Best Mouse Bungees To Buy In 2021

Esports is all about performance and you don’t want an issue with any of your peripherals during your gaming session. That is why it is the utmost priority of any professional gamer to make sure that there is nothing wrong with their peripherals and they are working perfectly. A mouse bungee is a perfect device to take care of your mouse cord during gaming and prevents dragging or sticking and often gives the user the feeling of using a wireless mouse. It greatly increases the consistency of the mouse usage and provides better accuracy as the dragging cable causes issues.

Another advantage of using a mouse bungee is that the desktop looks much cleaner and provides a professional look. Some of the mouse bungees also offer other features such as USB ports so that the user can use the USB devices easily. Let’s have a look at the top mouse bungees being used by professional gamers.

1. BenQ Zowie Camade

Best Performance


  • The design is very simplistic and elementary
  • Adjustable arm length
  • Outclass Build Quality


  • Price does not justify features
  • The spring is somewhat stiff

2,070 Reviews

Material : Metal Spring | Weight : 7.8 oz (Gross) | USB Ports : N/A

BenQ Zowie is one of the most top-tier companies when it comes to Esports and their Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee is a simple product but still provides a very comfortable experience. It features a triangular design with two metal springs joined together at the end with a clip.

The length of the metal springs can be adjusted with the physical mechanism behind the bungee, thus provides very good comfort. The bungee also uses rubber feet so that it can stay firm on your desk, although its light-weight does not allow this very much. We found that it is one of the most comfortable bungees in the market and should be your top priority if you want a problem-free gaming experience.

2. Razer Mouse Bungee

Minimalist Design


  • Furnishes a pleasant shape
  • High-caliber metal spring
  • The glossy looks improve the overall aesthetics


  • Incompatible with some braided cords
  • The base of bungee could have been metal

901 Reviews

Material : Metal Spring | Weight : 3.8 oz | USB Ports : N/A

Razer is a well-known brand for its gamer-focused products and this bungee is also one of them. The bungee provides an elegant V-shape design with two long metal springs. It features a glossy look and the clip is made of hard plastic which is why it is incompatible with many thick braided cords.

Other than that, it is quite efficient in its working and there is an added weight at the base of the bungee which, along with the rubberized-feet, provides a smooth experience. Most of the razor products have RGB and also cost a lot while it is not the case with this bungee and it can be easily considered by low-end gamers.

3. Cougar Bunker RGB

Strong Mounting Force


  • Locks firmly to the surface
  • RGB lighting adds glamour to the bungee
  • Accommodates two USB ports


  • The bungee cannot hold thick cords
  • A slightly bigger size would have yielded much better results

117 Reviews

Material : Rubber | Weight : 3.7 oz | USB Ports : 2

Cougar Bunker RGB is probably the most versatile mouse bungee you would have ever seen as it has a lot of features. The most useful feature of this bungee is its suction mechanism which locks the bungee to the flat surface and the suction force is so powerful that it might lift your desk but it cannot be separated without unlocking it.

The RGB lighting looks fantastic and will give your setup a very nice look. Various RGB lighting styles can be used and this is done by the use of a button in front of the bungee. The bungee also supports two USB ports which, at times, can be very handy. We felt that the bungee provides a very solid build quality and unless you want to cheap out on the bungee, this product can fulfill all of your needs.

4. Cooler Master Storm Skorpion

Skorpion Look


  • Features a unique scorpion-like design
  • Can be disassembled providing portability
  • Weight at the base provides increased stability


  • Drags along with the mouse
  • Requires more space than other bungees

84 Reviews

Material : Rubber | Weight : 14.2 (Gross) | USB Ports : N/A

Cooler Master Storm Skorpion, as the name suggests, tries to imitate the shape of a scorpion for better stability and uses a tripod-like design. A special feature of this bungee is that it can be disassembled easily, which can be useful if you use the bungee at both your home and your workplace. The main body and legs of the bungee are made of plastic while the arm is completely made of rubber which allows the cord to be handled very efficiently.

During use, we noticed that there is a heavyweight at the center of the main body, which is why it is much better at staying firm. It also uses rubberized-feet but we observed that a medium force easily moved the bungee, which was a bit disappointing. You should only consider this product if you like the overall design of the bungee and you do not move around the mouse too much.

5. Enhance GX-B1 LED Mouse Bungee

Advance Looks


  • Furnishes a Sci-Fi look
  • Considerably handy with four USB ports


  • Does not provide stable functionality
  • The build quality feels inferior
  • The lighting of bungee is not enduring

311 Reviews

Material : Rubber | Weight : 7.2 oz (Gross) | USB Ports : 4

Enhance GX-B1 LED mouse bungee is a stunning product that provides Sci-Fi looks and will add a lot of beauty to your setup. The diffused lighting looks astonishing and the bungee is available in three colors. Along with the functionality of a bungee, it also provides four USB 2.0 ports (which could have been better by using USB 3.0 ports) and uses a braided cable. The arm of the bungee is made out of rubber and handles the cord nicely.

The build quality of the bungee is a bit disappointing as the main body feels very cheap and it is by no means a stable mouse bungee despite using non-slip pads. If you are looking for a mediocre-level bungee that provides dazzling looks and improves the aesthetics of your setup, then this product holds good value.

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