Best Keyboard Wrist Rest To Buy In 2021

Typing for hours and using keyboards are both a part of life for many people these days. Of course, all of that is a given since most of us work from our computers/laptops. So, whether it’s in the office, at home, or in a coffee shop, being comfortable is important. You can’t quite get a lot of work done when you’re uncomfortable. The most common issue is fatigue while typing. This pain usually begins in the wrist and palm regions.

Therefore, desperate times call for desperate measures so, to avoid any sort of long-termed repercussions for sticking to the keyboard a lot, wrist rest pads are your first go-to peripherals for keyboards. Here are some of the best-picked ones for you so that you get on with choosing the best wrist pad for your needs.

1. HyperX Wrist Rest

Cool Gel Wrist Rest


  • Cool Gel-infused Memory Foam
  • Textured rubber underside
  • Anti-Fray Stitching
  • Anti-stain fabric


  • Shorter than other third-party wrist rests

5,892 Reviews

Material: Fabric | Size: Full | Interior: Foam with Cooling Gel | Compatibility: Full-Size Keyboards | Weight: 317g

HyperX Wrist Rest offers a pretty minimalistic yet elegant-looking design as it features a textured dark fabric that can add to the rugged outlook while maintaining the sturdy grip that you would expect from it. The textured fabric is also designed to prevent any sort of cosmetic damages to the item as it is an anti-stain concept which means that any stain that could potentially harm the pad can now be wiped away in an instant to ensure durability. The rubber underside has been textured with impressive precision as it allows the pad to be slip-resistant even during vigorous wrist movements.

The edges feature anti-fray red-hued stitching which prevents the pad from fraying and also improves the overview of the item as the red and black theme sum up to a pretty neat appearance while maintaining the HyperX persona with its sharp text inscribed on the pad. The performance is equally impressive as the build quality as it boasts HyperX’s Cool Gel Memory Foam technology which consists of a layer of cooling gel that surrounds a memory foam on the interior side. The gel functions to keep your wrists cool under variable temperatures to exterminate any itching or discomfort.

Whereas the size of the pad is ideal for all sorts of full-sized keyboards, there might still be a variation in the overall dimensions of the product as it is slightly shorter than other conventional third-party wrist rests. However, this can also prove useful for someone who is running low on space but considering the extensive nature of full-sized keyboards, this would still suffice for any full-sized keyboard within its defined form factor.

This can prove to be an ideal buy to opt for if you are looking for the perfect keyboard resting companion considering its price and functionality.

2. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

Lightweight Wrist Rest


  • Dual lock anti-fray stitched theme
  • Hand washable
  • Non-skid rubber base
  • Multiple thickness variants available
  • Ultra Lightweight


  • Medium firmness

4,662 Reviews

Material: Cloth | Size: Full | Interior: Foam | Compatibility: Full-Size Mechanical Keyboards | Weight: 90g

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad stands in the second place just after HyperX and it is definitely as glorious as the name might suggest as it features a cloth textured layout along with a sturdy abrasive feel in the hand. This not only adds a premium feel to the item but also ensures that this can be the best companion to go for in terms of top-notch gaming performance through a keyboard that requires fluid movements and more importantly some support to base that fluidity upon.

This includes a dual lock anti-fray stitched feature which uses two locking mechanisms to ensure anti-fraying stitches and long-lasting durability throughout the years to come. The build material of the wrist rest includes a material that is washable by hand and this also enforces a waterproof property upon it, so no need for stress in case of any drops or spills because you can immediately wipe them off. The base includes a conventional non-skid rubber base which enhances the grip of the pad to prevent slipping.

Another special factor that separates the Glorious Gaming wrist rest is that it comes with multiple variants, with the only prominent difference being the thickness, the slim one measures 13mm and the regular one goes all the way to 25mm. The slim profile is ideal if you are not using a mechanical keyboard or if you prefer to let your wrist hover above the keyboard a bit and the regular one can improve your output if you are more inclined to type at a specific angle or wish to keep your wrist from swaying.

This wrist rest can be your next keyboard companion when considering its durability and well-built promising quality that makes it stand out from the crowd.

3. Redragon P023 Wrist Rest Pad Support for Keyboards

Best Value Wrist Rest


  • Memory foam with true wrist fit
  • Pressure point relief
  • Washable with waterproof coating to prevent stains
  • Silicon textured grip for added firmness


  • For compact keyboards only

672 Reviews

Material: Silicon Textured Surface | Size: Compact | Interior: Foam | Compatibility: Tenkeyless Keyboards | Weight: 136g

Redragon has been underway to make its way among the top gaming brands globally and it has been successful so far with its impressive range of gaming solutions. The P023 Wrist Rest is no exception in this case as it boasts a memory foam with a true wrist fit. It relieves pressure points with its ergonomic design which can add to your level of comfort during extensive usage.

It also comes packed with the added convenience of being washable so restoring it to its former glory is just a wash away and it will be like brand new without any dirt or stains. The build quality of the washable fabric is also given a waterproof coating so that any sort of external stains or the remnants of your snacks can be wiped away with ease. The bottom of the rest is lined with a silicone grip to reinforce the firmness of the pad so that it does not shake during placement and motion.

Along with a very decent form factor and weight, it is also built to last you a long time but a downside would be its shorter length as it is only intended to be used with compact or tenkeyless keyboards which can make it a bit tricky for you if you possess a full-size keyboard.

Nonetheless, it is a well-balanced pad when partnered with your keyboard and does not disappoint as far as the make and comfort are concerned.

4. Aelfox Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest

Ortho-shaped Wrist Rest


  • Medical memory foam
  • Rubbery base with slow rising thickness
  • Wrist rest for keyboards along with gaming mice
  • Minimalistic design


  • Foam is sensitive to temperature

2,780 Reviews

Material: Fabric | Size: Full | Interior: Foam | Compatibility: Full-Size Keyboards | Weight: 340g

Aelfox Memory Foam Wrist Rest comes with medical memory foam and this does not mean that it’s only associated with wrist disoriented patients but the plus point of this pad is that not only can it help the individuals already struggling with these issues but also promote prevention for the users so that they can pursue a healthy keyboard experience.

The foam’s well-thought-out design ensures a seamless experience along with purpose-built slopes and inclinations on both sides. The positions can be swapped based on personal preferences, and the minimalistic design with dotted concave impressions gives it a more practical look. The rubbery base ensures an anti-slip function along with slow rising thickness which can help your wrist position itself and move around conveniently.

A bonus perspective of this purchase would be that the package not only includes a keyboard wrist rest but also a mouse wrist rest. The mouse wrist rest is identical in terms of aesthetics and material quality. It also performs just as well as the keyboard one. A minor drawback of this wrist rest would be the inability to tolerate heat and high temperatures. These can damage the density of the foam which might cause drastic damage to the foam.

Aelfox performs to please the crowd with its affordability, functionality, and practicality so if you are looking for a formal and complete keyboard/mouse solution then this is definitely something worth your time and money.

5. Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad

Stylish Design


  • WaveRest design
  • Promotes upper hand and wrist movement
  • Durable but lightweight


  • No additional mouse rest included

19,912 Reviews

Material: Fabric | Size: Full | Interior: Foam | Compatibility: Full-Size Keyboards | Weight: 300g

Belkin has been a well-reputed underdog in the market for a while now. The networking solutions and the diverse range of peripherals have surely made their mark. The WaveRest Gel wrist pad is Belkin’s shot at the niche wrist rest consumers out there. The most noticeable element of this wrist rest would be the WaveRest design which entails a slightly wavy outlook that accommodates upper hand and wrist movements because of the angular convenience.

Technically it boasts Belkin’s GelFlex cushioning zone which incorporates a very harmonious and flexible feel to the pad. Not only it builds up the users’ confidence with its exceptional layout and output but also prevents any sort of long-term damages that occurs due to heavy keyboard usage. Furthermore, it is entrusted with Belkin’s remarkable quality that ensures durability along with a lightweight body that can be conveniently placed and carried. It can easily support full-sized keyboards but does not pre-include a mouse wrist rest and considering the build of the pad itself, a mouse rest would have been a nice touch, so this can be counted as a downside.

So, overall this wrist rest is an absolute steal considering the functionality of Belkin’s insurance to provide more comfort and luxury to anyone who is looking for a basic wrist rest.

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