Best Power Supply Unit for gaming PCs in 2022

Putting together a high-end gaming PC is not easy. A lot of thought, decisions, and money goes into putting the perfect one. However, you can have the highest-end components out there, but what’s the point if they are not protected? Well, you can do just that with a premium power supply. A good power supply is a crucial part of any PC. The quality of a PSU decides the longevity of all of your other components.

With that said, it’s not as simple as installing the most expensive PSU you can find. You don’t want to get something that is overkill. On the flip side, you don’t want to skimp out either. You need a find a sweet spot between price, performance, and overall quality. Worry not, as were here to help with this guide. Here are the five best PSUs worth buying in 2022.

1. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200W

Best High End PSU


  • Silent fans
  • Less than 30 mV ripple noise
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty
  • Solid build quality


  • Suited only for those with very high demands

361 Reviews

Max Output: 1200W | Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 180 mm | Modular: Yes | Fan: Riing 14 RGB Fan

Thermaltake takes a step back from their 80 Plus Titanium DPS PSU units and gives us the Toughpower Grand. Along with having a less absurd price than the Titanium DPS, the Toughpower Grand goes all-in with not just the high-quality Japanese capacitors but the RGB lights as well. That’s right, Thermaltake seems to be going all out and has started to add RGB lights onto their PSUs as well. This unit has secured the top spot in our list but with a bit of a rocky ride.

With a grill-like design all over its side, this unit comes with a few extra buttons on its side as well. Along with the power switch, there is a button for RGB control and one for turning off fanless mode. This is a 150 x 86 x 180 mm PSU which shouldn’t have a lot of trouble fitting in your ATX sized case. Being the most pricy PSU on our list, we had some expectations and luckily, it met them. This is a fully modular unit so that means not having to deal with any pre-attached cables that you can’t manage properly. The provided cables do not come with cable capacitors so that should make cable management somewhat easier since cables tend to get a bit heavier.

Underneath the RGB flair, this PSU also features a new PCB layout with LLC integrated circuits for reduced ripple noise. For +12V, +5V, and +3.3V, the ripple noise remains less than 30mV. In all aspects, the Thermaltake Grand 1200W will exceed your expectations and you will easily be future-proofing yourself for any upgrades along the way. This PSU is 80 Plus Platinum Certified and it delivers up to 92% efficiency. The single rail 12V is good enough however if you’re going for a 1200W supply then you probably have very high demands. And for that, you can get higher Watts with multiple rails. The fan will turn on when the load reaches 40% and it is very silent. You ought to really appreciate that.

The Thermaltake Toughpower Grand does not come cheap but it guarantees results. Some might find the RGB to be a bit of an overkill and the fact that you can’t really sync it with anything else does not really hit the right mark. However, for those with very high demands and needs and who want to power up some of the beefiest rigs, the Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200W will be the perfect fit.

2. Corsair RM750X

Best 750W PSU


  • Fully modular
  • 100% Japanese 105C capacitors
  • Low noise fans
  • Cable capacitors for ripple suppression


  • No means for fan testing

10,881 Reviews

Max Output: 750W | Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 162mm | Modular: Yes | Fan: 135mm Rifle Bearing Fan

Corsair has their toes dipped in many different glasses of water and are continuously engaged in making products for all needs. New ones may not be familiar with it but Corsair is also one of the most reliable and trusted brands when it comes to power supplies. With a slimmer design, improved and silent fan, and modular cables all coming in with a rather friendly price tag? Sign us up.

RMX power supplies have always enjoyed their position for some time and Corsair’s RM750X is a prime example of why it is so. This 150 x 86 x 162mm and 3.55lbs PSU fits inside your case with a 140mm footprint inside. Making use of a 135mm Rifle Bearing Fan (NR135L), the cooling is not only fantastic but it is all silent too. Those looking for a silent yet powerful cooler should definitely not miss this one. Inside the box, you get 2 EPS connectors, 4 PCI-E 1x, 4 pin Molex connectors which should come in handy too along with some additional cables that you can use. This is a fully modular PSU so that significantly reduces cable clutter inside your casing and makes cable management easy.

The RM750X PSU shows excellent efficiency and load management results. At 50% load, the efficiency remains consistent by being close to 92%. And at full load, it drops to just 91% which you will simply love. The fan does not start to kick in until the load reaches about 300W and they’re quite silent for the most part. The fan is not ideal however, we believe that the noise can easily be masked over by other parts of your rig. Additionally, Corsair has made use of 100% Japanese 105C capacitors over both the primary and secondary stages. And not only that, the cables have cable capacitors incorporated in them which lead to some of the best ripple suppression we’ve seen.

Corsair has once again shown everyone why they’re so praised in the PSU industry. They’ve taken the much-liked RMX series of PSUs and improved upon it with the latest advancements. This fully modular PSU with its great efficiency, 105C capacitors, and safety mechanisms makes it truly the best. And if that’s not it, all of that comes with what we believe to be quite a friendly tag for everything it has to offer.

3. Seasonic FOCUS Plus 850

Best PSU for Multiple GPUs


  • Offers three different modes of fan operation
  • Very efficient design which helps save bill
  • Support for multi-GPU with 6 and 8 pin connectors


  • Gets a little hot when operating in high load

663 Reviews

Max Output: 850W | Dimensions: 140 x 150 x 86 mm | Modular: Yes | Fan: 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan

When choosing a power supply for your PC many people tend to go for the more well-known companies producing computer parts, such as Corsair and Thermaltake. But one hidden gem, Seasonic, makes only power supplies which means you are in safe hands with their products. Specializing in only PSU’s Seasonic products are well made and finished to give your PC all the power it needs.

The FOCUS plus 850W gold is one of the most renowned products of Seasonic, and that too for good reason. With a compact size of 140 x 150 x 86 mm, it can be easily integrated into any of your builds, that too with high power to output ratio. The fan technology used in this PSU is labeled hybrid silent fan control by Seasonic, which means that you have full manual control over the three modes, fanless, silent, and cooling. This option is pretty neat as it gives more longevity to your PSU fan with reduced noise. Another useful feature is that the FOCUS plus 850W gold is completely modular, allowing for better cable management while at the same time giving optimum output power quality.

This PSU is extremely efficient and saves you a lot on your bill by giving you 90% efficiency at 50% system load. Also, it is important to note that it drops down to 87% at 20% and 100% loads.

It is a bit pricey compared to other PSU’s but it comes with a 10-year warranty which should suffice for its price tag. With outstanding voltage regulation, voltage output, and active power factor correction it all favors a stable and long-lasting performance which will leave you more than satisfied. Another nifty feature is that it supports multi-GPU performance with the 6-pin and 8-pin PCI-E connectors.

Since Seasonic is dedicated wholly towards PSU’s it shows how much they have progressed in this department. With many useful features and that too with a 10-year warranty, the FOCUS plus 850W gold is one of the best and most efficient choices available on the market. If you don’t mind the heftier price and you want to run a heavy system, then this is the choice for you.

4. EVGA 500 BR

Best Budget PSU


  • 480W in its single +12V rail
  • Comes with black sleeved cables
  • Consistently good performance in medium-high bands


  • Sleeve bearing fan instead of fluid bearing
  • In high load fans and noise is high

2,894 Reviews

Max Output: 500W | Dimensions: 85mm x 150mm x 140mm | Modular: No | Fan: Silent 120mm Fan

EVGA already has a wide array of products in their portfolio and they added the BR series of PSUs to expand that even further. And with EVGA’s great track, their PSU did definitely hit the right marks for the intended audience. The EVGA 500 BR is not gonna take anyone by storm, but its consistency and good price-per-performance results will help it find its home in many budget systems.

Comparing to the modular and rather nicely designed PSUs mentioned above, the EVGA BR 500 might seem like a step-down. To be honest, it doesn’t really offer anything flashy however, it does have black-sleeved cables. For such a friendly price tag, black sleeved cables sure were something we praised because who wants those odd-looking yellow cables sticking out and ruining the aesthetics. This unit is an 85mm x 150mm x 140mm sized one which can be fit into ATX sized casings. One thing we really liked was that it came with a power supply tester. Plug the tester into the 24 pin power connector and it will verify whether your unit is working properly or not.

The 120mm fan that comes with this remains silent, for the most part. However, the noise can get a bit annoying when you’re consistently working in a high load. With the price cut comes a sleeve bearing on the 120mm fan which is what the mark has been set for budget PCs. What sets this PSU apart from other budget units is that its single 12V rail can provide 480W which can be used to drive your GPUs. So, with the EVGA 500 BR, you can still barely touch the marks of some high-end GPUs while still being able to maintain quite decent temperatures for this feat. Another good news with this unit is that it consistently promises an efficiency of more than 85% over a medium band of operations.

The EVGA 500 BR just might be the perfect budget PSU that many users might be looking for. Perhaps you’re looking to make a few improvements on that family computer and require a PSU to be able to support some other components. Well, the EVGA 500 BR with its relatively inexpensive price tag and quite remarkable performance can surely prove to be a decent choice.

5. Thermaltake Smart 500W 80+ White

Efficient Low End Option


  • Power factor correction rises when load increases
  • Ripple noise in acceptable levels for the price


  • Fans run quite rapidly
  • Noisy fans over high loads

16,875 Reviews

Max Output: 500W | Dimensions: 86 x 150 x 140 mm | Modular: No | Fan: Ultra Quiet 120mm Fan

Along with having some very expensive PSUs on their shelves, Thermaltake also has a bunch of budgeted ones. Thermaltake’s Smart PSU is an inexpensive take for those that need to run just the essentials for their PC. On one hand, your PSU is the one thing where you definitely can not risk any compromising. On the other, budgeted builders really can’t make use of a pricey PSU since not only will it not be going to proper use, it will be way too much of an overkill. So how does Thermaltake’s budgeted PSU fare when put to test?

The Smart 500W 80+ White PSU has a pretty standard build quality with no complaints really. The top section has metal grills through which you can see the 120mm fan. This PSU is a non-modular one so the cables come attached to the unit. Its single +12V rail outputs 500W. Since this PSU is modular, you may end up having a bit of a hard time with cable management with all the bulky cables. It comes with PCI-E, Molex, SATA, and all the ports you’ll require really. The Smart 500W 80+ White measures 86 x 150 x 140 mm and so, you shouldn’t really have a hard time fitting it inside your case. The fan does tend to get a little on the noisy side. So, if the silent operation is what you desire then this unit might not be able to deliver on that.

This PSU is for the budget builders however, the white rating is the lowest one to have. Now, don’t mistake that for believing that the Smart 500W 80+ can not amount to anything, rather it just can’t possibly compete with some stronger candidates. It is 80+ certified and Kaby Lake ready meaning it’s been optimized to work with Kaby Lake processors for maximum energy saving. With an efficiency of 87%, the Smart 500W is still a good choice. This PSU is okay for getting things done for not so complicated and demanding systems. There are deviancies in higher loads however, you probably should be looking for something else anyway if you have high wattage demands.

The Smart 500W 80+ PSU is certainly not for those who are looking to install high-end graphic cards and CPUs in their systems. Rather, it’s for those who’re looking to operate their PCs at acceptable levels with a medium-high load. And for all that, the Smart 500W by Thermaltake can actually be a rather good choice. Plus, the White tier of PSUs is already down in the lowest tier so there’s that too.

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