speed is ideal for even tabloid printing purposes as 7740 is the perfect match for all of your day and night needs.

3. Brother MFC J5330DW

Easy-To-Use Printer


  • Amazon dash replenishment enabled
  • Cheap cartridges
  • Automatic duplex printing


  • Single A3 tray
  • Slow picture printing

686 Reviews

Wireless Compatibility: Yes | Cartridge type: 952 and 952XL| Duplex Printing: Yes | Paper Quantity: 250

Taking the spot of number 3 is Brother’s J5330DW. You can scan, copy, print, and fax with this bad boy. This machine may not look the best in that department, however, a brief overview of what it has to offer is enough to convince small to medium business owners of its worth.

The J5330DW makes up for its large size by checking almost all the boxes needed for convenient professional use. It has a paper capacity of 250 pages in its tray and also has an automatic feeder at the top for scanning copying which can house 50 pages. There is also a tray for A3 pages at the back which is to be manually fed. There are also USB and Ethernet connectivity options which with a few tweaks, can print and save directly to the USB drive or online Evernote, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Moreover, there is the option for wirelessly printing via mobile, tablet, or desktops which can be done so with the use of a single, easy-to-use app.

Brother claims a speed of 22 pages per minute for black and white, and 20 pages per minute for colored printing which, in the price range, is adequate for most offices. The speed on A3 printing lacks behind by only a few pages per minute which is pretty impressive. The printing resolution offered is 4800 x 1200 dpi which is almost the same as its competitors. The scanning speed, however, is 2400 x 1200 dpi which is quite extraordinary. This resolution coupled with the 50-page automatic document feeder will be more than satisfactory for crisp use in offices.

The 4 cartridges are loaded from the front flap which is fairly easy to do. The cartridges come with an estimated 550 page capacity per refill. The net running cost is also quite economical, with Brother offering XL-sized cartridges which further reduce the total cost per page.

Brother always puts the needs and demands of their customers at the top of their priority list. They deliver replacement cartridges right in your footsteps without any additional fees. All of these features make Brother J5330 the optimal choice for hefty printing, copying, etc at a small to medium business scale.

4. Xerox Phaser 6510/DN

With Security Measures


  • High monthly duty cycle
  • Built-in security measures


  • Expensive toner replacement
  • WiFi adapter has to be purchased separately
  • Paper jams are often

395 Reviews

Wireless Compatibility: Yes | Cartridge type: Phaser 6510| Duplex Printing: Yes | Paper Quantity: 250 + 550

The Xerox Phaser 6510/DN offers a perfect blend and balance for output quality and speed. It is an excellent and durable machine that packs a big surprise in its rather large size. Let’s take a look at how Xerox managed to secure the 4th spot with their 6510/DN.

Unlike its predecessor 6510/N, this model comes equipped with an automatic duplexer with exceptional printing speeds. Along with this, there is a cassette for holding 250 pages at a time, with an optional extendable bracket provided which can further support 550 pages. This is ideal for quick output and lesser time for interactions with refilling. The weight of this machine is a bit on the heavy side however once you’ve set it up, the installation and running are only a matter of minutes. It is quick and fairly easy. The design is of the standard box-like shape which is the preferred type in office-based consumption.

There are 4 toner cartridges of up to 4,300 color pages and 5,500 black and white. The power consumption on this machine is also quite efficient, using about 20% less power than other models. A point worth noting is that it is Google Cloud Print and Apple Air Print-ready, meaning that prints via devices that support these can be done on the fly. However, you do need to connect them via the Ethernet port as there is no added WiFi adapter.

With the Phaser 6510/DN, sensitive and confidential documents can be vaulted and kept secure. It features an in-built 802.1 Authentication procedure which will require key codes to be entered to access the inbuilt memory of 512Mb. Perhaps the most notable aspect of this product is its remarkable speed. The engine that it is built on can print at a rate of 30 pages per minute for black and white and about 25 pages per minute for colored. It is pleasant and amazing to see how quick it is on delivering the desired output at the panel. However, where it makes up for speed, it lacks in print quality. Prints in black and white are clear and okay enough to not raise any doubts about its productivity however the colored prints lack significantly behind.

The Phaser 6510/DN offers speedy outputs at the cost of quality. However, it still gets the job done and is very well suited for small professional workspaces where quick service is required. On top of that, it has proven to be quite durable and sturdy. Considering all these options, the Phaser 6510/DN might just be the printer you’re looking for with a balance between price and quality.

5. HP DesignJet T120

Compact Design


  • Small and compact footprint
  • Slow printing mode does not increase amount of ink used


  • Does not support third party ink
  • Print head sometimes becomes faulty
  • No internal memory

227 Reviews

Wireless Compatibility: Yes | Cartridge type: HP 711| Duplex Printing: No | Paper Quantity: Paper roll

Last but not least is the HP Designjet T120 printer, taking the 5th spot on our list. Quite often, the design and aesthetic of the printer come into play when purchasing. Since not many options are available, users are forced to push aside the looks factor and go for the standard box figure. However, the T120’s glossy look with its sturdiness is a sight for sore eyes.

This printer is miniature in size, cost-efficient, and allows you to print from virtually anywhere with support for WiFi connectivity. A thing that stands out is that it uses A4 to A1 pages for printing as well as a 24” paper roll. This means that the T120 is 2 printers in one box. The roll uses an automatic cutter to print the paper size as configured by the user. It is capable of printing at a speed of 1200 dpi with superb quality. HP’s Thermal technology has been fed into the 4 cartridges that are to be installed. There is no option for borderless display however, the 5x17mm non-printable area is still ample enough to get the job done.

With the touch screen, there are USB 2.0 and Ethernet ports for connectivity. Along with this, you can connect via WiFi and print from anywhere. Along with this, you can also simply email the file to be printed to T120 and it will give you what you need. However, there is no virtual memory so if you lose connection during a print, you will need to start all over again. The quality of the print perhaps isn’t top-tier level but the cartridges do come in 30ml and 80ml sizes, reducing the net cost of overall printings.

The Designjet T120 offers incredible overall value and performance and thus is suited for not only small-time businesses but perhaps freelance designers etc too. What it lacks in quality, it makes up in quantity as it offers cheap cartridges with high volume. All in all, this is a great buck for a performance printer with a very justified price tag.

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