The 5 Best Nintendo Switch Grips You Can Buy In 2021

The Nintendo Switch was a surprise hit for both fans and Nintendo themselves. The company is known for making unique consoles, and unique games to go with them. As such, the Switch is probably the most interesting console of this generation. The main thing here is versatility. You can play both in portable mode and docked mode. However, it does have its issues, even if they are few.

One of the bigger of these issues is the fact that the switch feels a bit uncomfortable at times. It’s perfectly usable, but sometimes the joy-cons feel uncomfortable after long sessions. This is especially true in handheld mode. A good solution to this is finding a grip or grip case for the Switch. A lot of companies have played around with this idea, and we’ll be looking at a few here.

There are a lot of options to pick from here, as every manufacturer has its own approach. So, expect this list to be quite diverse. With all of that through, here are the best Switch grips worth buying in 2021.

1. Satisfye ZenGrip Pro

Best Of The Best


  • Superb comfort
  • Anti-scratch design
  • Premium fit and finish
  • Properly balances weight
  • Easy to remove


  • A bit on the bigger side

6,553 Reviews

Kickstand: No | Included Thumb Grips: Yes | Dimensions: 12.8 x 5.2 x 2.5 inches

The Satisfye Zengrip Pro standouts in the world of Nintendo Switch grip cases. The original Satisfye grip was launched shortly after the Day 1 Nintendo Switch. It has been an extremely popular option ever since then. 

The new ZenGrip Pro’s upgraded version is simple yet highly effective. It has toughly built silicone padding that helps slide your Switch right in without unease. Furthermore, protects your switch from bumps and scratches. It’s easy to scratch the switch while using a cheaper grip, but Satisfye planned for that ahead of time.

The Satisfye ZenGrip Pro’s rigid ergonomic design makes it suitable for a range of hand sizes. Especially if you have smaller hands. The grip equally balances the weight of the switch on both sides giving your fingers more breathing space and far more accuracy.

However, a big feature here is the offset handle on the right side. The right side of the grip extends a bit further. This way, your thumb rests comfortably on the right joystick. It takes away a lot of pressure from your palm and saves you from a sore thumb.

It is remarkably lightweight with its new and exclusive float technology. Unlike other grips, it also promises to prevent your switch from overheating too much. The rubber handles on the back of the grip also provide better support to your palms with exceedingly comfortable yet natural resting positions. 

Last but not least, the Satisfye grip also arrives with bonus thumb grips which add friction to the joystick but might be a bit bulky for our liking.

2. Orzly Comfort Grip Case

Convenient Design


  • Small yet comfortable
  • Simple to use
  • Shock absorbent material
  • Clean cutouts
  • Lots of color options


  • Won't work with the dock

4,244 Reviews

Kickstand: Yes | Included Thumb Grips: No | Dimensions: 9.92 x 4.25 x 1.42 inches

The Orzly Comfort grip case packs paddled handles on the back to provide ultra comfort and make your long hours of solo gaming sessions endurable and refreshing. The grip case provides its users with a firm hold, while not being too hard on their palms and fingers. 

You can place your hands naturally and not having to lean into the corners and buttons of the Switch. This grip case is made of a flexible rubber-like material that fits the Switch neatly and is also shock-absorbent.

It also arrives with carefully placed cut-outs to access most if not all the features of the Switch without removing the case. It functions as both a protective case and a comfortable grip at the same time. This extremely versatile nature is what makes this grip so popular.

The TPU material isn’t cheap either, which was a nice surprise. Usually, this material feels a bit rubbery, but the Orzly grip uses it in such a way that it feels good to the touch. The grip is a bit smaller than most on this list. This makes it incredibly convenient. You could toss the Switch into a big with this grip on there.

If you would like to play your Switch in the TV docking mode, you would have to remove the case to access that gaming mode. But, the removal process itself is relatively easy due to the flexible nature of the grip case.

The Orzly grip case has nine different colors for you to choose from to satisfy your pickiness in color. So, all things considered, this case is a sensible one to choose from in all of the grip cases being sold right now.

3. HyperX Charge Play Clutch For Nintendo Switch

Extremely Versatile


  • Sturdy kickstand
  • Robust materials
  • 6000mAh battery
  • Tabletop mode is great


  • A bit heavy
  • Expensive

321 Reviews

Kickstand: Yes | Included Thumb Grips: No | Dimensions: 10.78 x 4.35 x 1.57 inches

HyperX normally isn’t known for making console accessories. They are known for their great headsets and desktop peripherals, which are popular among PC gamers. However, they’re not one to shy away from things. Their attempt at a grip case is worth looking into.

The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch grip offers a thick grippy case to hold down by someone with large hands. It also doubles down as a portable battery for the Switch which can charge it reliably. The ChargePlay Clutch itself is a big grip making it fit easily into most hands.

The ChargePlay Clutch isn’t just a typical grip case and has many more advantages to it which set it apart. The most obvious one being that you carry a portable battery around with you. Apart from that, it even has a kickstand. The kickstand on the back of the Switch is quite cheap, but HyperX’s solution is elegant.

However, the battery power it provides is not enough to sustain or even fully replenish the Switch’s battery. It only provides two additional hours of gaming in your Switch’s battery life. Still, having even two hours of extra battery life is a luxury with the switch.

The HyperX ChargePlay’s versatility doesn’t end there as the stand itself is real sturdy and won’t tip over if bumped into. You can also utilize the clutch to experience a great tabletop gaming experience by taking off the grips.

Although the HyperX ChargePlay is priced significantly higher than any other grip case on this list. Still, it justifies its pricing with its uniqueness, versatility, extra battery, resolute kickstand, and interchangeable grips. But, due to its size, it does add quite a bit of weight making the switch a bit heavier. 

So, if you want a grip case to pull out all the stops then this particular grip case is ripe for the picking.

4. RDS Industries GoPlay Grip Stand

Officially Licensed


  • Very reputable brand
  • Small footprint
  • Included cleaning cloth


  • Could be more comfortable
  • Not the snuggest fit

1,842 Reviews

Kickstand: Yes | Included Thumb Grips: Yes | Dimensions: 10.98 x 5 x 2.01 inches

RDS industries have the advantage of offering products officially licensed by Nintendo. You’re bound to get quality for any purchase and that is no different for this grip case as well. The RDS Industries Gripstand provides an extraordinary comfort grip to fit your entire switch console as you play it.

The ergonomic design makes holding onto your switch a more pleasant experience. It makes it feel less like an obligation and lets you enjoy games comfortably. RDS industries made sure that this grip case remains portable. It is a bit smaller than the Satisfye or HyperX grip cases.

The uniform grips of the GoPlay case help to improve the gaming experience. It definitely feels better than holding the switch as is. The GripStand also acts as a viewing stand while playing with Joy-con controllers. On top of that, the kit also arrives with a packaged cleaning cloth for the switch.

The stand is quite interesting. It doesn’t incline too much so there’s isn’t much to adjust in terms of the angle. However, it can sit upright on its own. It’s a good way to show off your switch if you mainly use it in handheld mode.

It could be a bit more comfortable. We feel as though Satisfye still nails that aspect perfectly. The handles on both sides are a bit more rounded. This may come down to personal preference in the end.

The RDS Industries GoPlay is a reliable product, that’s for sure. We can wholeheartedly recommend it, and so does Nintendo for that matter.

5. PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grips

Budget Joy-Con Grip


  • Very affordable
  • Textured rear side
  • Space to rest fingers


  • Cheap materials
  • Plastic joy-con rails
  • Hefty feel

25,157 Reviews

Kickstand: No | Included Thumb Grips: No | Dimensions: 6.75 x 2.25 x 5 inches

Switch Pro controllers are quite expensive for the most part. In fact, sometimes you’re paying more than you would for an Xbox or PS4 controller. That’s a bit hard to digest for most people. This is why Nintendo includes a grip case in the box for the Joy-cons.

However, let’s say you pick up another set of joy-cons for some couch co-op. Another scenario could be that you lost the original comfort grips that came in the box. Well, Nintendo’s offering is a bit expensive for what it is. PowerA’s Joy-con Comfort grip might be a better option.

It’s a bit different compared to the Nintendo grip, so let’s quickly go over it. For starters, it has a rubberized palm grip for a better feel. The space between the Joy-cons is a bit wider, which a lot of people will prefer. This means that your hands won’t be cramped all the time.

The trigger area also gives you a place to rest your fingers. PowerA uses plastic grips here instead of metal. In terms of feel, it doesn’t feel bad, but you can notice the cheaper materials. Especially if we start to compare this to the official Nintendo grip.

Speaking of which, the actual Nintendo grip is a bit hard to find at times. So this might be your only option. It’s a decent option for the price, nonetheless.

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