Best Laptop Backpacks To Buy In 2021

So, backpacks are definitely quite convenient. We doubt we need to list the reasons as to why that is. However, the everyday carry of the average person is increasing all the time. Because of this, we have various styles of backpacks available. We’re talking about laptop backpacks today. However, we have the luxury of choice on our hands. That may sound like a good thing, but deciding on the right one for you is not an easy choice.

It’s not easy finding an objective “best” laptop bag for yourself. A lot of it comes down to subjectiveness and personal preferences. However, we are trying to keep things diverse here. So, we are including various styles and designs in this guide. Here are some of our favorite laptop backpacks in 2021.

1. Incase Icon Pack

Highly Durable


  • Variety of compartments for storage
  • Long-lasting Durable material
  • Gender Neutral Colors


  • Shoulder strap does not contain enough padding
  • Not waterproof

435 Reviews

Dimensions: 19inches x 13inches x 9inches (L x W x H) | Weight: 2.8 lbs | Material: 840D ballistic nylon | Colors: Black,Red,Navy Blue, Gray, Bronze, Anthracite, Deep Red

Incase has always been known for offering amazing versatility and organizational capacity in its backpacks and that is the reason I am including this one at Number 1. The incase Icon is packed with compartments including two protective and side-access partitions that will easily fit a 15inch Laptop and a tablet respectively. The backpack, featuring over 14 different pockets can store all your tech-toys including cameras, hard drives, cables, and then some. It also allows fitting in a pair of gym shoes or clothes. The main compartment is capable of storing full folders or any flat objects for added convenience.

While the backpack looks and feels absolutely durable, it is not waterproof so don’t forget to keep its insides while it is pouring outside. The padding along the rear can/should have been a bit burlier (just saying), but it’s adjustable for better ergonomic support.

The small zip-up pocket up top comes with soft material inside, ideal to put in your smartphones or watch without the fear of any scratches. The medium-sized pocket on the side is perfectly suitable for small to medium-sized tablets, the iPad Pro 12.9 inch though maybe a bit too tall.

So, if you want an all-rounder backpack that’s neither funky nor a style statement and is good for average commuters on a day-to-day basis. This is an ideal bet for you. Get ready to spend 100+ dollars though.

2. Herschel Supply Company Retreat

Classical Backpack Design


  • Coated Polyester material
  • Adequate padding at the bottom
  • Metal clasps ensure secure locks


  • No small pockets or compartments
  • Not weather resistant for the price point

4,040 Reviews

Dimensions: 17inches(H) x 12inches(W) x 5.75 inches(D) | Weight: 1 lb 11 oz | Material: 100% polyester | Colors: N/A

Herschel has always been known for its unique style and chic factor in its accessories.  The Retreat is no exception to their unique design language and did not have to work hard to impress me. Being an avid user of Herschel Supply Co products, I was immediately taken aback by its minimalistic design and top-quality coated polyester. The bag is spacious enough to carry your laptop as well as some other goodies alongside. It may not be heavy on the number of compartments or pockets, but it does the job of storing your laptop Pc well. Available in different color variety makes it ideal for more people who are always in search of colors other than black or grey or white.

The bottom of the backpack is adequately padded so the stuff inside does not get damaged when you set your bag down unknowingly quickly. The Laptop sleeve is huge and holds the laptop snuggly keeping it separate from the other stuff you are carrying in your backpack. The big flap on top provides adequate protection to your stuff and if that isn’t enough, the metal clasps ensure a tight fit by fastening the hatches to keep your stuff safe from outside elements.

The Retreat, just like its design, stands at a unique price point where it has sizes above and below, offering more or lesser features but it all comes down to your needs. Go for this one if you need a minimalistic design and if you are not a heavy carrier.

3. ASUS ROG NOMAD V2 Backpack

Gaming-Oriented Design


  • Huge size means plenty of compartments
  • Quality materials
  • Built to keep your laptop safe for a long time


  • Huge Size means heavier to carry for longer periods of time
  • No charging or power ports even at this price point

77 Reviews

Dimensions: 37.5(L) x 20 (W) x 54 (H) cm | Weight: 3.53 lbs | Material: 1680D Ballistic nylon, rubber | Colors: Black

While some of us like to carry our small 13-inch laptops everywhere we go, there are people with 17-inch gaming laptops who want to take it where ever they go. And as promised that there would be something for everyone here, I bring you the ASUS ROG Nomad that is one hunk of a backpack designed to carry a giant laptop and plenty of stuff along with it.

The ROG Nomad is specifically designed for the ASUS G750 series and everyone knows how big and bulky those are, hence the Nomad is the one to do justice for its safe and secure transport anywhere.  The sturdy build quality and giant size allow it to hold laptops of up to 17 inches, keyboard, mouse, controllers, tablet, a pair of extra clothing, and a few munchies perhaps. That is a lot for a backpack, and so is its price.

Although you can get a similar backpack with a lesser price than this, it is more for the Brand name you are paying for and quite rightly so. The Nomad offers plenty of storage with a variety of organizational pockets to keep all your big and small items right at your fingertips. With all of that storage options, it wouldn’t be termed as a work bag rather a weekend trip companion or a gaming night party.

With its sturdy form factor and solid build quality it can take much more than a bump and a hit, it is ideal to take it on a hiking trip or long travel. All in all, it’s a costly pick, yet one that can see you through many needy times, times where you want to bring more stuff to the party

4. Solo Duane Laptop Hybrid Case

Briefcase Design


  • Dual purpose Part briefcase
  • Comfortable handgrips and padded shoulder straps
  • Warranty of 5 years


  • Lacks water resistance
  • Comes in only grey color

1,517 Reviews

Dimensions: 12.5inches x 17inches x 5inches | Weight: 2.1 lbs | Material: Polyester | Colors: Grey

Is it a backpack or is it a messenger bag? That is the first dilemma you will face when you first lay your eyes on the Solo Laptop Hybrid case. Well, let me clear your confusion straight away. IT IS BOTH. This briefcase can double into a backpack or from a backpack to a briefcase in seconds owing to the presence of both, shoulder straps as well as dual straps. Regardless of how you use it, you do not lose any functionality, neither do you lose your style.

It may not be the toughest out there but it doesn’t skimp on protection either. It offers extra padding for 360-degree protection of any laptop up to 15.6” in size. A secondary compartment can hold your tablet for up to 10 inches, this section also comes with a zipper pocket to accompany your tablet with any charging cables plugs, or other small accessories you may want to take.

The Solo packs enough storage to get you through your day or even a long weekend countryside trip. Convert from backpack to briefcase seamlessly without losing any functionality an especially those quick-gesture, easily accessible small pockets that hold your most frequent accessories. The dual shoulder straps can be hidden at will to give it a seamless briefcase appearance and taken out from the hideaway to be used as a backpack. Regardless of how you use it, the extra padding on all the straps ensures extra comfort and keeps away the strain which you would otherwise get from long periods of carrying the bag. The carry handles contain magnets to be snapped in one place for a convenient grip.

The Solo has been placed at number 4 in my list due to its price tag and the fact that this dual shift may or may not be a necessary requirement, in a bag, for every single person who carries a laptop around. Nonetheless, you can take this backpack anywhere, even to the places where you don’t need a backpack

5. The Booq Cobra Squeeze

Lots Of Storage


  • Plenty of Storage options despite a smaller form factor
  • Dedicated Terralinq serial Number for lost bag recovery
  • Waterproof exterior keeps any vapors from going inside


  • The price tag may not be as pretty as the bag itself
  • Curvy design may be a trade-off for storage

31 Reviews

Dimensions: 16.9 inches x 11.8 inches x 6.3 inches (430mm x 300mm x 160mm) | Weight: 2.4 lbs | Material: Cotton/PET blend (exterior), Polyester (Interior) | Colors: Grey, Graphite

I must admit I never thought I would say this for a backpack but man this backpack has got some curves. The curved design requires a little tradeoff when it comes to storage but more than makes up for it with its stylish unique look, (if looks are important for you).

The storage might not be as much as you would like it to have, but it adds a bunch of extra features that make up for that lost space, (just looking at the bright side). The Booq Cobra offers water resistance so your laptop is safe to carry when it’s pouring. It features YKK zippers that offer long-lasting durability so you do not break or lose them after a few weeks of use only.

One nifty little feature that the shoulder straps sport is the inward padding that hugs the shoulders as compared to the straight straps that just lay there. The side compartments on either side are large as compared to other bags. I would say it closely resembles our first contender, the Incase Icon. If you are turned off by the bulkiness of the Icon, Booq Cobra can be your next choice that contains pockets galore and a shape to die for.

Just as much you cannot rest it on a flat surface, it rests more comfortably on the shoulders without digging into the neck. Lack of a waist belt might be a put-off to carry heavier loads. None the less the Cobra packs too many of these nifty little tricks up its sleeves, more than I would care to list here, but keep in mind, that higher price tag, is all worth it.

Bill Wilson
Bill is a certified Microsoft Professional providing assistance to over 500 remotely connected employees and managing Windows 2008 to 2016 servers.