5 Best PS4 Multiplayer Games to Play in 2021

The PS4 has been around for quite a while now. Since 2013, we have had almost eight years to enjoy everything the PS4 has to offer. A lot of people were expecting to upgrade to a PS5. However, because of the current shortage, we know that’s not the case. A lot of people are still playing games on their PS4. So, you’ve played all the exclusives and you’re waiting on the PS5, what do you do?

While PlayStation has almost always been about the great exclusives, that’s not all it has to offer. Thanks to the huge player base, multiplayer games are also popular on the platform. The exclusives are great, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with friends or strangers online. Multiplayer games are not going anywhere anytime soon, as they always have that sense of community.

With that said, there are hundreds of thousands of multiplayer games out there. Trying to pick the best of the best isn’t exactly easy. Of course, personal preference comes into play here. With that said, we’ve put together quite a diverse list of the best multiplayer games on PS4.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V takes crazy to a whole new level. From a measly trailing mission to hijacking a plane in mid-air, the spectrum for variations is huge. But the multiplayer content that GTA V offers rapidly made the offline mode look pale in comparison.

For more action-oriented gameplay, players can gear up and join in on heists, be it with friends or solo. Tanks, airplanes, submarines, explosions, a variety of guns, and cops all queue up together to offer the most fun experience ever. And for a more relaxed experience, you can just play some music, hop in on a ride and go on a cruise. Running an illegal business, throw parties on a yacht, participate in races, flash your ride in car shows- GTA V has it all.

Grand Theft Auto V

But it doesn’t stop there. Rockstar Editor and Content Creator is an amazingly creative feature that people can use to create new missions. Players have utilized their creativity and imaginative skills to make phenomenal custom lobbies, races, and missions where everything plays out almost like a movie. This, and Rockstar giving out free new additions to their content is guaranteed to keep you on your toes and never bore you. The visuals, details to the tiniest things (and the radio stations) still serve as a strong foundation for the game even in 2021. Rockstar knows how to keep the players entertained and offers all the additional content for free.

This multitude of to-do things in this title is why it is immensely successful and explains why it is Rockstar’s primary source of revenue to this day. It doesn’t need to be said, but GTA V is the perfect example of a great online sandbox game.

2. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World is perhaps the most accessible entry in the series. A lot of things have been streamlined so that Western audiences can find the game easier to get into. Monster Hunter has infamously been complex and challenging, but that’s what makes it so popular. While things are quite different in Monster Hunter: World, the game does not lose its identity. It’s still the same series we know and love.

The name itself is self-explanatory, and monster hunting is all you do throughout this game. You can either play it solo or with three friends to create a team of four. The game will pit you and your friends against enormous, ruthless, and savage monsters. Think of monsters you’ve seen in movies, now make them even more absurd. That’s what you get in this game.

Monster Hunter: World

Needless to say, combat is as excellent here as it should be. If you are new to this series, you are going to pick up lightweight weapons and rush into monsters. However, you’ll quickly learn that getting used to the giant clunky weapons is more rewarding. You need to be deliberate and the time your attacks, dodge when needed, and parry some of the monster’s move. While it looks like a simple action game, it really is a thinking man’s hunting game.

Initially, the combat and gameplay can feel janky at times. With that said, that’s the nature of the beast and the way the game is built. It’s a small price to pay for a lot of enjoyment down the road. Once you get used to it, things just click. This game also has a lot of RPG elements to it. You need to level up your character, use perks, find the right weapons, armors, and spells, etc.

A great thing about this game is that it can be enjoyed both solos and with friends. We encourage playing with friends, as it’s more enjoyable that way. You’ll be able to perform combos, use your friends to bait a monster, perform combined attacks, and more. The thrill of coming up with strategies with your friends is what makes this an excellent multiplayer experience.

3. Rocket League

Rocket League, which could have just well ended up as a distraction from the bigger titles, has turned out to be an extremely addicting, eSports-worthy title. This straightforward idea with its amazing physics, kinetics, and visuals combined with aerial spins provides an overwhelming experience from a seemingly small title.

Rocket League’s compound mixture of football and cars support an “anyone can do” learning curve. Gas, boosts, jumps and a giant football is all that were needed that resulted in such a rich experience. The fact that this is just, simply put, cars and football can make anyone pick up the controller and give it a go. But it is so much more than that and that becomes evident from your first game. You can jump to great heights, glide off in the air, angle and spin aerobically and boost up to deliver the final shot to secure the goal.

Rocket League

There is just so much strategy and tactics involved that what seems like an easy game at first glance, turns out to be an incredibly complex web of mechanics. The player’s customizable car connects beautifully and makes the controller feel like an extension to your arm. It is relatively quite easy to develop a feel for the mechanics of the game and proceed on to experiment with the navigation.

We could talk about the mechanics and gameplay all day. However, the best part about this game is when you’re messing around with friends. There are thousands of videos on Youtube that are just full of jokes, memes, and crazy stunts all happening in Rocket League. This is a part of the game that was unexpected, but something the community cherishes with all its heart.

Rocket League offers an experience away from the tactical and much focused driven games. Play this game offline at a couch party or connect to the internet and go in matches against the very best. This game’s perfect execution shows how passionate the devs are in nurturing it. Rocket League has surprised everyone by amassing a player base this big. So fire up your Play Station 4 and get in the lobby. Rocket League is sure to keep you engaged for a good amount of time.

4. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing is without a doubt the only kart racing game that can hold a candle to Mario Kart. Crash Bandicoot has been a beloved Sony icon for quite some time now. The mainline series is the best example of an enjoyable platformer. As you can imagine, Crash Team Racing is quite different. The PS1 and PS2 games were excellent and there’s a fair bit of nostalgia there.

So, we’re happy to report that the newest entry into this series is just as great if not better. The basic concept and gameplay still hold up in 2021. Surprisingly, there is quite a lot of new stuff to explore here too. This time around we have newer and better maps, more characters, and some new mechanics. Nitro-Fueled take everything great about the previous games and adds a modern touch to them. It feels like it belongs here in 2021.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

The actual racing and the controls are solid. Many people love this game because it still holds up in terms of the original controls. However, there’s a lot of skill needed if you are in it to win it. The Map design is quite good, but there’s little room to screw things up here. You need to memorize and predict the next area of the map quickly in order to win.

Power sliding and boosting are both mechanics that are just as fun as they sound. They are the key elements to winning in this game. Power sliding is aggressive here, and if you don’t control it, you’ll swerve off the track. A lot of visual cues will also help you determine when to slide. When you keep sliding, you put some energy into the boost bar. If you’re good at this you can get bigger boosts and get ahead of the pack.

Of course, there are a lot more powerups, obstacles, traps, and other fun stuff to uncover. Simply put, this is an excellent racing game. Finally, you don’t need to go out and buy a Nintendo to fully enjoy this genre. It’s here and better than ever on the PS4.

5. Risk Of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2 is a roguelike game that plays like a third-person shooter. There are a lot of games that fall into that genre, but Risk Of Rain 2 is by far the most popular one. It takes a departure from the original, which was a 2D game. The sequel is a 3D game, and while both have their charms, the one on this list is more accessible for a wider audience.

Risk Of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2 is definitely quite addicting. It’s one of those games that are just naturally hard to put down. You can play as one of many different characters available. Each character has a different set of unique abilities that gives them a different playstyle. I don’t say this quite often, but each character really does feel different from the other. You can draw comparisons sure, but every other character is an entirely new experience. This is an important element of the game’s experience, and it does it quite well.

You’ll also be fighting all different types of enemies. Some of them are easy to take down but will abuse you when they gather in large numbers. There are also some giant monsters in this game, which are quite challenging and put your skills to the test. However, the best part is by far the boss fights. These can get quite frustratingly hard, but once you’re finished you get a great sense of accomplishment.

In short, there’s not a lot I can tell you about the boss fights without spoiling it. So we’ll end it on this note: Risk of Rain 2 is the roguelike genre crafted to perfection. It takes everything great about a 3D roguelike game and brings into the perspective of a third-person shooter. The combination of this concept and the gameplay alone makes this a must-play for anyone. It supports local and online co-op as well, so there’s a lot of fun to be had here with friends.



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5 Best PS4 Multiplayer Games to Play in 2021

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