Best Laptops For 3D Modeling, Rendering & Animation In 2021

Suffering from low performance when using laptops is a thing of the past and now we have access to high-end laptops. 3D Modelling does depend a lot on CPU and graphical processing, which is why using the latest graphics cards with hexa-core or octa-core processors seem vital. Intel’s 9th generation processors provide a huge improvement over the eighth generation while the same can be said about the RTX series by NVIDIA. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best laptops for 3D modelling, which will greatly enhance the efficiency of your workflow.

1. MSI WS65

Extreme Performance


  • Comes with one of the most powerful graphical cards
  • Also supports ECC RAMs
  • Quite thin for a mobile workstation


  • 60-Hz screen feels slightly sluggish
  • Very expensive

3 Reviews

Screen Size: 15.6-inch | CPU Support: Up to Intel Core i9-9980HK | RAM Support: 64 GB | Max GPU Support: NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 16 GB

MSI is a company which is specifically dedicated towards gamers and their products are considered by a lot of professionals. MSI WS65 is the company’s flagship mobile workstation, which is recently released and offers tons of high-end components. First of all, the design of this laptop is different from most of the mobile workstations and we have never seen a mobile workstation this slim, even from the MSI itself in the predecessor of this laptop. The thin bezels are a great improvement over the previous generation MSI laptops. A similar model (MSI WS75) is also available with a 17.3-inch screen but that laptop does not come with the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000, which is why this we have selected this laptop.

As for the specifications of the laptop are concerned, you can get the laptop with Intel Core i9-9980HK, which is the best mainstream mobile processor as of now. This laptop does not come with the Intel Xeon processors, although the 17.3-inch version does come with those processors. This means that you will not be able to use ECC RAM in this laptop. Speaking of RAM, there are two DIMM slots, which enable you to use a maximum of 64 GB of RAM. Since 3D modelling is greatly concerned about the graphical performance, rest assured, this laptop supports even the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000, which has a whopping 16 GB of GDDR6 VRAM and is quite the same as RTX 2080 Super when it comes to other parameters. Since this is a mobile graphics card, the core clocks of the graphics card are bound to be lower than the desktop version, although this is one of the best graphics cards for laptops when it comes to raw performance.

The laptop has a 15.6-inch IPS panel which is available with both 1080P resolution and 4K resolution, although the refresh rate is only 60 Hz, which is why you might feel odd if you are currently using a gaming laptop with a 120 Hz or 144 Hz screen. The 4K variant seems like a nice option if you want to have a lot of working space, although you will have to use scaling for most of the applications since the font gets very small. The laptop comes with a 4-cell 82 WHr battery, which is enough for most of the users. In fact, the bigger variant (MSI WS75) also comes with the same battery, so you are not losing anything here.

Overall, the capabilities of this laptop exceed most of the mobile workstations and with a weight of around 2 kg, this laptop does seem like a dream coming true, although the cost of this laptop surely makes it within the reach of wealthy people only.

2. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701

Slim Form Factor


  • One of the most stylish laptops of all times
  • Provides dual-functionality trackpad
  • 300 Hz display is just heavenly
  • Supports one of the best graphics cards


  • The processor could have been eight-core at this price

Screen Size: 17.3-inch | CPU Support: Intel Core i7-9750H | RAM Support: 48 GB | Max GPU Support: NVIDIA RTX 2080 8 GB

ASUS, unlike MSI, is a company which provides products having a broader spectrum. Their products target more than just gamers and that is why the company is considered by a lot of professionals. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701 is one of the most astounding laptops ever designed, providing extremely slim form factor, while not compromising on the performance by any means. The laptop is just around 18 mm thick, which is a huge accomplishment by the company. The panel of the laptop also has very thin bezels, providing an immersive experience.

When it comes to performance, this is one of the best mainstream laptops in the market. It comes with a hexa-core processor, Intel Core i7-9750H to be exact, which is great for most of the applications, although we would have liked it much more if the laptop would support an octa-core processor. The graphics card is quite powerful too and NVIDIA RTX 2080 is one of the best mainstream mobile graphics cards. One of the best things about the laptop is that it comes with a 300 Hz 1080P IPS display, which is never seen in a laptop before. Even the most powerful desktop screens provide a refresh rate of 240 Hz. This means that you will be getting an ultra-smooth experience with this laptop.

When it comes to RAM capacity, this laptop can provide up to 48 GB of RAM, which is enough for most users, although most of the high-end laptops are now providing 64 GB of RAM. It comes with a 4-cell 76 WHr battery, which is, again, not the best, although battery timing is not one of the deal-breaker things. The laptop also provides a dual-functionality trackpad, which can be used as a calculator as well; might serve as a nice addition to the industry standards.

All-in-all, the capabilities of this laptop are way more than most of the high-end laptops and this laptop can be considered instead of the first one as well.

3. Acer Predator Helios 700

Eye Candy


  • Beautiful RGB lighting
  • Overwhelming specifications
  • Awesome cooling performance


  • Looks don't feel professional
  • Quite bulky

30 Reviews

Screen Size: 17.3-inch | CPU Support: Up to Intel Core i7-9880HK | RAM Support: 32 GB | Max GPU Support: NVIDIA RTX 2080 8 GB

Acer is quite similar to ASUS when it comes to laptops and they are releasing tons of impressive laptops each year. Acer Predator Helios 700 is the company’s latest addition to the Helios series and it comes with some extremely powerful components. First of all, the size of the laptop is quite big, which might be a deal-breaker for some people but the specifications of the laptop seem to contribute to the form factor. The laptop comes with a beautiful RGB-lit keyboard whose keycaps can be exchanged as well. The cooling solution of this laptop outperforms most of the laptops in the market, as it provides five heat-pipes in combination with two fans.

As for the performance, you get one of the best mobile processors, the Intel Core i9-9980HK, along with NVIDIA RTX 2080 8 GB. This means that you will be able to carry high-end graphical operations without any burden. The screen of the laptop is quite good as well, providing 144 Hz refresh-rate, 17.3-inch screen size, and IPS technology. The laptop is available in the form of many variants and if you feel that the flagship variant is quite expensive, you can go for the lower-end ones, which come with the hexa-core processor and RTX 2070.

Conclusively, if you are not bothered by the looks of the laptop, this laptop can serve as an alternative to the previous mentions.

4. ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581

Dual-Screen Laptop


  • The secondary screen is quite useful
  • Offers a nice blend of performance and battery
  • Modern yet professional design


  • The secondary screen feels odd at first
  • Price seems a bit high

449 Reviews

Screen Size: 15.6-inch | CPU Support: Up to Intel Core i7-9980HK | RAM Support: 32 GB | Max GPU Support: NVIDIA RTX 2060

Here we are, with another ASUS product, the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo UX581. The reason for selecting this product is that this is one of the only laptops that come with two screens. Yes, this is one of the latest innovations in the laptop industry and this might get great attraction from customers, resulting in this being set as an industry standard for professional laptops. The design of the laptops feels very modern and offer optimizations for the cooling as well and despite this fact, the laptop’s design feels very professional. The second screen is called ScreenPad Plus and it greatly enhances the functionalities of various applications.

Coming towards the performance of the laptop, this laptop mainly focuses on the processor while the supported graphics card is not the best. It comes with an octa-core Intel Core i9-9980HK, which is a piece of great news for many people, although there is only one graphics card that comes with the laptop and that is NVIDIA RTX 2060. The performance of the RTX 2060 feels fine for various needs but this graphics card is considerably slower than the graphics cards like RTX 2070 or RTX 2080. The price of the laptop also feels a bit high, comparing to the features of the laptop and if you feel that the ScreenPad Plus will be a useful feature to you but you are unable to pay that much, then perhaps look at the sibling of this laptop here, the Zenbook Duo UX481, which is comparatively cheaper.

The battery timing of the laptop is around 7.5 hours, which seems amazing for such a high-end laptop. Turning off the secondary screen results in even higher timing. Speaking of the second screen, you might have to spend a couple of hours before you get friendly with this all-new feature.

Overall, this laptop can serve you greatly if your applications are more focused on the processing powers of the processor than the graphics card and if you can take advantage of the ScreenPad plus, you should definitely check it out.

5. Alienware M15

Premium Design


  • Mindblowing aesthetics
  • Available with low-end configurations as well


  • Could have provided 144 Hz
  • Big form factor

257 Reviews

Screen Size: 15.6-inch | CPU Support: Intel Core i7-8750H | RAM Support: 32 GB | Max GPU Support: NVIDIA GTX 1070 8 GB

Alienware is the sub-brand of DELL, which targets gamers and their products are considered very premium. Since gaming is a lot similar to 3D modelling, the Alienware laptops are great at 3D modelling and the Alienware M15 is a great product to look at. There is a newer version of the laptop as well, which comes with the latest 9th-generation processor and RTX-series graphics card, however, this version is a lot cheaper and is quite attractive for budget users. The design feels premium and the laptop gives a very solid feel, although the size of the laptop is pretty big.

The performance of the laptop is not as high as the previously mentioned laptops because the components used in this laptop are from the previous generation. The processor used is the Intel Core i7-8750H, a hexacore processor, which is close to 9th generation Core i7-9750H. The story is a lot different when it comes to the graphics card. The laptop comes with NVIDIA GTX 1070, which is quite slower than the RTX-series graphics cards, let alone the fact that it does not provide Ray Tracing and other Turing features. If your budget is low, you can even go with the lower-end configurations, i.e. with GTX 1060 6 GB, etc.

Although the laptop does not offer high-end specifications, it will fit the budget of many people and 60 Hz screen is not so bad when it comes to 3D modelling.

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