Best Racing Wheels To Buy In 2021

Racing wheels are must-use products if you want to get into simulation racing games. Such games cannot be played by the use of a keyboard or even a gaming controller. Racing wheels due to their precise controls, not only offer a great driving experience but are also much more enjoyable than the controllers. In these products, the user can simulate the complete driving experience, at least with high-end products, and can use the accelerator, breaks, and of course, the wheel itself.

There are a lot of games nowadays that natively support racing wheels such as Gran-Turismo, Project Cars, and Dirt series. Such types of games are quite different than arcade-style racing games such as Need For Speed series and playing them without a racing wheel is almost impossible. Moreover, such racing wheels can also be coupled with these arcade-style games and they offer a much better experience in such titles too.

An important thing about the racing wheels is that you would require a good stand for using the racing wheel perfectly and the whole setup might cost you way more than a regular controller would do. However, there is no alternate option sometimes and we just have to buy the accessories to fulfill our dreams. In this article, we will look at some high-quality racing wheels from various manufacturers and see if we can find you a great companion.

1. Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Racing Wheel

For PS4 And PC


  • The force-feedback is quite strong
  • One of the best racing wheels for PlayStation platform
  • Offers highly-responsive controls


  • Gets quite hot in prolonged gaming sessions
  • The quality-control is not that great

1,866 Reviews

Compatibility: PS4/PS3/PC | Connectivity: USB | Weight: 3kg | Force Feedback: Yes | Rumble: Yes | Maximum Rotation Angle: 1080 degrees | Pedals: Yes

Thrustmaster is one of the most famous companies that design racing wheels and their products are none short of quality. Thrustmaster T300 RS GT racing wheel is one of their high-end racing wheels designed specifically for the PS4 platform and also works with PC. The package provides a base with the removable steering wheel and a set of three pedals, although the clutch-pedal feels a bit useless without the gear-stick. The wheel is quite similar to the wheel from the original T300 RS racing wheel, although it features a Gran-Turismo logo at the center instead of the PlayStation logo.

There are four basic buttons on the right side and four bigger buttons on the four corners along with a D-Pad on the left side, and this helps a lot as the user can use this wheel as a standard controller too. The pedals are of different sizes and one can feel the difference just by touching them with the feet.

We checked the performance of this racing wheel and we can proudly say that this wheel provides one of the best racing wheel experience, with balanced force-feedback and consistent pedals, and if you want to get a better experience, you should get the optional gear-stick, which will enable you to experience the proper simulation.

2. Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

For Xbox And PC


  • Provides smooth steering
  • Offers many extra buttons on the wheel


  • Feels a bit small for big hands
  • The mechanism feels quite loud
  • Pedals are a bit stiffer than other racing wheels

10,179 Reviews

Compatibility: Xbox One/PC | Connectivity: USB | Weight: 7.21kg | Force Feedback: Yes | Rumble: Yes | Maximum rotation angle: 900 degrees | Pedals: Yes

Logitech is a great rival of Thrustmaster and both of these companies have been releasing great racing wheels one after one. Logitech’s G27 was one of the most widely used racing wheels as it provided very accurate controls. Logitech G920 is quite similar to the G27 and is designed for Xbox One, although it works great with PC too. A similar version can be found for PS4 too, which goes by the name of G29. The wheel provides four buttons on the upper-right side while the four buttons are present on the lower-left and lower-right sides. This button placement feels a bit odd and might pose issues for people with small hands.

The wheel feels impressively smooth and offers a 900-degree rotation, which gives a similar feel to actual driving. The pedals are also very nicely built, although we noticed that the pedals are a bit stiff, especially the brake pedal feels drastically stiff for timely application. The force-feedback feels quite good and tries to provide the actual driving experience.

We recommend this racing wheel to anyone who is new to the simulation racing titles and this wheel is quite a masterpiece if the button layout works for you.

3. Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

High-End Wheel


  • Provides a premium-quality wheel
  • Offers a great level of customization


  • Does not come with pedals natively
  • The wheel upgrades are very expensive
  • Extremely pricey for the features

40 Reviews

Compatibility: PS4/PC | Connectivity: USB | Weight: 8.38kg | Force Feedback: Yes | Rumble: Yes | Maximum rotation angle: 1080 degrees | Pedals: No

Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel, as the name suggests, is a premium-quality racing wheel and is only used by professional gamers in simulation titles. The package includes only the base and the racing wheel, which is why it will cost you much more than the other wheels as the accessories such as pedals and gear-stick will add-up to the actual price. This racing wheel is designed for PS4 and the looks of the wheel are quite impressive and it is probably one of the most beautiful-looking wheels.

There are four buttons on the right side and there is a small stick on the left side along with four buttons. There are three more additional buttons on the right side and thanks to all these buttons, this wheel feels like a complete package for most of the games. Also, the grip of the wheel feels very premium and offers two types of material surfaces. The base of the wheel offers a lot of customization and a lot of additional accessories can be coupled with this setup, providing a supreme experience.

We believe that if you are entering professional gaming and want to get a great racing wheel no matter the cost, then this wheel will fulfill the needs very well as long as you couple it with high-quality pedals and a gear-stick.

4. Thrustmaster TX RW Leather Edition

Leather Feel


  • Leather gives much better feel than other materials
  • The pedals are of higher-quality than non-leather edition


  • Very few buttons on the wheel
  • No stick shift is included
  • Buggy detection

1,321 Reviews

Compatibility: Xbox One/PC | Connectivity: USB | Weight: 9kg | Force Feedback: Yes | Rumble: Yes | Maximum rotation angle: 900 degrees | Pedals: Yes

Here we are, with another model from Thrustmaster, the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition. As the name suggests, this wheel uses leather on the racing wheel, providing much better comfort levels, and feels a lot more realistic than other wheels. This racing wheel is designed to work with Xbox One/PC and it offers six buttons on the wheel along with a D-pad and a small stick. This layout provides much fewer buttons than the other one, which is why it will not be usable as a standard game controller.

The pedals on this racing wheel feel much better than other wheels and they provide a very smooth transition, which gives a  realistic feel. A great advantage of using Thrustmaster racing wheels is that they provide great ease in replacing the wheels and one can easily replace the wheel as per the needs. Pairing this racing wheel with a Thrustmaster gear-shifter resulted in an ultimate racing experience. We believe that if you are content with the low number of buttons, then this setup will please you a lot.

5. HORI Racing Wheel

Extremely Cheap Price


  • The wheel offers great experience in dirt-cheap price
  • The material is impressive despite having low price


  • The PC support is abysmal
  • The controls are not as precise as other racing wheels
  • The pedals are difficult to use

4,744 Reviews

Compatibility: Available in PS3/PS4/PC Or Xbox/PC | Connectivity: USB | Weight: ~2kg | Force Feedback: No | Rumble: No | Maximum rotation angle: 270 degrees | Pedals: Yes

Hori Racing Wheel is among those products that offer great services at a low cost. This wheel is surprisingly good for its cost and one can barely feel that it is a hundred-bucks product. The wheel does not seem cheap at all, although the material is mostly plastic. This racing wheel is available in both the PlayStation Style and the Xbox Style while both versions support PC, although working on PC is a bit difficult and feels problematic.

The wheel offers four basic controller buttons on the right side and the D-pad on the left side while there are a lot of buttons on the top. Moreover, this wheel provides two buttons on the grip area which are great in terms of accessibility and we liked the overall layout of the racing wheel. The rotation of the wheel is a bit disappointing as it does not provide even a single complete rotation but still, it gives a satisfactory experience after optimizing the sensitivity.

Apart from the wheel and the base, the package provides a set of two pedals. The pedals are satisfactory in terms of performance and they tend to slide out when fully pressed. Also, this wheel does not provide any force-feedback which is considered a premium feature.

Overall, this racing wheel provides great value and we think that this wheel can provide you with a pleasant experience if you are new to simulation gaming.

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