BEST GUIDE: View YouTube Videos Offline On Your Phones

Nobody can deny the fact that the Youtube is the world’s most visited as well as online video sharing website. Definitely, no one can go against this fact. For the last one decade, Youtube has broken the records and people are attached to it. It is not just a video sharing site, instead it is a source of income for millions of Youtubers creating and uploading videos on this site.

Youtube has an app for all major smartphone platforms in the world i.e. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. This app lets the smartphone users to watch videos on the go. Youtube didn’t have any support for downloading videos on smartphones and PCs. It was demanded a lot by the users to have an Offline video feature inside Youtube application on mobile devices. With the launch of Android One smartphone by Google (owner of Youtube) , Youtube has finally revealed a support for its mobile app users to view videos offline. Unfortunately, this facility is not available to Desktop users.

So, in this guide, I will be showing you the way of watching Youtube videos offline.

Note: Before moving further, it would be good to know that not all the videos support offline viewing inside Youtube app. Now, it is up to the up-loader whether he wants to make his video accessible offline or not.

How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline?

1. First things first. All you need to do to get this feature is to update your Youtube app from the store whether you are using Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry. As I am using Android, So, I will be updating it through Playstore.

youtube offline videos1

2. After the app is updated, open it and it will show that a new offline feature has been added to the Youtube app. Sign-in to your Google account inside Youtube application. Load any video and you will see a download icon at the bottom of the video frame.

youtube offline videos2

3. When you will click on this download icon, it will ask you to select the quality of video you want to save as offline. For now, only 360p and 720p videos are available for offline viewing. So, if you want a better quality, select 720p and tap OK to let it save the video for you.

youtube offline videos3

4. By default, video will only download when you will be connected to Wi-Fi. You can change it inside settings. When the video is downloaded completely, you can access it inside Offline Category. You can watch the video without any network by tapping over the video.

youtube offline videos4

5. You can save unlimited amount of videos until your phone’s storage is full. You cannot copy these videos to a computer or any other device because Youtube application saves the videos in a different .EXO format which is unplayable inside any other device. So, it is better to stay away for now. Have fun watching Youtube videos offline.

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BEST GUIDE: View YouTube Videos Offline On Your Phones

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