Best Laptop Sleeves In 2021: Keep your expensive PC safe

These days, a laptop is more of a necessity than a luxury. If you are someone who works on the go, a good laptop may very well be your best friend. You carry that device around with you while managing projects, presentations, writing up documents, and even when browsing the internet. Most likely you have some personal information stored away in there as well.

In that case, protecting your laptop is quite important. For example, you want to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. You’ll likely lose some of your data in the process. While cloud computing has made this a smaller problem than before, damaging your laptop isn’t exactly ideal. Buying a laptop sleeve is a good way to protect your laptop. It also provides some visual flair to your portable setup.

You can also carry around some extra accessories inside some sleeves, so that’s an added bonus. With all of that in mind, we’ve gathered some of the best laptop sleeves on the market. We tried to judge these based on value, protection, and style. Here are the best laptop sleeves in 2021.

1. Mosiso Laptop Sleeve

Best Overall


  • Perfect for MacBooks
  • Minimal and sleek design
  • Lots of color options
  • Available in different sizes


  • Water resistance isn't that great

37,133 Reviews

Size: 13inch (11-17inch options available) | Extra Pockets: 1 | Water Repellent: Yes

This particular laptop sleeve is designed to fit most 13-14 inch laptops. The polyester padding material keeps the laptop safe from scratches, shocks, and specks of dust. The sleeve is also water-resistant which provides your laptop with insurable safety from spills.

A simple zipper on top offers convenient access to what’s inside. The upper pocket upfront presents extra space for you to store headphones, notepads, smartphones, or a few cables.

In addition to the sleeve itself, it also comes with a wide range of color options attributing to its perks. These color options range from a standard grey to a pretty cute pink offering for the color-conscious.

The slim, sleek, and lightweight look the sleeve offers guarantees to provide the best protection from you carrying it around with your laptop inside. This makes it the perfect pick to take your laptop for outdoor travels. So all things considered, this particular laptop sleeve is worthy of your interest and an admirable investment.

2. Evecase Diamond Foam Laptop Sleeve

Best Value


  • Incredible Value
  • Rugged Exterior
  • Slim and lightweight


  • No extra storage space

4,492 Reviews

Size: 13-14inch | Extra Pockets: None | Water Repellent: Yes

This sleeve has the best protection to offer at the affordable price it’s paired with. The premium built diamond foam is padded neatly with neoprene material. This carefully built case provides reliable protection and durable shock absorption to the likes of ultrabooks.

The interior is heavenly soft and plush which treats the laptop gently. The interior’s subtle texture treats your laptop with care and manages it lightly. It also shields it from any scratches while keeping it clean and dust-free.

The modern slim build ensures to grant the thickness of the laptop with the utmost care for your daily use and needs. The top zipper gives easy access to take the product in and out easily with the soft interior smoothly gliding over the surface.

With the given minor drop and bump protection it offers, the sleeve is also splash resistant to a certain limit from spills and light rain weather conditions.

However, despite the premium protection of the diamond foam, you should protect it from sharp edges. It will hold up fine in the long run, but just remember that you can tear the material if you try. Therefore, be sure to keep that in mind and keep it safe from sharp edges.

3. ProCase 14-15inch Laptop Sleeve

Fantastic Design


  • Included carrying strap
  • Style and substance
  • Incredible overall quality
  • Small footprint


  • Not the most protective

29,460 Reviews

Size: 14-15.6inch | Extra Pockets: 1 | Water Repellent: Yes

Need something to show off and add more style when you’re carrying your laptop around? This particular sleeve fits that description perfectly to the point as it wins a lot of points for style.

The ProCase laptop sleeve is available in a variety of colors presenting different contrasting shades to add more style and uniqueness. This separates it from the rest of the products discussed in this list. That quality alone sets it apart from the others.

The double canvas exterior provides extensive protection to save it from damage that might befall it. Its simple yet elegant build comes equipped with a carrying handle for better portability. The thin and lightweight design makes it easier for you to fit it in a bag as it won’t take much space.

The water-repellent material is also a specialty as it will keep the laptops safe from moisture and spills. It should also protect your laptops from a few minor drops with the basic protection it offers in the affordable price range. But you might find the other picks on here might offer better safety as compared to this one.

Still relatively speaking it holds up well in the different aspects needed for a laptop sleeve good enough and we can assure you it won’t be a disappointment.

4. Nacuwa Hardshell Laptop Sleeve

Most Rugged


  • Extremely rugged
  • Strong build quality
  • Water resistant


  • Unattractive design
  • A bit heavy

2,479 Reviews

Size: 9-15inch | Extra Pockets: Storage area inside | Water Repellent: Yes

If you’re looking for protection to the max in your laptop sleeve, this one won’t disappoint. The EVA hardshell lined material of the exterior provides robust protection. The outer shell is also water-resistant so it will provide the utmost care to your laptop from less than ideal weather conditions.

The smooth material on the inside is gentle and saves your device scratches. You also get four storage compartments which can store different cables, charging adapters, and mouses to carry with you on travel. The wraparound zipper is sturdy and grants easy opening for what’s to be stored inside.

The design of the cover was styled to look rigid and durable along with a camouflage look. The Nacuwa hardshell is more affordable than other hardshell case contenders in the market.

However, one drawback this case comes with is that it can only fit slimmer laptops. Fitting thicker machines like a gaming laptop is out of the question. Hence, you have to make sure that your machine is of the appropriate size to fit in the sleeve.

While a hardshell case isn’t for everyone, we recommend it to people looking for that extra protection.

5. AmazonBasics 13.3 Laptop Sleeve

Budget Pick


  • Very affordable
  • Simple yet functional
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Bland design
  • Definitely not rugged
  • Average padding

79,054 Reviews

Size: 13inch | Extra Pockets: No | Water Repellent: No

AmazonBasics always provides options for those who don’t wanna spend too much. If you want to save money on a sleeve, this is a good budget option. You don’t sacrifice too much on quality, either.  This option from AmazonBasics ticks all of those expected boxes with flying colors.

The case itself is extremely simple with a zipper opening. An average padding material lines the exterior, while the interior feels soft. To be honest, this case isn’t the most durable option on this list. However, it certainly will hold up if you take care of your belongings.

The general look of the case makes it a worthy option for many situations like casual daily use or any work-related spots you might need to attend to. So, if you happen to keep things basic just like the name of the case implies this product is for the choosing.

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