The 5 Best Mousepads for CS:GO In 2021

In the past few years, gaming has transformed from a casual hobby into something else entirely. Streaming platforms have revolutionalized the gaming industry by taking it to new heights. Millions of players tune in to watch their favorite players play their favorite games. The most popular of these games is CS:GO with its crazy popularity drawing in new players every day. 

The most underrated and overlooked piece of equipment in a gaming setup is the mousepad. If you want your mouse to be fluid in movement and glide smoothly, a quality mousepad is essential. A great mousepad can instantly elevate your gaming skills as you can feel the difference in movement. 

Therefore, with first-person shooters, the mousepad helps to improve your accuracy. This also applies to CS: GO as one missed shot can cost you the win. So, keeping space and overall quality in mind, we have handpicked some of our favorite mousepads in 2021. 

1. Zowie Gear G-SR Gaming Mouse Pad

Best Overall


  • Large Surface
  • Stealthy Design
  • Stitched edges
  • Good amount of control
  • Won't move around a lot


  • Dirt shows easily on black surface

1,743 Reviews

Surface Type: Soft cloth | Dimensions: 18.9 x 15.7 x 0.14 inch | RGB Lighting: No

Zowie’s gaming products are custom made for shooter games. The reputation of these gaming products precedes even the game we’re talking about today. When we talk about professional gear in the CS community, Zowie comes to mind. The Zowie G-SR, in particular, is renowned greatly for its premium quality on a wide variety of surfaces. This mousepad is perfect for all types of mice and it fulfills its intended purpose neatly for each mouse. 

Although this mousepad is a bit thicker than others, it compensates for it with its smooth surface. The surface of the mousepad grants pin-point accuracy when aiming in shooters. It’s perfect for gamers who want to control overshooting in a fast-paced situation. This is because you can quickly stop moving the mice with this mousepad.

After testing the mousepad with multiple mice, and multiple sensors, you can say we’re quite impressed. It is easily apparent that any sensor will track quite well on this mousepad.

We recommend cleaning mousepads from time to time so it could last you for a long time. However, that may not be a major issue in the first place. We say this because of the stitched edges. Unlike cheaper mousepads, the edges won’t irritate your arm, as they are quite soft and comfortable. 

The grippy rubberized material means that the G-SR won’t slide around too much.

The Zowie G-SR is available in two sizes with both of them being quite large to grant more space to move the mouse. Some people may get discouraged by its thick size, but there’s not a major negative we can point out.

2. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface (Medium)

A Crowd Favorite


  • Tried and true performance
  • Micro-woven speed surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Unobtrusive design


  • Available in lots of styles
  • Poor packaging

65,767 Reviews

Surface Type: Soft cloth | Dimensions: 12.6 x 10.8 x 0.078 inch | RGB Lighting: No

SteelSeries QCK series has some of the best selling gaming mousepads. This is especially true among CS players. SteelSeries is practically a household name in the gaming industry and chances are most people are familiar with the brand. One of the most high-quality yet budget-friendly mousepads you can find is the SteelSeries QCK (medium). 

The QCK surface material makes the mouse glide much efficiently, with precise control on the mouse. The rubber base prevents the mouse to slide across the desk any further while you play. This mousepad ensures a quality yet enjoyable CS: GO gaming session.

The QCK series of gaming mousepads come in various sizes of small, medium, large, and XL size choices for you to pick from. Their bigger mousepads will provide ample space for mouse movement. This gives the player enough room to rest their arms and shoot the target steadily. SteelSeries also offers hard surface versions, but they are more expensive.

The QCK surface material makes the mouse glide much efficiently, with precise control on the mouse. The rubber base prevents the mouse to slide across the desk any further while you play. Its micro-woven surface is perfect for both low and high DPI gaming mice. Furthermore, the size and style are perfect for the average desk.

The mousepad although, a budget-oriented gaming product, provides incredible value with its price. The SteelSeries QCK also arrives in a high-end RGB version. The SteelSeries QCK prism adds a visual style to the setup to feel more premium.

3. Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB Mousepad

Best Design


  • Excellent RGB lighting
  • USB Passthrough
  • Hard grippy surface
  • Great for high sensitivity mice


  • Expensive
  • Frustrating software

30,510 Reviews

Surface Type: Hard | Dimensions: 13.8 x 10.2 x 0.2 inches | RGB Lighting: Yes

As far as RGB gaming mousepad models are concerned, there is very little competition for Corsair’s MM800 mouse pad. Few RGB mousepads stand out as much as the MM800. While the main attraction might the fancy design, there is so much more going on here.

If we want to talk about the main feature in more detail, the sides are bordered by LEDs. The illumination presented by the 15 led strips provides bright lighting, noticeable even in daylight. The LED’s light up by connecting the plugging the mousepad into a USB port. You even get a USB passthrough, which is a nice touch. 

This will allow you to set your lighting options to your liking by how bright you want to keep them. You can also choose to set the lights in different colors or be fixed on a particular color. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with Corsair’s buggy iCue software. An overhaul for this software is long overdue. 

Aside from the MM800’s fantastic RGB implementation, the surface finish is low-friction. This allows for quick movement of the mouse in high sensitivity volumes in shooters such as CS: GO. The hardened mousepad also has the perfect balance in control with its slick surface.

However, just note that hard mousepads require a lot of arm movement, rather than the wrist. If you’ve never used a hard mousepad in the past, it could take you a while to adapt to this.

Overall, this mousepad does not come cheap in comparison to the rest of the standard mousepads. But if you want your setup to have a visual and colorful edge to it, this mousepad is worthy of purchase.

4. Glorious Helios XL Hard Mousepad

Unbeatable Value


  • Shockingly thin surface
  • Great uniformity all around
  • Competitive pricing
  • Strong silicone adhesive base


  • Wears out mouse feet quickly
  • Not easily removable

544 Reviews

Surface Type: Hard | Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 0.019 inches | RGB Lighting: No

Glorious isn’t exactly the biggest manufacturer out there, at least in terms of employees. They are a tiny team compared to the gaming giants like Razer, Logitech, and even Corsair. However, they excel in making quality products at competitive pricing. They have garnered an almost cult-like following because of this.

The Glorious Helios Gaming mousepad is surprisingly simple in execution. Glorious uses a single textured sheet of polycarbonate material here. The mousepad is shockingly thin, but there’s a good reason behind this. The thick silicone base also has some adhesive applied to it. This means that once applied, this mousepad isn’t moving anywhere.

This truly is one of the very few “No-Slip” mousepads in the world. The texture is a delight to play on. It might feel a little smooth at first, but the hard texture plays a big role in the stopping speed. Performance is impressive and almost something else here. Unfortunately, the thick surface will wear out your mice’s feet quite quickly. It also has excellent uniformity across the entire surface.

Apart from that, the pricing is very competitive, as we’ve come to expect from Glorious. If you don’t mind the adhesive base, this is quite a compelling offer.

5. Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

Best Hard Surface


  • Incredibly accurate tracking
  • Low surface friction
  • Sturdy rigid base


  • Pricier than the competition
  • Wears out quite fast
  • Sharp edges might irritate some folks

2,145 Reviews

Surface Type: Hard | Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 0.019 inches | RGB Lighting: No

Logitech is a trusted brand that has soared straight to the top. With the type of reliability, Logitech is known to have in their products. You are guaranteed quality with most, if not all, of their products. The G440 mousepad is no different.

The Logitech G440 is an excellent gaming mousepad that is pure and simple. It would be difficult to find a better feeling hard surface for a lot of people. It’s surprising how well this mousepad still holds up among CS: GO players. Even though this mousepad is relatively older than the rest. 

The Logitech G440 has a lot of things to boast about. It has a slick yet smooth surface that makes the handling of the mouse very easy. The micro-texture material of the mousepad also balances control on the mouse. This helps the player in getting maximum accuracy. Unsurprisingly, it works incredibly well with Logitech mice that have high DPI sensors. 

The mousepad is also perfect for mouse space with its large size. So, you don’t have to worry about delaying your movements mid-session. One problem we ran into was with the sharp edges. They can end up irritating the wrist after a while. Still, the ample space provides quick fluid movement for the player. 

Unfortunately, the mousepad can wear out surprisingly quickly. Sure, the surface feels incredibly good, but you don’t want to replace mousepads all the time.

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