Best TV Wall Mounts In 2021: For All Kinds Of TVs

There aren’t a lot of major upgrades you can make to your living room besides upgrading your TV. Sure you can add a great sound system, luxurious furniture, among other things. But these days, having a great TV that is the center of your entertainment table is a necessity for a lot of people. 4K displays are also more affordable now, so people are willing to spend that extra amount of cash.

However, there’s no point in having a huge TV if it isn’t mounted properly. Sure you can always just use the included stand and let it sit on your table, but that way it would be more prone to accidents. The mounts included in the box aren’t always of great quality either.

Plus, you can find TV wall mounts with full-motion articulation that are good if you want to make minor adjustments down the line. You also want one that is sturdy so you can sleep a little easier at night. That’s why we’re looking at the best TV wall mount money can buy.

1. Mounting Dream MD2380 Full Motion TV Mount

Best Overall


  • Versatile tilt and swivel adjustments
  • Robust build quality
  • Competitive price
  • Easy to install


  • No support for 65-inch plus TVs

2,057 Reviews

Supported Screen Size: 24-55 inches | Max Vesa Size: 400 x 400 | Max Weight: 99lbs

Despite the cheesy name, this wall mount from mounting dream really is the best all-rounder we could find. It is a heavy-duty unit that can support most 24-55 inch TVs with a weight of 99lbs. The VESA mounting has a hole spacing of up to 400 x 400mm.

Mounting dream says this that this mount will make your TV feel alive with full-motion articulation, and it’s not a false claim. You can pull the TV out up to 15.2-inches and retract it back to 3-inches if you want it closer to the wall. It’s perfect for concrete walls and walls that utilize wood studs. It’s very long, so centering your TV is easy as pie.

You can even tilt the TV forward up to 15° and backward up to 5°. You can also swivel it for good flexibility. The included manual is easy to read, and installation is easier. They also include a 6ft HDMI cable. Bolts, nuts, screws, and everything else you might need is already included. Just get a drill and a stud finder and you’re good to go.

The only downside is that they don’t fully support TVs that are 65-inches and above. But they do have a wide range of models if you want to get full motion articulation on your big TV for not much money.

2. Sanus Premium Tilting Mount

Best For Bigger TVs


  • Built like a tank
  • Great support for bigger TVs
  • Extremely easy movement


  • No support for small displays

310 Reviews

Supported Screen Size: 42-90 inches | Max Vesa Size: 400 x 600 | Max Weight: 125lbs

If you have a bigger TV, most likely it’s more expensive compared to smaller screens as well. We reckon you wouldn’t want that purchase to be prone to accidents. So we recommend getting a heavy-duty mount with a lot of features. For people with bigger TVs, I can think of a wall mount better than the Sanus Premium TV Mount

This versatile wall mount can fit TVs from 42-inches all the way up to 90-inches in size. It can hold up to 125lbs with ease. The VESA mounting is rated at a maximum size of 400 x 600mm. This wall mount has tilt support, which means making fingertip adjustments is much easier.

You can also slide the TV side to side for lateral adjustments. That’s a major plus if you’ve ever run into that sort of issue before. Installation is straight forward, and the included instruction manual is one of the best we’ve seen. They include a handy magnetic stud finder if you don’t have one laying around.

If you accidentally tilt the TV too much to one side, Sanus has attached screws at each end to make easy adjustments even after installation. Overall the mount is built like a tank, easy to install, and supports a wide range of sizes. Just remember that smaller displays won’t exactly fit properly.

3. VideoSecu MW340B2 TV Wall Mount

Budget Pick


  • Incredible overall value
  • Supports wide range of sizes
  • Included HDMI cable


  • Included bolts are a bit weak
  • Difficult movement for the TV

65,470 Reviews

Supported Screen Size: 32-65 inches | Max Vesa Size: 400 x 400 | Max Weight: 100lbs

The VideoSecu MW340B2 might not have the most glamorous name on this list, but it does have one major winning feature. That just so happens to be its versatility. That’s the reason why they have sold hundreds and thousands of this unit, so you can imagine that it is extremely popular.

What do I mean by versatility? Well for starters, you can fit TVs from a size of 32-inches all the way up to 65-inches. It has a full steel construction that feels solid and can support TVs with a weight of up to 100lbs. It has a low profile and you can pull out your display to a max 14.5 inches, tilt it forward 15° or 5° backward. They also include a 6 feet HDMI cable.

For the price, this wall mount is hard to beat. But it is definitely not without its flaws in the slightest. Although everything is of high quality, the bolts are questionable. If you are going with a cheaper stand, I’d recommend finding some heavy-duty bolts anyway, as this is the case with 90% of them out there.

The major issue, however, is how uneasy it feels to tilt or swivel the display. It’s not quite fully free moving and does require a bit of force. It never feels cheap, but it does feel like they don’t want you to make major adjustments. For minor adjustments, this is still one and most people will be more than happy with this mount.

4. Vogel's TV Wall Mount

Premium Fit And Finish


  • Exceptional construction and design
  • White color option
  • Smooth articulation


  • Expensive
  • Big and heavy

1,689 Reviews

Supported Screen Size: 40-65 inches | Max Vesa Size: 600 x 400 | Max Weight: 66lbs

Are you the type of person who isn’t willing to make a single compromise with your wall mount? Well, if you don’t count money as a major compromise for some reason, this TV wall mount from Vogel’s is the best commitment you can make to keep your TV safely in place. However, there are a few drawbacks, even without the price.

First off, this monitor is incredibly sturdy. Out of all the stands on this list, it feels the most premium and also looks the part. This is the sort of stand that won’t break off even if an accident does occur. It can support TVs weighing up to 66lbs and a max VESA size of 600 x 400mm.

It comes in black and white color options, so you can make it blend in with the wall with ease. You can tilt your display up to 20° and smoothly turn in it left and right up to 180°. It even includes a cable guidance clip so you can route cables and hide them. Installation is easy and they include a lifetime warranty.

As for the downsides, it has trouble properly aligning smaller TVs so bear that in mind. Make sure that your TV can be supported by this mount. Apart from that, it is quite chunky so you’ll need to position it perfectly. The price is also the highest on this list.

5. One For All Ultra Slim TV Bracket

Simple Yet Effective


  • Unobtrusive slim design
  • Easy installation
  • Puts TV close to the wall


  • No articulation
  • Limited size range

78 Reviews

Supported Screen Size: 40-65 inches | Max Vesa Size: 600 x 400 | Max Weight: 66lbs

Last up on this list, we have a TV wall mount that doesn’t have any articulation, but for people who want to create the illusion their TV is stuck to their actual wall, this is a great option. This TV wall mount from One For All is extremely flat and slim. It creates a distance between the TV and the wall of about 13mm only. TVs from 32 inches to 60 inches will fit just fine.

Design is quite minimal and it has an unobtrusive element to it. Line up the TV with the mount and it has an auto-lock function, so you can release it safely when in place. You can even adjust the level of the bracket post-installation to ensure that is mounted straight.

Screws, concrete anchors, spacers, everything is included in the box to save you the hassle of finding these materials on your own. Overall, this stand might not have the largest feature set, but for a flat wall mount with great build quality and at a competitive price, I have to say it is a good buy none the less.

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