5 Best Microphone Stands You Can Buy In 2021

A microphone is an essential piece of equipment if you want to go on a stage or have to record in a studio. Unless you go on stage and want to keep storming around with a mic in your hand, a microphone stand becomes necessary.

A good quality microphone stand helps to boost your performance and recordings. Good placement and adjustment of the microphone stand’s height and positioning make or break your stage presence. Besides that, a microphone depends on the support it offers to enhance your performance.

A wide range of microphone stands exist in the market with various styles, shapes, and lengths for you to pick from. You must completely understand which mic stand would work best in which environment you want to place it. To help you pick out the best microphone stand, we’ve thoroughly researched and compiled a list to help you pick out the best one for you. So, without further delay, these are the best microphone stands available today.

1. Hercules MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand

Best Overall


  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight
  • Stable and secure
  • Can adjust height and angle easily
  • Quick release mic clip


  • A bit expensive

267 Reviews

Height: 42 to 92-inch | Weight: 2.6kg | Boom Arm length: 30.7-inch

We liked this microphone quite on the first impression. This particular microphone stand seems perfectly well rounded. The Hercules MS533B Hideaway Microphone stand doesn’t cut any corners with the convenience it provides. Not a whole lot can be said about the Hercules Microphone stand, except that it does its job extremely well.

The microphone stand can be adjusted fairly easily to your height and position. So, you can maintain your stance while you perform, which allows you to lift your performance to another standard. The microphone stand is 30.7 inches long but can be adjusted more easily in no time, thanks to the flexible range. The microphone stand’s height can be further stretched from anywhere between 42 to 94 inches.

The mic stand is also extremely well put together and reliable to perform in. It weighs in at 5.2 pounds and is pretty light to carry around. The mic stand is relatively stable. This makes sure it doesn’t fall off and embarrass you on stage. The mic stand is also extremely quick to set up, which allows the mic to slide in quickly. With this provided facility you can start to perform in a matter of seconds when you’re in a hurry.

All things described this mic stand covers all the bases necessary for a mic stand without difficulty. This makes it an ideal choice for you to pick even if this stand doesn’t come cheap.

2. Hola! Music HPS-101TB Microphone Stand

Best Value


  • Competitive price
  • Additional cable management
  • Stable standing position
  • Secure locking functionality
  • Sturdy build quality


  • Setup can take a while

3,688 Reviews

Height: 40 to 63-inch | Weight: 2.4kg | Boom Arm length: 27-inch

Hola Music has cultivated a highly praised reputation for themselves in the music lane. They’re known to manufacture quality musical instruments and have done exceptionally well for themselves in designing mic stands too.

Their popularity has been on a steadfast upward trajectory, as they seem to know how to market their products well to the customer. They’ve helped to make top-grade quality mic stands to fit a studio or stage setting alike. They also happen to manufacture the most cost-effective musical accessories. This almost declares it as a budget product without compromising any of its quality for the price. The mic stand offers maximum value for the price tag it bears.

As far as flexibility of the stand is concerned, it can be adjusted in a good position of your choice. The stands extend from 40 inches to a height of 63 inches. The legs and base of the microphone stand are rigid and stable with a secure locking system, that keeps it in one place. You don’t need any additional screws to lock it with this added facility.

Furthermore, it also arrives with two cable holders to provide support in cable management. Although, the stand is a bit heavy at about 10 pounds of weight it doesn’t detract from the mic stand’s quality. It further helps to make its base standing position more stable. This Mic stand is the perfect price as a value option for studios.

3. On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Mic Stand

Perfect For Tours


  • Great level of adjustment
  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for long tours
  • Removable arms


  • Ocassional stability issues
  • Mostly plastic build

3,042 Reviews

Height: 32 to 61.5-inch | Weight: 2.24kg | Boom Arm length: 30-inch

On-Stage is relatively quite popular and well known for its musical accessories. Most of their musical items are the go-to for most people, and this mic stand should be no different for you. The build quality of this mic stand is exceptional and it uses plastic legs that are fortunately reinforced by metal. It is reasonably lightweight too, weighing in at 5.15 pounds. You would have to position the mic stand well to make sure it is stable and level.

It is pretty easy to set up the mic stand too where you can fold the legs away to take it down as well. The stand’s legs of rubber help to soak in vibrations and not fall awkwardly. The easy setup of the stand makes this an ideal piece of equipment for touring purposes. The excellent build quality also attributes to the durability of the microphone stand and makes it hard to break.

The mic stand also comes with a removable boom arm you can attach which adds to its convenience. The only flaw it has that it struggles to be stable with much heavier microphones. But it seems that they recognize this flaw too and feature a midpoint clutch for the stand. This makes the adjustment process of the height and can be stable with the heaviest of microphones. With a cut clean finish and a sleek black design, this affordable mic stand deserves its spot on the list.

4. Ultimate Support Accordian Accessory (MC125)

Best Construction


  • Strong construction
  • Skate-style wheels
  • Doesn't move around at all
  • Serviceable parts


  • Expensive
  • Plastic boom lock
  • Low quality included tools

88 Reviews

Height: 51.5 to 82.75-inch | Weight: 15.8kg | Boom Arm length: 61-inch

This microphone happens to be the most premium one in the market as of now. It checks all the boxes required for a high-grade microphone stand with flying colors. The excellent quality mic stand has a lot to offer with its strong, rigid, and durable material that makes it practically unbreakable.

The heavy base of the microphone stand casts a large diameter to place it in while also having wheels around the legs. The wheels are of a skate-style and lock to also help secure its spot. The stand then not only becomes extremely stable once latched in one place but can also be moved across the stage. The stand’s feature makes it highly convenient as well too. The stand’s great stability is of a high priority in the design of the mic stand.

The stand is also pretty flexible as you could adjust the stand’s height from anywhere between 52 to 83 inches. The boom arm of the stand can also extend itself from 35 inches up to 61 inches. This makes it extremely capable of reaching you, without any difficulty. The mic stand weighs in at 35 pounds, not too heavy to carry around.

With its excellent build, the mic stand is pretty hard to break. But in the off chance, it does manage to break as all things can. The parts are replaceable, which is good to see from this sturdy mic stand.

As it covers all the requirements for a good mic stand, we should tell you that this mic stand is crazy-expensive. So costly that it might scare a few buyers off but, no doubt this is one of the best mic stands hands-down.

5. AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

Budget Pick


  • Decent construction
  • Long reach
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Unstable with heavy microphone
  • Could break with force
  • Non-removable boom

849 Reviews

Height: 37.2 to 63-inch | Weight: 2.3kg | Boom Arm length: 29-inch

Let’s say you don’t want to drop a ridiculous amount of cash on a mic stand. Well then, this AmazonBasics one is a great option. But with that said, the quality of this mic stand is no joke, far from it. The people behind AmazonBasics carefully assembled this mic stand with fairly decent materials that will do just fine.

The mic uses a tripod-like design which compliments it quite well with it made of steel and can be adjusted nicely. You could extend the height of the mic up to six feet to comfortably reach you. The mic stand itself is extremely lightweight too, and you could carry it around with yourself. But it becomes negative for the overall stability of the mic stand.

The mic stand will be relatively stable and hold its own against most microphones, but it won’t fair too well with heavier microphones. You would need to position and adjust it accordingly so, it doesn’t fall with heavy microphones. The mic stand arrives with two plastic clip-on cable holders to attach the mic cables.

For what you’re getting with this mic stand it’s safe to say it’s decent for the price. This makes it a good purchase and does a fair job at its cost.

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