Best Key Finders In 2021

Losing keys around often gets us in a serious problem, especially when we are trying to do some important work. Trying to find the keys is even more troublesome and we get more worried the longer it takes. Now there are a lot of devices available in the market that can get us rid ourselves from this particular problem.

The Perfect Way To Stop Losing Keys Or Other Items

A key finder can be a life-changing product when you are unable to find your keys after multiple attempts. Here comes the idea of a key finder that it will simply alarm you in various ways when you forget your keys somewhere. Apart from this, a key finder can be used to find anything that you lose every now and then and a lot of people are using key finders on quadcopters in case your quadcopter’s battery gets dead or even with the pet collars. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best key finders that you can buy from the market right now, which will prove their worth in a very short amount of time.

1. Tile Pro (2020)

Best For Pets


  • Looks very decent
  • Durable Design
  • Replaceable battery
  • Wide range of 400 feet


  • Proximity alarm is not very useful

30,187 Reviews

Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.3 inches | Weight: 18.1 g

Tile Pro (2020) is one of the best key finders that you can find right now and it is designed by a renowned company, Tile Inc. The company offers three products and Tile Pro is the best of them. First of all, the design of the key finder is really interesting and you will probably not be able to find a better key finder when it comes to design and specifications at the same time. It is also water-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about the rain, although don’t expect it to perform underwater.

The Tile Pro offers lots of features and the most basic one is that you can use the mobile application to ring the Tile Pro while the same can be done other way around, in case you forget your mobile somewhere. It comes with a replaceable CR1632 battery, which offers around a year of functionality before going dead. There are many features that you can get after subscribing to the monthly subscriptions such as proximity alarm and then again, the proximity alarm works after half an hour, which is a bit disappointing.

Overall, Tile Pro is one of the most versatile key finders that you can buy right now and it offers lots of functionalities, however, if leaving keys at home is your daily issue, then perhaps you should look at some other option.

2. Nut Find3

Best For Pets


  • Similar looks to Tile Pro
  • Proximity function works wonderfully
  • Easy to use dual-functionality


  • Not water-resistant

466 Reviews

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.3 inches | Weight: 9.1 g

Nut Find3 is a key finder that is very similar to the Tile Pro in terms of design, however, it is somewhat cheaper at the expense of fewer functions. The device is available to buy in four different colours, which is a very nice decision. The major difference in terms of the design specifications between this and the Tile Pro is that Nut Find3 is not water-resistant, which means that you should keep it safe from water.

First of all, there are two basic modes of the device; the Anti-Lost mode and the Find-It mode. Both of the modes can be set in the mobile application individually, and if you are in the Anti-Lost mode, the device works as a proximity alarm. Both the device and the phone will start beeping whenever their connection with each other is lost. On the other hand, in the Find-It mode, you can press the button in the application which will cause the device to beep and the other way around too if you lose your phone somewhere.

All-in-all, the functionality of the Nut Find3 is quite different from the Tile Pro, as it relies on the items in close range, which is why it is better to use for keys, remote, and other items in the house or office.

3. Keyringer XL

Most Reliable Key Finder


  • Very simple functionality
  • Allows customization through the application
  • Extremely loud and provides flashlight


  • No proximity function
  • A bit bulky

1,307 Reviews

Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches | Weight: 18.1 g

Keyringer XL is one of the simplest key finders that you can buy from the market and it surely works in a very efficient way. First of all, the design of the Keyringer XL is not very sleek and it would have been better if it would be a bit short in length, however, this allows the Keyringer XL to be very loud. It can be used in combination with the available double-sided foam tape so that you can attach it with your mobile or remote, etc.

The Keyringer is set up right after you double click the blue button for the first time. After that, you can simply double click the button within 300 feet distance and the Keyringer will sound an alarm along with a bright flashlight. If you have bought multiple Keyringers, all of them will sound the alarm unless you assign specified channels to the Keyringers, which is done through the website (in the programming mode of Keyringer).

Conclusively, Keyringer XL is one of the loudest and useful key finders and you should definitely have a look at this product if losing keys is a major problem for you, although this product does not provide proximity function.

4. Tile Mate (2020)

Cheap Key Finder


  • Cheaply available
  • Community Find functionality
  • Water-resistant


  • Proximity function could have been better

49,433 Reviews

Dimensions: 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.24 inches | Weight: 12.4 g

Tile Mate (2020) is a very similar product to the Tile Pro, however, it is a lot cheaper and comes with slightly lower specifications. The overall design of the Tile Mate is quite the same as the Tile Pro, however, it is a tad bit slimmer and weighs a little lower too. Fortunately, you still get the water-resistant functionality with the Tile Mate (2020).

The device works the same way as the Tile Pro, however, the range is lowered to half, i.e. 200 feet. The loudness of the device is also lower than the Tile Pro, which is good for people who don’t want very loud sound in the office, etc. Sadly, the proximity function works the same way as the Tile Pro and notifies after 20-30 minutes. The Community Find is a unique feature that you can only get from the products by Tile and it allows you to locate the items via the mobiles of other people.

So, Tile Mate (2020) is a great alternative to the Tile Pro and if you do not need the extra features of the Tile Pro, you can go for this device instead.

5. Esky Key Finder

Lots of Receivers


  • Lots of receivers
  • Uses Radio Frequency
  • Great Value


  • Doesn't allow much customization

8,369 Reviews

Dimensions: 1.85 x 1.26 x 0.2 inches | Weight: 158 g

Esky Key Finder offers what most of the key finders don’t and this makes this product very interesting. The product comes with six receivers and one transmitter, which means that you can use the transmitter to find any of the six receivers via the colour codes. The cost of this product makes it very attractive, as you get to attach many devices with this single product.

The functionality of this key finder is very simple. All you need to do is to attach the receivers with the keys, household items, pets, etc and then you can find them with a single button on the transmitter. It works via radio frequency and covers a range of up to a hundred feet, which is quite good, to be honest. However, it doesn’t allow the customizations you get with other products.

Overall, Esky Key Finder provides a great value for the price and you should definitely have a look at this product if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a key finder and yet want to use it with multiple products.

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