Where is the Start menu on Windows 10?

The aim of this guide is to bring the start menu back into Windows 10. This makes it easier for many of the users who do not like the Start Menu on Windows 10.

Another point of changing the layout of Start Menu is the ease of access most of us enjoyed back in the days of Windows 7 where you could access your documents, pictures and programs with just a few click straight from the desktop unlike Windows 10 where the menu is entirely changed.

At present, the Start Menu in Windows 10 looks like this; and this is accessed by clicking the Windows icon on the keyboard(lower left side) as seen in the picture below. After we’ve changed it to the classic menu; pressing the Windows key will bring up the classic menu and click the Windows  icon *or the icon* in the lower left will pull up the classic start menu.

start menu button


windows 10-2015-08-01-01-19-44

To get the start menu back simply follow the steps below in the order listed

1. Click the E icon from the task bar to open Microsoft Edge.

2. Click HERE or Go to http://www.classicshell.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3449 and download the beta version from the media fire link.

3. After the Classic SHELL program has downloaded, open it and run it.

4. Proceed with the installation instructions on your screen. After the installation has finished, you will be prompted to pick the style.

style start menu

5. Select the style of the menu first, “Classic Style, Classic with Two Columns or Windows 7 Style“. Put a check on replace start button and then Click OK after choosing one the styles “Aero, Classic or Custom”. My personal favorite is the Aero icon.

6. Your menu should now be changed, and you will see the icon you chose in the lower left corner. You can now click on it to pull up the start menu or press the Windows key on the keyboard to access it.

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Where is the Start menu on Windows 10?

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