Best Laptop Cooling Pads to Buy in 2021

Let me ask you an easy question. What is the biggest hurdle when you’re using your laptop/Tablet for a prolonged span of time? The most frequent answer is “overheating”. This menace has been troubling gaming enthusiasts and programmers alike.

Everyone is well aware of the hazards brought along with overheating such as; stuttering, thermal throttling which hampers the performance, crashing, system shut down, and potential damage to the components to name a few. Well, there is a simple solution to save you from this predicament. The laptop cooling pads. We have the 5 best cooling pads in the market lined up for you, have a look at our list.

1. HAVIT HV-F2056 laptop cooling pad

Great Value


  • Support for up to 17 inch laptops
  • Durable
  • Ultra-slim and portable size
  • Full 1 year manufacturer's warranty


  • Speed adjustment of fans not available

28,527 Reviews

Number of fans: 3 | Fan speed adjustment option: N/A | Laptop size compatibility: 15.6'-17' | Product weight: 1.5 lbs

Our list is opened with this top batter by Havit. Embodying a black sleek design that excels at easy handling with its lightweight and firm high-quality multi-directional metal mesh providing your laptop with a wear-resisting and a stable laptop carrying surface by keeping the laptop in place and directing the air around it more evenly. It can easily carry 15.6″-17″ Laptops.

It is armed with 3 large blue LED-lit 110mm fans that exhibit absolute silence while running, living up rightfully to the whisper quietness. After testing, these fans dropped the temperature of the laptop by 10 degrees Celsius during idle temp and dropped 4 degrees Celsius during a 10-minute benchmark test. It has two elevators to raise the platform to two different height levels, relieving you of back and neck pain by providing the ideal ergonomic environment.

This pad’s deft craftsmanship is further highlighted by an extra USB port to relieve the crowding of USB plugged devices, it comes with a cord (12 inches) that plugs into the USB port on your computer and the other end connects to a USB Port on the Fan. The fan has an extra USB port to replace the one it is using.

Now, don’t try to use the pass-through port for high-power devices like external drives; they won’t get enough power). The only downside of this cooler is that you can’t turn the LEDs off but it comes with an off/on switch for the pad as a whole. Otherwise, it is a surefire investment for your heated laptop and tablets like MacBook Pro, etc.

2. Tree New Bee laptop cooling pad

Lots Of Fans


  • Solid frame and mesh
  • Four 110 mm fans
  • Remarkable speed adjustment system for fans


  • Weak tilt-up pegs
  • No air venting on the sides

5,612 Reviews

Number of fans: 4 | Fan speed adjustment option: Yes | Laptop size compatibility: 15'-17' | Product weight: 1.6 lbs

This stylish beaut station 4 LED fans with a plastic cover and a sturdy metal mesh frame to ensure lightness and effective heat dissipation. It can hold 15″ to 17″ laptops easily but, let us warn the users of heavy laptops (9 pounds or above), those heavy builds might be a little too much for the inserted anti-skid arms. You can adjust your laptop at an optimal viewpoint with its tilt-up adjustment pegs.

The sweetest spot of this pad, the four 110 mm fans, can be fine-tuned by two separate speed controllers giving you the best balance between silence and performance. One controls the two left fans and the other controls the two right fans. Of course, they’ve made sure to suppress the fan noise to minimal levels, you won’t hear them unless you’re a bat.

The light dims and brightens with the speed of the fan, it cannot be controlled separately, however, you can turn off some fans as necessary. With all fans running at full speed, it draws just a shy of 5 extra watts over your laptop’s regular idle draw.

Taking a look at the rear side, there are two USB ports and two aforementioned controller dials for the fans. Just turn one dial off to shut the lower pair of fans off and vice versa.

It comes with a 60 cm USB cable, a braided cord is a nice touch, and having the USB pass-through integrated into the rear is better than ones that are included as a part of the cable head, consequently, having them sticking out the side of your USB port.

We ran our laptops on this cooler and it effectively piped down the temperature to 5-10 degree C down at load levels. In summary, it is a solid bang for your buck to breeze your laptop through gaming, streaming, and extensive programming sessions.

3. TopMate cooling pad

Efficient Cooling Pad


  • Useful digital display panel
  • Extremely high-speed fans
  • Various combinations and speed-files
  • 4 adjustable angles


  • Size limitation of only up to 15.6

8,446 Reviews

Number of fans: 5 | Fan speed adjustment option: Yes | Laptop size compatibility: 15.6' | Product weight: 2.2 lbs

Interestingly, as we tread down the list, the number of fans is increasing in numbers. Meet TopMate cooling pad which wields five high-speed fans (2500 RPM). They are arranged in a peculiar pattern of one large fan (120 mm) at the center surrounded by 4 smaller (65 mm) fans.

The blue LED will keep running with fans unless you turn them off along with the fans. The brighter the light is, the faster the speed will be. Things only get better from here with; single fan, 4 fan, and 5 fan versions of the work pattern with six files of wind speed adjustment.

Moving on to an additional perk that comes with this pad, a small display screen, and a control panel, the screen displays information about various statuses and the control panel buttons let you switch between different modes. You can explore a wide range of flexibility as this pad is adjustable in four different height angles before the 5th flat position. There is a hinged flap that you can flip up to keep the laptop from sliding down towards you. Compared to previous pads, it is rather small supporting only up to 15.6″ laptops.

It comes with a built-in dual USB hub and a 75 cm USB cable. This laptop cooling pad is conveniently powered by the USB port on your computer, with no power adapter needed. The design feels weird because it is a mix of plastic and metal grating, but feels sturdy enough.

If you don’t prop it up at least 1 botch, it seems like the airflow is not as good. Note: This pad is not exactly rectangular it has some upper points that actually flair out and that makes the widest width measurement 14.5″ and the highest top to bottom measurement 11.75″. As a result of our tests, it remarkably dragged down the temperatures by 10 degrees. All-in-all if you don’t care about the bulk of your cooling solution, this is a solid bet for you.

4. HAVIT HV-F2068 laptop cooling pad

Customizable Cooling Pad


  • Adjustable fan speeds
  • Roller switch
  • Large size


  • No air vents available on the sides

4,532 Reviews

Number of fans: 5 | Fan speed adjustment option: Yes | Laptop size compatibility: 14'-17' | Product weight: 1.8 lbs

These are the 5 fanned counterparts for our HAVIT cooling pad. It follows a similar fan pattern as the TopMate cooling pad of one central 110 mm fan (1000 RPM) and four 85 mm fans (1500 RPM) armed with bright red LEDs devoid of a separate on/off switch.

These are extremely quiet with their LED light’s brightness corresponding to their speed. Moreover, they’ve acquired a convenient roller switch and two USB ports, one is a USB passthrough which means it won’t support heavy-duty USB devices like external drives.

It embodies an excellent ergonomic design with two legs to tilt it up and big non-slip baffles. All these components are well-made and durable. It has a high-quality metal mesh grid which precludes any plastic-ish and cheap look for ample heat dissipation and lightness. It supports laptops from 14″-17″ sizes.

The only thing we have to pick a bone with this cooling pad is its fan air vents which are located only on the bottom surface and directly in line with the fans, so they are easily blocked if you try to use this on your lap. Other than that, you are guaranteed to get the cooling declining your system’s temperatures by 10 degrees C from this pad.

Interestingly, there is a little space underneath the fan where you can store the included USB cable, which is especially convenient for those looking to travel with this particular cooler. The packaged cable is a USB to USB connection.

Type C connection devices need to prepare a Type C to a USB adapter. Lastly, it has a reassuring manufacturer’s warranty policy of 30-day Money Back Guarantee & Full 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty & Free Lifetime Technical Support. The popularity of the 3-fan HAVIT cooling pad will not vitiate this cooler’s worth unless you’re looking to save extra 5 bucks.  

5. TeckNet laptop cooling pad

Cheap Cooling Pad


  • Side venting for the fans available
  • LED indicator at the back
  • Anti-skid rubber rim


  • Only 2 fans
  • No fan speed adjustment options available

7,910 Reviews

Number of fans: 2 | Fan speed adjustment option: N/A | Laptop size compatibility: 15'-16' | Product weight: 1.76 lbs

People who are fond of using their laptops placed right on their laps while sitting on their couches or beds are in for a treat. Technet cooling pad has effectively addressed the negatives by previous pads without air vents only on the sides. This pad draws air from the bottom as well as its side with its dual intake vents. And its curved shape means you can use your laptop on both hard and soft surfaces without worrying about cutting off the computer’s air supply.

The bottom is solid and has an air gap that leaves your lap and it doesn’t try to suck up hot pillow air if you set it on a pillow. Another appealing feature brought to the table by this pad is its raised rubber rim instead of plastic ski-stopper, this is pretty remarkable from TeckNet.

It has no tilt-up setup, however, it has an angled top that positions your laptop in the ideal spot for typing. On the other hand, it has only two 110 mm blue LED fans running without any speed adjustment option available. the LED indicator at the rear helps to confirm the cooler is active. 

It supports various laptop sizes from 12 to 16 inches, such as Apple Macbook Pro, Air, HP, Alienware, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, etc 17′ laptops tend to overhang from the sides but that is a minor concern.

This pad has dual-USB ports contemporary to the rest of the list. Warm tip: in case the fans start emitting sounds after a few months of use, look for the dust or hair accumulated on the blades of its fans and remove them for its whisper-quiet performance. We consider this to be a very acceptable cooling pad for the money.

Picking up an ideal cooling pad without having a hands-on look can be a dicey task. We understand your concern and undertake thorough research on each product to bring you a quick, yet thorough review of the best items just a click away from you.

Bill Wilson
Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.