Best Kids’ Headphones In 2021: Colorful Picks For Your Children

As we get older, a lot of starts to have hearing issues when we cross the 30-year mark. You’d be surprised by how common that is, especially among the current generation of adults. Most kids and even toddlers have much better hearing than adults. This is because their ears aren’t used to loud sounds, and they haven’t been exposed to long periods of noise.

Unfortunately, this means that their ears are much more sensitive than ours. This is why if you’re looking for kids’ headphones, volume limitation is important. A lot of these headphones tend to be under the 85dB range, so be on the lookout for that if you’re worried about protecting your child’s ears.

Apart from that, durability is a strong concern, as kids tend to bring things more easily. Cost is also important since you don’t want to buy an expensive pair and have your child break them. We’ll be factoring all of that into this roundup of the best kids headphones in 2021.

1. Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth Headphones

Best Overall


  • Premium construction
  • Styish design
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Passive noise isolation works well


  • A bit pricey

2,012 Reviews

Headphone Type: On-Ear | Volume Limit: Yes (85dB) | Connection Type: Wired/Wireless | Battery Life: 18 hours

We’re starting off the list with a pair of headphones that are relatively high end, but still not expensive enough to be a ridiculous buy for kids. The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth Headphones are the most premium kids headphones on the market. If you really want to treat your child with an exceptional Bluetooth pair, this is the one.

The BT2200 are designed with kids in mind, but they still retain their style. The volume range is limited at 85dB, which is recommended for kids. This is baked into the headphones, so there’s no messing around in the app. Battery life is also quite good. You can easily get 18 hours of music playback with these. A wired connection is also optional.

They are built quite well and come in a variety of colors. The blue color almost makes it look like a regular pair of headphones you’d see an adult wearing while walking down the street. With silver accents along with the earcups, the tactile buttons, and great padding all around, these are comfortable and stylish. There also passive noise cancellation, which blocks out 82% of background noise.

Long story short, these are the absolute best headphones you can buy for your child. The only issue could be the price.

2. ONANOFF BuddyPhones Wave Headphones

Most Rugged


  • Robust build quality
  • Water-resistance
  • 4 volume presets
  • Long battery life


  • Cheap 3.5mm cable

264 Reviews

Headphone Type: On-Ear | Volume Limit: Yes (4 presets) | Connection Type: Wired/Wireless | Battery Life: 20 hours

Let’s face it, kids tend to break things a lot. I know a lot of people are skeptical of buying headphones for their children just because of that alone. It’s a bit frustrating to buy a loving kid for your child and have them break it in a day. So if durability is your concern, the ONANOFF BuddyPhones Wave are the best headphones in that department.

These headphones have 4 volume settings of 75, 85, 94 decibels, and StudyMode. This means you can change these settings depending on your kid’s age or usage. The StudyMode helps by enhancing spoken audio, like a teacher speaking in a lesson to make listening easier for longer sessions. This mode also blocks out a lot of outside noise.

Adjustment is quite easy, and there is a lot of it over here. They will fit any age from toddlers all the way up to ages 12 and up. The hinge has a plastic circle around it to avoid fingers getting caught in there. Hypoallergenic padding in the headband prevents irritation and also prevents allergic reactions. The headphone jack has a lock feature, so it’s hard to break.

Other than that, they have a 30ft Bluetooth range, and IP67 rated water-resistance. That’s the best part about these headphones and makes them even more durable than they already are.

Apart from that, they come in 4 beautiful styles for kids. The only con is the included cable, which can feel cheap. But these work best wirelessly, anyway.

3. Jlab Audio Jbuddies Studio Bluetooth Headphones

The Best Value


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Eye catching design
  • Great build quality


  • Short battery life
  • Flimsy cable

1,503 Reviews

Headphone Type: Over Ear | Volume Limit: Yes (85dB) | Connection Type: Wired/Wireless | Battery Life: 13 hours

Next up, we have a budget option that works especially well for older kids. They also sound incredible and considering the price they have a tonne of value. This pair isn’t dirt cheap, mind you, but the overall quality makes these the best value you can find in kids’ headphones.

Jlab Audio has done a great job of making these headphones look cool for older kids. They don’t look childish or cheap in any way. Personally, I am a big fan of the grey and blue color scheme they have going on. There is also a gray/purple option if that tickles your fancy. Even as an adult, I doubt anyone would bat an eye if I wore this pair every day.

Build quality is mostly plastic, but not the cheap kind. The ear cushions are easy to adjust, and they feel amazing. No complaints in regards to comfort. The left earcup has the power button and volume buttons. They sound incredible for kids’ headphones with a lot of clarity. Don’t worry, they never go past 85dB.

The battery falls a bit short of the 13-hour claim, but you can still get at least a regular day of usage out of these. Apart from that, the included 3.5mm cable has some issues and might fail over time. Thankfully, it’s easy to replace.

4. JBL JR 300BT

For The Young Audiophile


  • Crystal clear audio performance
  • Unique design
  • Safe sound technology


  • Quality control issues
  • Short battery life

155 Reviews

Headphone Type: On-Ear | Volume Limit: Yes(85dB) | Connection Type: Wired/Wireless | Battery Life: 12 hours

If sound quality is your main concern, you can’t go wrong with the JBL JR 300BT Kids headphones. JBL is known for making great audio, and their first foray into the world of kids headphones is a decent attempt. These could be great for the kids who have a knack for detailed music.

The JR 300BT comes in a variety of different colors and they look very eye-catching. The one we’re looking at here has teal/green tint to it, with purple ear cushions, and an orange headband. Definitely quite funky, but a lot of kids will like the adorable look. You can get them in red, plain black, pink, and much more.

JBL has included its safe sound technology, which is their term for sound limitation. Like many other headphones for kids, these limit the volume range to 85dB so there is no damage caused to the ears. JBL claims 12 hours of battery life, but in reality, it’s actually only about 5-6 hours of real-world usage. Not the best, but still okay enough for kids.

Sound quality is exceptional, and you should expect nothing less from JBL. They sound clear and all the frequencies are distinguished. If your child has a taste for high-quality music, this is a great buy. Unfortunately, there have been some quality control issues with their first run, so that could be something to look out for.

5. LilGadgets Untangled Pro

Form Over Function


  • Great audio quality
  • Quite comfortable


  • Build quality needs improvement
  • Sound leakage

4,856 Reviews

Headphone Type: On-Ear | Volume Limit: Yes (85dB) | Connection Type: Wired/Wireless | Battery Life: 12 hours

The LilGadgets Untangled Pro Kids Headphones earn the fourth spot on our list. As you can probably guess from the name, these are wireless Bluetooth headphones, and they work quite well.  They also sound great for the price, but maybe a bit too loud for some parents.

This pair didn’t leave me impressed with its build quality or design. They are high quality still, and the ear cushions and headband has a lot of padding. From a cosmetic standpoint, the mesh look around the headband looks a bit strange. However, comfort is exceptional and they have a very light clamping force.

The padding around the ear cushions doesn’t feel like it will withstand the test of time. But these headphones do make up for all of those issues with how great they sound. They are loud, clear, and crisp. They also use just one button for power/pairing. Battery life is also great with up to 12 hours of music playback.

Overall, they work quite well and sound incredible. They do leak sound quite a bit, so that could be a problem in public. If you have an older kid and don’t care about the volume limit, your child will love these for the sound quality.

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