5 Best RGB Mouse Pads To Buy In 2021

Mousepads are hardly something that a lot of people take a keen interest in. However, that has changed in recent years. This mostly thanks to the rise of RGB in a lot of computer hardware. People care about the aesthetic value a lot these days, and we’re seeing setups improve by the day. Mousepads are also a part of the setup that can add infinitely more aesthetic value to the setup if you do choose to go for a stylish mousepad. With that said, a lot of the serious crowd still cares for performance over everything.

Mousepads are also very useful for providing your mouse the optimal surface. A smooth surface helps in giving your mouse the freedom and ease of movement to give you an edge in games. In multiplayer games, even the slightest advantage proves to be a game-changer. We know that having a quicker and more accurate mouse movement can prove to be an important factor. Still, it is hard for a lot of companies to strike a balance between aesthetics and performance.  Keeping that balance within a sufficient limit is integral.

All of these things are something you need to consider when buying a mousepad. So, for those of you who want that flashy RGB and performance at the same time, we tried to save you some trouble. With all of that out of the way, here are the five best RGB mousepads to buy in 2021.

1. SteelSeries QCK Prism

Solid Option


  • GameSense lighting
  • Dual texture or reversible surface
  • Good RGB
  • Cable does not get in the way


  • Expensive

253 Reviews

Dimensions: 14 inches x 11.5 inches x 0.3 inches | Software: SteelSeries Engine | Size: Medium | Surface: Dual textured surface | RGB Zones: 12

SteelSeries is one of the most renowned gaming equipment manufacturers in the world. Because of that, SteelSeries has made some outstanding products over the years that have cemented their position as one of the best. The SteelSeries QCK Prism is one of the first RGB mousepads to ever be released. The SteelSeries QCK Prism has some features which make it the best RGB mousepad in the market today. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this the best product in its category.

The SteelSeries QCK Prism is a dual surface or texture style mousepad. Hence, that gives it the ability to have two different types of surfaces that you can use. One side of the mousepad is hard polymer plastic which allows your mouse to glide across the pad with ease. The other side is of cloth which gives more accurate control of mouse movements. Utilizing both the sides is extremely easy as all you need to do to change the surface is flip the pad over. This is why this type of mousepad is also called reversible.

Then there is the RGB going all around the mousepad. There are a total of 12 different RGB zones in the QCK Prism mousepad. You can choose from millions of colors to get the best color combination for your setup. To make it even better there another feature in the RGB that SteelSeries call the GameSense lighting is present in the QCK Prism. With this feature, you can set up RGB light combinations that are in sync with multiple games such as DOTA, CSGO, etc. The RGB has different in-built combinations of when you are for example low on ammo or health in the game.

The positioning of the cable is also noteworthy for the SteelSeries QCK Prism mousepad. The cable connects to the mousepad on the side. This positioning ensures that the cable does not get in the way of your keyboard or mouse cable. It also ensures your table stays relatively cluster free since there will be no cables becoming tangled with each other. The only real downside of the SteelSeries QCK Prism is its price. This is an expensive mousepad, but it is also the best mousepad.

2. Razer Firefly V2

Vibrant and Colorful


  • Built in wire catch
  • A lot of RGB zones
  • Micro texture surface
  • Stylish


  • Wire is not detachable

3,859 Reviews

Dimensions: 14 inches x 10 inches x 0.1 inches | Software: Razer Synapse 3 | Size: Medium | Surface: Hard / micro textured | RGBZones: 19

Razer is an extremely common name for anyone who has ever taken an interest in the gaming world. They are one of the top companies whether you are looking for gaming-related computer hardware or even companies that are active in esports. Razer was one of the first companies in esports. Not to mention Razer has also made some of the most iconic and loved products over the years that have constantly kept them at their high standing in the gaming world.

The Razer Firefly V2 as you might have guessed from the name is the newer version of the original Razer Firefly. The Razer Firefly V2 is a medium-sized mousepad. It is however very thin at only 0.1 inches thick. Having such a thin mousepad can definitely give a higher level of comfort. Thick mousepads can prove to be uncomfortable for your wrist position after a couple of hours of usage. The Firefly V2 has the Razer logo on the top right corner. The Razer logo is also an RGB zone. The mousepad is filled with RGB. The Firefly V2 is the most RGB rich mousepad at 19 RGB zones in a single mousepad. This makes it a really vibrant addition to your setup.

An interesting feature of the Razer Firefly V2 is the built-in wire catch mechanism. At the point where the wire of the mousepad is attached, there is a wire catch mechanism for your mouse cable to be in a secure and locked position. This saves a lot of wire tangle hassle that you could potentially get yourself into. The Firefly V2 has a hard, micro-textured surface which the Razer boast is the optimal surface for accurate and fast-tracking of your mouse. This texture also aids in giving ease of movement to your mouse while maintaining a definite control on the accuracy of movement.

The wire that connects the mousepad to the computer or device is not detachable. That is a downside of the Firefly V2. The wire being undetachable means if the wire gets damaged you cannot get a new wire to connect your mousepad to the setup. All the RGB that is filled in the Firefly V2 becomes useless since there is no connection to the computer anymore. The undetachable wire is also more prone to being damaged when shifting setups. The Razer Firefly V2 is a very stylish mousepad, it is definitely very color rich and vibrant. Price-wise the Firefly V2 costs lesser than the SteelSeries QCK Prism.

3. HP Omen Outpost

Vibrant and Colorful


  • Wireless charging
  • USB passthrough
  • Reversible surface


  • Expensive
  • Reversible surface harder to utilize

153 Reviews

Dimensions: 13.6 inches x 13.5 inches x 0.4 inches | Software: Omen Command Center | Size: Medium | Surface: Dual texture or Reversible surface | RGB Zones: 2

Mousepads are a general part of any computer setup since you need a mousepad to use your mouse smoothly. HP is one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes to electronic equipment. They are not particularly known for their gaming product expertise. HP is better known for making appliances for professional use. In recent years, however, HP has released a gaming-oriented product line by the name of “Omen”. The HP Omen Outpost is an RGB mousepad. This is one of the more feature-rich mousepads that we have so far seen.

The HP Omen Outpost has an interesting shape as far as mousepads go. The previous mousepads we have seen are rectangular in shape while the HP Omen Outpost is almost a square. There are only a couple of RGB zones available in the Omen Outpost mousepad. A good feature of the Omen Outpost is the reversible surface. You get the ability to choose between two vastly different surfaces. One side of the mousepad is a hard surface while the other is a soft surface. The hard surface supports faster and free movement of the mouse across the mousepad which is very beneficial for fast-paced games that require instant reactions. While the soft surface is beneficial for players who prefer low DPI and more controlled and accurate movements.

The new feature that HP has brought in with the Omen Outpost is the Qi wireless charging capability. In the Omen Outpost mousepad, you get the capability for wireless charging of your devices. The charging is done on the top of the mousepad to the left of the RGB Omen logo. Furthermore, there is a small squarish logo which gives the place where the charging occurs. You can charge up your cell phone or wireless mouse by placing it at that part of the mouse pad once you have the Omen Outpost set up with your computer via the Omen Command Center software. The Omen Outpost also has USB passthrough capability.

The HP Omen Outpost definitely has a lot of bells and whistles going for it but they do come at a price. This is quite a bit expensive than the other top mousepads. The reversible surface is also a bit hard to utilize since the mousepad feels hard to flip over. Still, the Omen Outpost has a much lower RGB level than the other mousepads. What you are really paying so highly for is the wireless charging capability. If the wireless charging is big enough for you to fork over a bigger sum of money, then the Omen Outpost is the ideal mousepad.

4. Cooler Master MP750

Best Budget Pick


  • Spill resistant
  • On the fly controls
  • Affordable


  • Low on RGB
  • Stitching has some flaws

21 Reviews

Dimensions: 14.5 inches x 10.6 inches x 0.1 inches | Software: Cooler Master MasterPlus | Size: Medium | Surface: Soft | RGB Zones: 1

Cooler Master is another mammoth of the gaming world. While the name Cooler Master suggests they are focused on making products directed towards cooling purposes, they are not limited to those. Cooler Master makes a wide variety of computer hardware such as keyboards, mouse, audio related equipment, chairs, and of course a plethora of cooling related stuff ranging from AIO liquid coolers to fans. In the cooling department of computers, Cooler Master is definitely one of the best while in the other categories they are a strong competitor even if not at the top.

The Cooler Master MP750 is available in medium, large and extra-large sizes. Cooler Master has brought some top-level features and fit them all in an affordable price range with the MP750 mousepad. The surface of this mousepad is a soft, finely textured microscopic mesh as stated by Cooler Master. This surface has a water-resistant coating as well. This is a very noteworthy feature as often times we spill a drink or a glass of water onto the table and mousepad when using our computer.

The Cooler Master MP750 is definitely low on RGB. There is no denying that. Being low on RGB however, does not necessarily mean it is low on aesthetics. The all-black pad with a purple Cooler Master logo on the top right is not a bad look at all. Although, RGB enthusiasts will still want more than what the MP750 offers. Another flaw in the MP750 is in its stitching and finishing around the edges. The mousepad is slightly upward tilted. The stitching around the edges is visible in some places but the main issue is the stitching around the edges can prove to be a cause of discomfort. It may cause discomfort in the wrist area of users.

A very intuitive feature of the Cooler Master MP750 mousepad is the on the fly control button on the mousepad. With this button, you can switch between profiles without having to open the Cooler Master MasterPlus app at all. Once you have the profiles setup for different RGB modes and combinations, you can just switch between them via the on-the-fly control button. This is a very convenient feature. To top it off, this is a relatively low-price product, some minor design flaws will not be a major cause of concern when you are getting many more tops of the line features.

5. SteelSeries QCK Prism Cloth XL

Best Extended Size


  • Variety of RGB effects
  • Micro woven cloth
  • Easy to use software


  • Not reversible like the medium-sized version
  • Could be a bit taller

65,947 Reviews

Dimensions: 35 inches x 11.8 inches x 0.1 inches | Software: SteelSeries Engine 3 | Size: XL | Surface: Cloth | RGB Zones: 2

Here we see there is another product by SteelSeries in this list of the best RGB mousepads. This is not really a surprise given the reputation SteelSeries have as a computer equipment manufacturer. So, without further ado let us look into the SteelSeries QCK Prism Cloth XL size mousepad. First of all, it is worthwhile to note that this mousepad is available in several different size variants from medium size to 5XL size. With that in mind, we are currently looking into the XL size QCK Prism Cloth mousepad.

Even though the name is almost identical to the first pick in our list, this is a vastly different product. For starters, the QCK Prism Cloth XL mousepad does not have a reversible or dual-textured surface. The surface of the Prism Cloth XL is a soft, micro woven cloth with a rubber base. The micro woven cloth makes it a really good pad for both optical and laser sensor mice. The anti-slip rubber base makes sure the pad is kept in place. Still, there are a couple of minor flaws in the design and making of this product. The size could have been a bit taller to give more space and freedom to users. Also, the stitching seems to be visible in some places. This might become a cause for concern over time.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the QCK Prism Cloth XL is its vast array of RGB effects. So, the RGB on this mousepad can be used with the GameSense technology. You get lighting effects if the game you are playing is compatible with GameSense. For example, different effects when you are low on health or low on ammo. Then there is the Prism Sync app which allows you to sync the light modes and combinations of different SteelSeries Prism hardware in your setup. With Audio Visualiser you can have the lights beating to the music you are listening to. Even discord has some pretty slick options for lighting effects with the QCK Prism Cloth mousepad.

A big plus in the favor of the SteelSeries QCK Prism Cloth is the user-friendly experience that the SteelSeries Engine app gives its users. This is very simple and easy to use the app. Some top-level companies make mistakes in the software region by making the software more complicated than necessary. This is where SteelSeries have well. As far as price is concerned, the SteelSeries QCK Prism Cloth XL is around the same price range as the SteelSeries QCK Prism mousepad. This is the best you will get in an XL size mousepad.

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