Best RGB Gaming Desks To Buy In 2020 For Your Custom PC Build

In this new gaming era which we have entered over recent times, nothing is impossible. Newer and more innovative products keep appearing in the market at a rate that can be considered rather fast. Apparently, the general idea for many gamers over the world is that no matter what kind of setup you might have there is always room for some improvement and this is why manufacturers keep making new and more advanced tech to keep the user’s interest peaked.

Today we look at another area of RGB products, this time we have a look at RGB gaming desks. Yes, they exist and it should not come as surprise as we know-how for some reason there is RGB present in almost every kind of product imaginable. RGB is now the most sought-after and standard feature that any gamer-oriented product might have and so we have the creation of RGB desks. Today we try to look at some of the world’s finest RGB desks even though this is kind of a newer thing, there are still some quite cool products out there.

1. Eureka R1-S

Great Value

  • Cost Saver
  • Gear Rack
  • Extra holder and Features
  • Great ergonomics
  • CPU placing issue
  • no height adjustment

601 Reviews

Dimensions: 44.5 (W) x 24.1 (L) x 30.51 (H) | Cup Holder: Yes | Height Adjustment: Very Limited | Headphone holder: Yes | I/O Panel: No

The first product on our list of the Best RGB gaming desks out there is the Eureka R1-S. Now, this might come as a shock or a surprising entry, especially at the number one spot and your concerns are justifiable as this our preference when it comes to the very best. Eureka ergonomic is a company that excels at making some of the most ingenious ergonomic solutions for furniture of all kinds. They have their roots in the professional industry, workstation business, and even the gaming world. If you take interest in such groundbreaking ergonomic products you will find the work that Eureka has done to be absolutely brilliant. While they might not necessarily be a world-famous name in the gaming world, they sure did a good job with the RGB desk.

First things first we look at some of the apparent physical aspects of the desk itself. The desk measures at roughly about 44.5 inches in width, 24.1 inches in length or depth, and 30.51 inches in height. While these might seem adequate, keep in mind that 44.5-inch width is not the highest that some of the other desks are offering but it is still not too far off. Desks like these are not built very wide, but they are built with enough space for a multi-monitor setup. Space and Depth are more than good enough for most users but if you are the kind of person who wants the PC on top of your desk you might want to reconsider. This is due to 2 factors; one being the amount of space itself and the other being weight management. The desk is built to last for quite some time and the company speaks very highly of the materials used and the durability they offer. They claim about 200 lbs of weight is manageable by the desk but me being skeptical would never place my heavy PC case on the desk itself. Assembly of the desk is quite normal with the process of not being too hard for the normal person.

The surface of the desk is the main beauty part of the desk for us. It is made from very aesthetic carbon fiber which not only gives off a great texture but it also provides for an excellent surface to grip your peripherals and it looks really high end. We will talk about the main thing last because why not. The RGB of this desk is very attractive and it is vivid enough to be noticed very easily. The RGB lights run from the sides of the desks all the way down to the main side support frames of the desk. Speaking of support frames, a lot of work is done to ensure that proper stress management is possible with these frames. The base of the stand is adjustable to most uneven surfaces, which is an added bonus and we believe you cannot adjust the height of the product, which is a bummer. The RGB power USB cables run at the side of the desk so you can connect it with your PC for power. There are multiple holders and gear racks present which further increase the value of the product and there are wire vents as well for good cable management. The RGB controls for various different kinds of effects are built on the desk itself.

The reason we have the Eureka R1-S at the first spot on our list was simply down to simple factors; the manufacturers knew what they were doing, they knew what the customers wanted and they offered a very good price point for the purchaser. This is evident from the fact of how competitive the price is compared to competitors and the fact that they equip the desk with all the required features. Overall, this is a very well rounded product which should satisfy most of your inner gamer needs.

2. E-Win 2.0 Gaming Desk

Close Second Best

  • Very Solid
  • Larger than some other desks
  • Great RGB
  • Still Quite Costly for the RGB upgrade due to lack of some features
  • Lack of height customization

4 Reviews

Dimensions: 44.5 (W) x 24.1 (L) x 30.51 (H) | Cup Holder: Yes | Height Adjustment: Very Limited | Headphone holder: Yes | I/O Panel: No

The second product on our list is the E-WIN 2.0 gaming RGB desk. This was a product that saw a decent amount of success and many users wanted to know more about this product and its weaknesses. For those of you who are not really familiar with the company, E-Win is a company that makes products in furniture dedicated to gamers. Desks and Gaming chairs are their bread and butter and many famous pros and streamers have used their products before.

At first glance, you will notice that this product kind of looks similar to the Eureka R1-S and we will agree with you on that front. As a matter of fact, many users had the E-Win down as their best choice for gaming RGB desks. The E-Win 2.0 has a larger desk size as compared with the R1-S as it measures at about 48(W) x 26.8 (L) x 30 (H) which is bigger than the Eureka desk, but not by a significant margin. The main difference you can say between the two desks is that E-Win 2.0 is a far stronger desk. You can tell just by looking at the dense frame and side supports that this guy can hold weight much better than some of the other desks. The product comes in a similar finish to the R1-S with its top being fully carbon fiber finished and it always looks good and gives a fantastic grip for your keyboard, mouse, etc. The desk takes about 30 to 40 minutes to assemble for a normal person with the ability to manage to put stuff together. The installation procedure is quite simple.

The E-Win 2.0 gaming RGB desk has easy RGB controls located on its right side, you can use them to set the kind of RGB you want ranging from single color, to fade or rotation, you can even control the speed of the lighting effects. The RGB lighting goes from the sides of the desk all the way down from the support to the foot of the desk. The feet of the desk is auto-adjusting, which means they adjust to any surface on their own. There were some lacking features in this desk, such as no Headphone stand and there was also no gear rack but the cup holder was present. The last product we criticized for not having enough space for the PC, this time however we believe the size of the desk combined with the extra solid frame makes it possible to have the PC sit on top as a proper realistic measure. You will have to remove the banner which is connected between the two legs of the desk if you want to put your PC case underneath the desk otherwise it will protrude out a bit as the banner is on an angle.

The E-Win 2.0 is an excellent alternative for the Eureka R1-S, it has a better size and far greater solid structure but it also costs quite a bit higher than the R1-S. This would be great for people who value a sturdier product over a product with more features. There is not much to hate regarding this desk and we believe it’s a solid pick.

3. Aug 47 Gaming Style RGB Desk

Good Midcard Option

  • Affordable
  • Basic features and decent Size
  • Acceptable RGB
  • Availability concerns
  • Not enough information

388 Reviews

Dimensions: 47.2(W) x 24.4(L) x 29.5 (H) | Cup Holder: Yes | Height Adjustment: No | Headphone holder: Yes | I/O Panel: No

In the middle of our list, we find ourselves a product with a lot of middle ground and grey areas. The Aug 47” Gaming Desk appears to have most of what a gamer or purchaser of such a product might need, this is why we have decided to include it on our list for some of the best RGB Gaming Desks. It is also not surprising to see that many people have not heard about his product and there are also those who don’t really go to this product’s way.

At the first glance or instant this product will not look much different from the likes of the R1-S or the E-Win 2.0 and that is because the base idea of gaming desks does not change. What we don’t know is why companies opt to go for the same shape every single time and decide not to change things up a bit. Anyways the Aug 47” desk comes in a familiar shape with familiar dimensions and has a very standard finish of carbon fiber to add value and aesthetics. The desk measures at about 47.2(W) x 24.4(L) x 29.5 (H) this makes it wider than some desks but also shorter than some as well as it falls slightly under the basic 30-inch height standard. The finish and build of the product are good enough and good metal and aluminum are used in the base and frame of the desk.

The only real concern we had about this product was the fact that finding concrete information regarding this product is quite challenging for the normal purchaser or gamer so they will not feel comfortable going for such a product. Another issue was availability, due to the lack of demand for this desk, it is almost always out of stock on famous websites, and finding an in-stock product will be harder. Lastly, like most RGB gaming desks this one might not be suited to put your PC on top as well. This is due to the fact that if you run a multi-monitor setup, there just won’t be enough space and we are also a bit unsure about its sturdiness.

The Aug 47” is a product which shows great promise as it contains all the basic features need in a gaming desk such as the cup holder and headphone holder, its RGB is good and easily controllable and it looks good enough to rival some of the better desks. Finding it will be an issue and therefore its price will always be a variable.

4. COUGAR Mars

Premium Pick

  • Very Large
  • Excellent Quality Build
  • I/O ports and Adjustable Height
  • Very Expensive
  • No Holders or racks

23 Reviews

Dimensions: 60 (W) x 30 (L) x 33.5 (H max) inches | Cup Holder: No | Height Adjustment: Yes (about 100 mm) | Headphone holder: No | I/O Panel: 2 USB- A, Audio jacks, Power button, Reset button

At the second last place in our article, we have probably the most overkill and king-sized product in the gaming RGB desk department. Concerns of readers might be as to why do we not rate this product at the number 1 spot and that will be because it just costs way more than the rest of the options available to us. COUGAR is a company that has made significant inroads into the gaming community over the past few years and it continues to impress us with its new products. The COUGAR Mars 150 Gaming desk is one of a kind product that does not have any real equals.

The product looks absolutely stunning when it is assembled, note that the assembly time is not very high but it helps to have a friend to ease the process. This is easily the most aesthetic desk we have seen. The RGB lights are not overly done and are just enough to justify its exquisite design aspect. The finish on the top of the desk is of carbon fiber topping which makes it even more gold. The stands of the desk are easily the most sturdy stands in the market and they are built from solid heavy metal and to top it all off this is one of the very few desks which is actually height adjustable. The desk measures a whopping 60 (W) x 30 (L) x 33.5 (H max) in inches and this makes it big enough for literally any kind of use you can have.

The desk comes with I/O ports with support for 2x USB-A 3.0, Audio jacks, and Power/Reset buttons. This is an insane feature to add to a desk and this just makes it even more unique. The RGB of the desk can be controlled via Aura Sync or various other dedicated RGB control platforms of famous companies. The RGB lights are towards the desk which makes it look very futuristic when the lights are on.

Overall the COUGAR Mars desk is probably the best gaming desk if you are looking at the sheer size and features but it comes at a VERY hefty price which sort of makes it hard for us to rate it any higher. There are no cup holders, no headphone holders, and no gaming gear rack but you can easily set your PC up on this desk without any fear of the desk giving in. Space is plenty as you can have multi-monitors and your PC on the desk at the same time. The possibilities are quite high.

5. Thermaltake Level 20 Battlestation

Simplistic Design

  • Very large surface
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Good build and adequate features
  • Pricey
  • Extra features would have been nice to have given the price

13 Reviews

Dimensions: 65 (W) x 29.5 (L) x 43.3 (H max) inches | Cup Holder: No | Height Adjustment: Yes | Headphone holder: No | I/O Panel: None

We will conclude our list with our most expensive product, the Thermaltake Level 20 battlestation. Thermaltake is one of the more famous gamin product makers in the world today. They have their hooks in almost all kinds of products such as pc cases, keyboards, coolers, or RGB related products so it was no surprise seeing a dedicated gamer desk. Make no mistake; the battle station is a legit name for this desk.

The Thermaltake Level 20 gaming desk is one of a kind product in most aspects. The product is an absolute beast of a desk, as it is one of the highest-sized products on our list. The desk measures about 65 (W) x 29.5 (L) x 43.3 (H max) inches and has adjustable height. The cool thing about the product and the reason for its high price might just be its motorized height adjustment. You don’t have to manually adjust it, instead just use the controls on the right side of the desk to change the height levels. You can save up to 4 preferred height levels according to your liking or use.

The desk’s surface is actually just a massive mouse pad made by Thermaltake to add after you assemble the product. The RGB lighting is present on the edges of the mouse pad and this gives off a cool yet different kind of RGB as compared to other products. You have various built-in RGB modes and effects to choose from and alternate from according to your need. Lastly, the desk is extremely well built after you put it together. It has an extremely durable metal frame and there is also a horizontal beam going from one stand to the other for added stability. There are not many issues with the desk apart from maybe no holders, no cable vents, and a lack of extra features such as these.

Overall, the level 20 battlestation is a great pick for people who value things like the electric motor but apart from that we don’t really get the point of paying such a price for a gaming desk. The desk is solid and has no real innate weakness, but it just costs way too much.

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