Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Mods

Samsung’s Note series offers phenomenal customization out of the box, thanks to Samsung’s numerous built-in apps for customizing your device. However, there are always things that could be made better, which is what the mod community focuses on. The Galaxy Note 9 has a great mod development community, so if you’re the lucky owner of a Galaxy Note 9, check out our list of the best mods for this awesome phone.

1. NiceLock Launcher for Pie

Nice Lock 2019

Samsung brought major updates to Good Lock 2019, their official lock screen customization app. It was made compatible with Android Pie, but the app is only available in a few regions for the official Galaxy Store. Currently, only users in South Korea, United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and the United Kingdom can officially download the app. While there are still methods to bypass the country restrictions, it’s a bit of a hassle, as you need to manually install the Good Lock 2019 APK, connect to a VPN for one of the mentioned countries, and download additional modules from the Galaxy Store.

NiceLock is an alternative launcher for the Good Lock 2019 modules, and it offers all of the existing Samsung Good Lock modules in an archive, for easy installation. It was developed by XDA user xantrk, and is available on both XDA forums and Google Play. However, if you download it through Google Play, you still need to grab the module pack from the XDA forums.

2. GxFonts


Getting custom fonts on the Samsung Note 9 can be a hassle, as you typically need to download fonts from the Galaxy Store, or manually install fonts in .TTF format. GxFonts is a font manager app which gives you access to the entire library of free Google fonts, and enables you to easily change between fonts on your Note 9.

It also manages any custom fonts you’ve transferred or downloaded on your Note 9, and the pro version can help you create custom fonts from existing font files.

3. Light Manager

Light Manager

If you want to customize the LED notification light on the front of your Galaxy Note 9, this app is a must have. You can set notifications for any app, in any color you want – even flashing multiple colors. You can also set LED light notification for various phone states, such as low battery, charging, no 4G signal, etc. Basically, you can adapt the LED notification to anything you want.

You can download the app from Google Play store, but we recommend reading the FAQ as well.

4. BixBye


There are a lot of methods for remapping Samsung’s native Bixby button on their devices, but BixBye was developed especially for Galaxy devices running Android Pie. It adds a lot of custom functionality to the Bixby button, such as long-pressing for the flashlight, Google Assistant, taking screenshots, and pretty much anything else you’d want to remap to the Bixby button.

BixBye also comes with a powerful Tasker plug-in, so you can create complex tasks if you like.

Firefds Kit

Firefds Kit

This is an Xposed module for customizing the Samsung framework. It comes in versions for Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and Pie – Galaxy Note 9 users will undoubtedly want the Pie version.

This app is quite powerful, as its specifically for modifying various things on the Samsung framework. With it you can do things such as adding additional power menu buttons, enable call recording, enable fingerprint unlock on reboot, enable/disable camera shutter sound, and numerous other things that are disabled by default within the Samsung system.

Installing this module is a little bit of an involved process, so we recommend reading the XDA thread for this mod. It’s definitely worth it though for Galaxy Note 9 users.

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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Mods

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